Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Toys and Games........ for TIOT

The theme at Try It On Tuesday is Children.
It's seems so many hours are taken up sitting in front of the computer nowadays that a lot of children often miss out on good old fashion fun.
Todays page is a digital piece using one of my poems. There's a clearer version further down if you want to read it and have a  bit of a walk down memory lane.


Toys and Games 

Action man, Sindy and Barbie dolls,
Tiny tears, Gonks and dumpy Trolls,
Yoyo, Kaleidoscope and Hopscotch,
Wall walkers, Kerplunk and toy sweet shops. 
Space hopper, Clackers and Chopper Bike,
Scooters, Skates and three-wheel trike,
Headache, Frustration and Meccano Sets,
Cluedo, Ludo and plastic Alphabets. 
Lego worlds and wooden building blocks,
Wendy house with no door locks,
Little toy furniture, food and Tea services,
Tiny outfits for would be doctors and nurses.
Fuzzy Felt hospital and Fuzzy Felt farms,
Stretchy people with stretchy legs and arms,
Pogo stick, Jacks and Monopoly,
Wonderful toys and games – all computer free!

Thanks for stopping by
I shall be turning my pc off shortly
and go and do some gardening
 and get some fresh air :)
Have a great day
Gill x

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Childhood Dreams

It's September and it means a wonderful new theme over at AJJ and this time the theme is 'Back to School' hosted by the lovely Bluebeard and Elizabeth 
I can see this being a fun month and I just hope I can behave myself and not get a detention!

My piece for this theme is all digital and the photo is probably about 1902-3 and contains my grandfather in class. Not certain I would have liked to been at school during these strict times.
The digital items are from a Daisytrail kit called 'Back to school' and items I digitally created myself.
And I am linking my second piece, which is also digital to TIOT where the current theme is children. Made with digital tubes collected over the years and the words are song lyrics. (don't laugh, but I use to dabble in song writing many moons ago)

Yesterday afternoon I had another play with some new Pebeo Dyna paints I got recently and have tried using them on a t-shirt that had 3 small splodges of white acrylic paint on. I used a DecorArt stencil and moved it around a few times to make it a bit more absract than it was. Fairly pleased for first attempt. I have a black t-shirt to try it on next which should hopefully show the paint better.


Now I know it's only September (and the sun is shining here and its hot again) but I'm also thinking about Christmas.
Last year I spent the end of November and half of December making things for my Steampunk themed tree the one with the steampunked butterfly on top. With Christmas cards etc to make, I'm planning ahead this year. I want to make some more decorations for the tree, and have just found some lovely felt snowflakes I'd forgotten I had that I got cheap in January.

But for now I'm off to lunch, Dave has spent the morning making bread and lunch is 'Beef Oxford'.
Thanks for stopping by today
Gill x