Friday, 15 February 2019

Exploring yellow...

Another piece for this months theme at AJJ  'the colour yellow' which has been chosen and hosted by Rike from Rike's art
As yellow isn't a particular favourite colour of mine its been quite interesting and inspiring seeing how others use the colour.

This week I had a little play with my watercolours trying out different colours to go with yellow and quite like this result of using a mix of quin rose/quin lilac and claret. 
I finished off with some scribbled doodling in black to outline flowers.
I then scanned my painting and had fun with a few digital alterations and overlaid them on a pale yellow background.

my original started like this before adding the black scribbled outlines. 

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Happy Friday - Have a great weekend.
Gill x

Friday, 8 February 2019

The colour yellow 2

At AJJ this month The colour yellow has been chosen as the theme and hosted by Rike from Rike's Art

I had a few songs going around in my head when thinking about yellow but decided upon a fun piece to cheer up the miserable wintry days here.   
I painted the 'Yellow submarine - mobile home' and background ( see 2nd image) using Derwent Aquatone sticks and then added the rest of the elements digitally. I used a digi-kit called 'Fantasy mermaids' by Daisytrail. I made the little signpost which says 'Mobile Home for Sale or Rent. For details Apply within'. :)

Last post I mentioned about the decorating disaster with yellow and from comments received apparently I was not alone with that happening.... oh :(
I have since recalled another yellow disaster - where I got covered with green fly while wearing a yellow T-shirt. I was walking by the sea, not even in a garden, and a swarm of them came  across the sea from somewhere. My dear hubby just laughed saying they must have thought I was a flower  :)  - argh!!  

All from me this time..
Happy Friday, have a great weekend
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Gill x


Friday, 1 February 2019

The colour Yellow

Spring and autumn are my preferred seasons but it's February and it's a typical  miserable grey and cold wintry day here so I have been dreaming about slightly warmer days and happy spring flowers.

The lovely Rike from Rike's Art is hosting the colour yellow theme at  AJJ  this month and spring is the first thing that comes to mind (other than bananas and custard) when I think of yellow :) so I just had to paint some spring flowers.  
A mixed media piece using - gouache, acrylic inks and Derwent artbars.

Yellow isn't one of my favourite colours as we once spent a weekend,  many years ago, painting a double room a yellowy mustard colour with dark brown ceilings - when that fashionable. When it had all dried properly the colour was totally different than the paint chip sample and than we imagined - it was more of a bright custard yellow and not something we could live with.... so it all had to be painted again.... a pale green if I remember, probably on 2 walls and white on the others.

I finished the remainder of the cards I was making yesterday so I look forward to challenging myself with this colour this month and see if I can grow to like it more :)

the colour yellow theme at AJJ

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Keep warm and safe especially if you are somewhere cold and icy. 
Gill x

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Geometric page and some cards


Todays piece is for Alison aka Craftytrog theme  'Geometric shapes' over on AJJ this month.

January appears to be flying by and as I seem to be running short of time at present, my page is a mix of a real and digital artwork. 

In my first post of the year I said I was hoping to be more organised - its taking time but I'm getting there. Having completed the main cards, I've been busy finishing off making the special occasion cards for the year and just have another two I am working on for October and then that job should be complete.
I have an A4 folder with plastic wallets for each months birthdays and my cards will go in there ready for this year. Here are just a few of the cards I have been making. 
Pretty simple cards really - but somehow they still seem to take a fair amount of time :)

Hope you're having a good start to the year.
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Gill x

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Happy New Year!

Its the 2nd - so I'm a bit late..... but Happy New Year everyone - I hope it's a healthy and happy one with lots of creative fun too.
I'm starting off with a page for the lovely  Alison aka Craftytrog  who is hosting this month at  AJJ theme Geometric shapes
I used some new White Nights watercolours I'm trying out onto a gessoed page in my journal and hope the wonky squares, triangles and stars count as geometric shapes :)

I've not made a New Years resolution list as such this year as I looked at last years one and I didn't do particularly well. But other than the obvious things like trying to be healthy and fit I really want to be better organised especially with anything that has a deadline and complete those things as soon as possible. 
I also intend to start using my arty/crafty stash I have that has been just taking up space, sitting around not being used.
And I want to do more art.

 I have 23 cards made already for Christmas 2019, my Easter cards finished and most of my birthday and other cards for the year made also. Getting these done should leave more time for other things.
Wanting to use up some of my beads and jewellery stuff, I made a choker, bracelet and earrings set.


That's all for this time...
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and I wish you a good week and 
Happy New Year
Gill x

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Creature Comforts and an apology


For Linda from 'heartfully inspired' theme   Creature Comforts at AJJ I made a digital piece created using one of my paintings of girls face with additional digital elements used from a few kits by Serif.
Digital art/scrapping is what I'd consider to me, a creature comfort as besides being fun, its easy to produce something quick if I am short of time or need to stay tidy for some reaosn and not get all my all my real art stuff out.

Sorry - I really meant to post last month and say that I probably wouldn't be joining in with any challenges or blogging much for a while as I am busy trying to catch up with jobs not done during the hot weather and also I am busy de-cluttering.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

A World of Fantasy


I have a digital page made using various digital kits and an added quote for the
  AJJ theme 'A world of fantasy' hosted this month by the lovely   Yvonne from Meggy's way   

Sorry I've been missing in September - I'm just getting over an ear thing that made me feel disorientated and not hear properly.  I will try and catch up with you asap :)

Thanks for stopping by
Gill x