Thursday, 13 September 2018

A World of Fantasy


I have a digital page made using various digital kits and an added quote for the
  AJJ theme 'A world of fantasy' hosted this month by the lovely   Yvonne from Meggy's way   

Sorry I've been missing in September - I'm just getting over an ear thing that made me feel disorientated and not hear properly.  I will try and catch up with you asap :)

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Gill x

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Count your blessings 4

Last minute dash to get this in, in time for this months 'Count your blessings' theme over at AJJ chosen by Elizabeth and Bleubeard.
I feel blessed to be able blog and meet such wonderful people :)
This last page was created digitally using various parts from my journals and loose pages - but creating digitally means that although I cut out bits, the original art remains intact.

All for today..
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Gill x

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Count your blessings 3


August is almost over now and seems to have flown by in a bit of a blurr... It's been another hot month, with an odd cooler day here and there, feeling lethargic with brain fog and not being able to make much art.

I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking when I made this page on one of those brain foggy days
for AJJ   'Count your blessings'  theme chosen by the lovely  Elizabeth and Bleubeard

And talking of things flying by...on Thursday and Friday we had our 2 day annual airshow event.  
We didn't go down to the sea front this year but just stayed home to see what we could see from there. One of the amazing 'Red Arrows' team flew really low over our garden but I couldn't get the photo as it was so quick... Photos weren't a great success this time but I did find one happy accident of a seagull with the 'Spitfire' :)

Fortunately 'my personal chef' manages to carry on working and doesn't moan like me in the hot weather. He has been busy baking focaccia, apricot and fudge chip biscuits and a large cheese and onion pastie - as well as the usual varied bread etc ..thanks Dave!

And I meant to say what happened about the Nispero/Loquats when we got to eat them. 
These are not native to the UK and from my research we are lucky to have had any fruit at all. 
Last year for the first time we saw one fruit on each of the two trees and only noticed them when the were shrivelled up. This year there were a few more... but hopefully with the exceptional weather this year, maybe next year we will do even better.

They don't look all that impressive when cut open but oh my - what a flavour - it was even better than I remembered. Hard to describe - tropical - sort of apricot/peach/mango/citrus - it's heaven on a tree!

We haven't wasted the seeds either -  they've been planted and two little shoots showing already.

That's all for today..
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Happy Sunday......
Gill x


Friday, 17 August 2018

Count your blessings 2

I wanted to make a page to go opposite the one with the hand - so it just had to be feet :)
Back in 2004 I had a fairly serious ankle/foot injury and was on crutches for 6 months. I spent a lot of time up stairs in my bedroom because gripping the crutches made my carpel tunnel in my right hand bad so that I couldn't use crutches. Dave of course waited on me hand and foot (no pun intended ha ha) and I (and I'm sure he also) was so very grateful and happy when I could finally walk again, get out and about and do things for myself :)

Linking to Elizabeth and Bleubeards theme at AJJ 'Count your blessings' 
I again used the Derwent Aquatone sticks, black Stabilo all pencil, white Posca pens and a few coloured pencilsand added quote digitally.

 Many thanks for stopping by.
hope you have a wonderful day...
Gill x

Monday, 13 August 2018

Count your blessings

Phew! at last last we have had a few days of cooler weather here for me to get some better sleep, re-boot my brain and suffering hot PC and finish making some art started at beginning of month ... 
oh and had some much needed rain.  
Housework? (oh no!) that's on my list to do next before it gets hot again :)

Linking my artwork to the 'Count my blessings' theme hosted this month by  Bleubeard and Elizabeth  over at AJJ

 I quickly drew around my hand not worrying too much if it was wobbly or accurate. Used Derwent Aquatone sticks plus Stabilo all pencil and white Posca pens. Words added digitally.

If you've had/having it hot and humid too - I sympathise
 and hope you're doing OK and managing to keep cool :)
 Wishing you a Happy, Safe & Cool, Creative week...
Thanks for stopping by..
Gill x

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Art for Arts sake 4

Last page for the  Art for Arts sake theme at AJJ this month chosen by Chris from Pearshapedcrafting

I made this a week ago on one of the sweltering hot days we had here in the UK but not had the chance to post until now :(

I saw a fab page Susi had made recently using some LaBlanche stamps  and as I hadn't used mine for a while thought I would take the opportunity of using them on a project.
 My mixed media A4 piece started with some left over scraps as well as a LaBlanche stamp of a lady (top right) - but because of the heat/humidity I struggled with getting a good clear image  - these are highly detailed stamps and I often struggle with them without the heat making it even harder... 

Doodling and marks using Derwent Aquatone sticks and black Posca pens and I used some  flourish and fleur de lys LaBlanche stamps and mini alpha stamps for words.

Short and sweet this time as I need to catch up with comments etc plus some much needed housework before the temperatures go back to being hot again this week.
Thanks so much for stopping by
Gill x

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Art for Arts sake 3

Art for Arts sake is the theme at AJJ this month chosen by Chris from Pearshapedcrafting
and because I had so much fun with the previous page I made using gouache and stencils wiping over top with a baby wipe I decided to make another. I did a double page spread this time to make up for not doing so much art this month.

Starting point was some Gouache

I used several stencils and wiped over them with a baby wipe which moved 
 and blended the water based paint and removed some colour completely.

I dipped one of those rubber ended shaper tools into water
 to remove some colour and make some squiggly patterns.

Sorry if you've been melting in the heat lately :(
We desperately need some rain here but I guess the continued heat
 for weeks on end has been good for some things. 

We have are getting a nice amount of French Beans....

 The weather girl on our weather machine got her prediction of rain wrong (see she has her umbrella ready) I think she had it out to use to keep the sun off and not rain:)
40c is not accurate as the outside probe was probably in direct sun  - but it was well over 30c as the downstairs of our home really was 29c

And for the second year there is fruit (albeit just a few) on our two Nisperos trees (also known as Loquat) I can't wait to try them and see if they taste as good as I remember back in the 1990s - something like a mix of peach/apricot/tropical fruit.

Last year there we saw one fruit on each tree but they were small and shrivelled. 
We hadn't seen any flowers so wasn't expecting to see fruit but apparently insignificant flowers appear in the autumn.
The prolonged heat may have made a difference this year for a bit more fruit - or maybe next year it will be even better as the trees mature. My late parents grew them from seeds from the fruit around 1997/8 and then donated the small potted trees to us when they moved in 2004.

And we are growing Tromboncino again. 
They are a squash and very long - they taste a bit like a courgette but much, much better.

This Tromboncino fell off as it wasn't supported properly and it weighed 1.2kg and about 25 inches in length - a mere baby to the ones we grew last year. 

That's for all this time - thanks so much for stopping by.
And for all those suffering with the heat, wherever you are - I sympathise and hope you can keep cool.
Happy Sunday and have a great, creative week.
Gill x