Sunday, 23 June 2013


Algera Designs has got a really gorgeous new digi-kit out and I went a bit mad and in a few hours made twelve - yes twelve layouts.
I won't bore you with them all straight away, but here are six pages - just added images - hope you like them.

One of the great things I love about Craft Artist (the software I generally use to make digi-layouts)is the many ways there are to re-colour things. I copied/pasted and then rotated one of the backgrounds adding colour burn blend to it and then changed elements colours to compliment.

thanks for stopping by...
and if you can smell a strong smell of garlic I'm so sorry  - my husband is in the kitchen roasting potatoes with garlic for Sunday lunch ....and phew... they are soooooo strong! 
Happy crafting.....Gill x


  1. Sounds yummy Kim! these pages are really gorgeous hun huggles Sue xx

  2. Hi Gill
    these page layouts are really stunning you have such a talent for digi crafting and you make everything come together to produce works of art.
    The pieces with the female images have such a soft vintage feel to them, beautiful.
    No garlic smell here!

  3. Such wonderful layouts you did! I especcially love the two "serenity"-pieces...Do you know Community Thrive runs a challenge every two weeks and the actually called out for Serenity ;) maybe you will join in...there will be a winner every month who win a "GREAT" can visit my blog to see mine, hihi....♥ Conny

    1. Thanks Conny, I'll take a look... Gill x

  4. Wow Gill, you have been on a Creative roll I just Love it when that happens <3
    Gorgeous pages and techniques with the blends and effects. A Gallery to be proud of xx

  5. Your layouts are so beautiful. I love the vintage images you added! Those ladies are lovely. The serenity and tranquility ones are so picture perfect with those titles. PS. I made pasta sauce and meatballs here tonight for dinner, so my garlic is canceling out yours!

  6. Wonderful pages with beauty on all of them.

    Love Chrissie x

  7. Beautiful, romantic pages. Dinner sounds good!
    Rosie x

  8. Beautiful layouts, very elegant and they showcase the photos beautifully. Thanks for stopping in at my blog, it's appreciated. Shirleyx


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