Friday, 16 August 2019

You are not a number......for AJJ

Today for AJJ 'anything with eyes'

for my mixed media page I slung a mix of watercolour paints, acrylic inks and water soluble crayons on my background.
 I found several sheets of colourful numbers (thick stickers) in my stash to use up which I thought fitted nicely with the wording used  (White Posca paint pen)and I also used some of the fab TH vintage people die cuts.

In case you can't read my writing says ' Your value is more than a number' and 'a good decision is based in knowledge not a number'

It's Friday.. have a great day
 and wonderful weekend.
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Gill x

Monday, 12 August 2019

For AJJ 'Anything with eyes' .. what do you see?

My page for my AJJ ....'anything with eyes'
What do you see?....  the answer is at the bottom of post :)

A mix media A5 page using gouache, watercolours and water soluble crayons, black and white Posca pen and a digital quote.

What did you see? ... did you see the word 'eye' on her face.... I started with the word and then drew the rest from there.

hope to see you there :)

but before I go I have a digital MOO for the 'Butterflies challenge'
over at MOO Mania and more
 that was created with my own digital art and photos.

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Gill x

Friday, 9 August 2019

Anything with eyes....Barn Owl..... for AJJ

I did enjoy creating my page today for  AJJ 'anything with eyes'
as I had a sweet Barn Owl ornament that I was using as a reference looking at me with its mesmerising eyes and the look that made me think he was probably wondering how much longer he was going to have to sit there posing for me :)

I did a rough sketch in my A5 journal and painted using a mix of  Reeves Gouache, Rowney Water colours and Coloured pencils.

And in case you are wondering, the tall red thing (below) to the right is a recycled perfume atomiser (you have to pump the top up and down to build up pressure) ...good for spritzing paints or anything else....

Sadly we don't get Barn Owls in our garden but we do get lots of other birds...

answer.... It's an eye of a Wood Pigeon

I was privileged to see (for the first time)  a Wood pigeon feeding its young.
The young bird is known as a squab.
I think the adult is one of our regular visitors and 
use to seeing me so wasn't phased by me using the camera. 

They seem to have a funny ritual where it looks like 
the  'squab' nudges and cuddles its parent.

It is not common to see Wood pigeons bring such a young bird and feed in a garden. 
I have seen juvenile Wood Pigeons but never one as young and small as this.
 Unlike most garden birds, Wood pigeons have the ability to make a milk 
and feed its young from its crop. 

hope to see you there :)

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Gill x

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

'Home is where the heart is'......... for AJJ

My journal page for    AJJ 'anything with eyes' challenge

I was inspired by a sweet little MDF house
 I found in my stash 
 and wondered who would live in a house like that :)

I first drew the house roughly, my old school set square came in handy to draw around to make the roof and I also used a heart shaped metal die to draw around.  
Next I painted house/heart and background with PaperArtsy chalk paint and gouache. Then loosely painted a few bricks and flowers and added quote and TH vintage people die-cuts.

Thanks for stopping by
Gill x

Saturday, 3 August 2019

'The hills have eyes'....... for AJJ


I've always had a bit of an over active imagination, seeing pictures in clouds and abstracts and imagining that the birds understand me when I talk to them... and hoping believing there really are fairies somewhere in my garden and little magical worlds down below.
So for  AJJ 'anything with eyes'  today my artwork was created with oil pastels - I'll leave what I was thinking to your imagination :)

There's some amazing entries already for 

hope to see you there :)

Happy Saturday..
hope you have a wonderful weekend
Gill x

Thursday, 1 August 2019

'In her eyes' for 'Anything with eyes' at AJJ


I am so thrilled to be hosting the challenge at Art Journal Journey this month where the theme I have chosen this time is 'anything with eyes'.  
I thought 'Anything with eyes' would give plenty of scope to come up with some fun ideas. 
Apart from the obvious, other things have 'eyes' also, like storms, needles and  potatoes - the potatoes were pointed out by my husband Dave who does all the cooking here and thus often surrounded by potatoes waiting to be peeled :)

Although not good at it, I do enjoy trying to draw/paint faces and sometimes birds too.. they're never perfect but I always have fun doing it.
So I of course had to start the month off with an A4 size mixed media face.

I used Reeves Gouache, Neocolour 2 water soluble crayons, Inscribe  coloured pencils and white Posca pen, then added a digital quote attributed to Audrey Hepburn.

The quote says....  ' The beauty of a woman  must be seen from in her eyes,
 because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.'


I hope you will come join us at AJJ
 and have some fun with this theme.

Gill x

Sunday, 28 July 2019

We're all ..... having fun!


I have a page for AJJ where  Chris from pearshapedcrafting   has chosen the theme of
'we're all/going'  
As I live not too far away from the sea means there is always fun to be had :)
And I admit it wasn't my finest hour when making this as the heat has made it hard to concentrate and use some products.
Used inks, inktense pencils and Brushos and some stickers which need using up.

Had 3 nights having to sleep downstairs in lounge as it was so hot it was impossible to sleep comfortably upstairs. 
Friday night it was still reading 32c/91f. Saturday night - yipeeee - was about 26c/79f - still warm but it was lovely to sleep in a bed and not scrunched up on a 2 seater settee.

Outside and downstairs temps early evening Wed 24th July
 If you are anywhere that's been really hot in the last week or so  (and even hotter than here)  I can really sympathise... 
I have given up trying to stick things down with tape, especially with card making as the tape often lifts up.
I have been die-cutting mainly but having just got some new Altenew stamps I had to try them out and stamp quickly before the ink dried on my stamps :)
I have plenty of cards to assemble when the weather gets cooler.
I took photos of the layouts to remind me how to stick them down.

Dave somehow still managed to do some baking
 and use some of the Nisperos/Loquat fruit before the birds ate it all.

'It wasn't me - honestly - it was lying here already'

 Dave made some Apple and Loquat pies... it sure is a tasty combination! 
when we had the fruit originally from a supermarket (many years ago) they called it 'Nisperos' 
but it is also known as 'Loquat' - so I am never certain what name I should be calling it :)

Help yourself to a slice.......

 OK that's all from me this time...
this was the first chance to blog this week as my PC
like myself doesn't do so well in hot weather :)
so until next time..
Happy Sunday and hope next week is cooler and good for you too.
Gill x