Saturday, 9 May 2020

Back in my art room

I don't know quite how to begin this post other than Hello, I hope all is well with you and that you are managing to stay safe and sane wherever you may be in these crazy times that feel so surreal.   

My last post was way back in November, after that I was still packing less needed items away and de-cluttering and reducing my many art/craft materials. Then in February we were taking down shelves, dismantling my art room so we could decorate it, hoping that we’d soon have our home up for sale and moving this year - you may recall me mentioning that last autumn.
Of course like everyone’s dreams this year that is in limbo for now at least.

Hubby Dave has now put some shelving back up in the 'art room'  - oh how I have missed that room :)

I must admit I haven’t got into any real routine these last couple of months and spent too much time chasing non existent online grocery delivery slots, but now that’s slightly better  it’s time to get back to some creative fun -  yeay! I have started unpacking boxes and enjoying  having all my stash out again.  My first play was to do some  relaxing watercolour doodling.

I wasn't sure this one was finished so then I added some more colour and sprinkled some salt on the wet paint which was brushed off once dry to give a mottled effect.

Making the most of baking supplies while we have them, Dave has been his usual busy self, making biscuits and all the other things he normally makes like bread, cheese biscuits, cake etc.

Lack of flour and yeast and other ingredients now will soon mean inventing some new recipes and being extra creative but that might also mean discovering some interesting alternatives and flavours maybe :)

Well thats all for me today - thanks so much for taking the time to visit.

Keep safe..... Gill xxx


  1. Hi Gill, great to see you around again. Sorry it didn't work out yet with the move and hope that sooner or later the situation will change. You have done some beautiful art and baking again! Welcome back to blog land! Stay safe, hugs, Valerie

  2. Hello Gill, great to see you back in Blogland again. I hope you stay for a while.
    Dave is an absolute treasure with his delicious looking baking and re-installing your art room and a few things more, I'm sure.
    Your watercolour "doodling" (what I would call painting) is lovely and fresh. I like the first blue painting but I also like what you did with it in the second version. I'm almost inclined to prefer the first blue one as it looks so calm and relaxed.

  3. Welcome back, Gill! So good to see you back on your blog!
    Sorry to hear that your move is on hold for now, but at least you can console yourself with art supplies & a great space to create! Looks like it hasn't taken too long to get back in the groove. Its obvious you've enjoyed painting these sweet flowers:)
    Shortages of flour & yeast - oh, no! Luckily we are not experiencing that here in the US /Pacific coast area, but yes, it is time to be extra creative. Thankfully there are probably lots of good ideas out there to inspire!
    Again, good to see you back! Looking forward to getting reacquainted. Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Oh Gill it is good to see a post from you. Too bad about the move for now. I think we are all living in the for now environment, which is tough for sure. We don't have grocery delivery where I live but I am online chasing toilet paper and things I can't get at our local store. Smile. I love your painted flowers. If you feel ambitious you could link them up to Art Journal Journey. And your husband's baking looks so yummy. It's a good thing to do when at home, isn't it? I hope you stay well and have a wonderful May. Hugs-Erika

  5. Great to see you back with this beautiful flowers and biscuits. Sorry abouit the move stop!
    Big hugs dear Gill! Stay safe!

    Susi xxx

  6. Hola Gill !! So nice to see you again by there, Your studio is fantastic, all so well arranged. I loove your flowers, they are simply Amazing. The salt gets a lovely effect. Thos cookies may be very very good !!
    I wish you a very happy new week, stay safe and healthy, and big hugs

  7. I about fell over when I saw a post from you. Sorry that you have to put your move on hold, but that;s how times are in this age of corona virus.

    Glad you are back in your craft room. Dave is a gem. Too bad there are no food deliveries in the states, but I think I have enough food here to last a long time. No flour and yeast for me, though, since I'm not a baker (grin).

    Those are lovely flowers you created and the perfect way to work back into your craft area. Of course, if it were me, I'd be stopping for cakes and cookies, too. Welcome back to blogland, dear Gill.


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