Wednesday, 1 April 2015

For Natasha

This post is dedicated to my friend Natasha Forder whose amazing photos and creative layouts have especially inspired me in the last few days to try some of her techniques based on her work 'Drama in Dumfries and Galloway'

The idea was to create a bit of drama but leave the layout fairly simple to allow the photo to be the main focal point.

made using 'Softly' by Lynne Anzelc Designs

made using  'Smitten' by      ALGERA DESIGNS

the following 6 pages of the Helter Skelter
made using  'Discover' by   Lynne Anzelc Designs

made using   'Random Thoughts' by      ALGERA DESIGNS

With thanks to Natasha for the ideas, I hope you like what I came up with and if you would like to see what Natasha has been up to please visit her at
to see more of the lovely kits I used see ALGERA DESIGNS   and   Lynne Anzelc Designs
thanks for stopping by  x


  1. Wow, thank you for the mentions and I'm so pleased you like my ideas and found inspiration in what I've been creating :) And amazing layouts. You know I love your photos of the helta skelta and what you've done with them is just amazing. The portrait layouts are brilliant too, love the soft look and blending, the layouts work perfectly :) Wonderful post :)

    1. Thank you - I really had fun trying this out :)

  2. Wow, Gorgeous layouts and ideas Gill, You both inspire me greatly too x
    Looking forward to some days off soon to have a play as well.

  3. Oh wow, I love the soft layouts with those beautiful photos! Is it photo-transfering technique? (I should check it out...) While writing today's blogpost I thought about you so that's why I came to visit... hope everything is allright with you! "Keep on Rollin'" !!!

  4. I love the ethereal feel of your pages - So stunning xx


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