Sunday, 30 December 2012

New Year Resolutions (of the crafty type)

I use to laugh when I heard that some crafters would buy 2 sets of something so that they could use one and save the other to look more laughing for me though, because then of course I found myself doing the exact same thing too.
But when do you actually use the saved stash.. a year later?..
two years later?..never???
I also was wondering if I stacked up all my paper and card on top of each other exactly how high would it be...inches? no more like feet!
oooooh perhaps this is too much.
So I have decided enough's enough, time to use 'it' without feeling guilty.
I'd also been hoarding some things, well more trying to accumulate varied items to make some collage and jewelry pieces and perhaps do something on boxes etc.

So some new years resolutions will be to use any stash I want, do more real scrapping and crafting as well as digi-scrapping.

Before Christmas I'd treated myself to these nice steampunky bits

and now they will work nicely with my secret stash

The saved bits include some old retro style belts, chain, metal shapes, ornate hair-slides,
dominoes, dice, counters, metal embellishments.
and now that I have decided to use the stash I've been hoarding
I'm now wondering what to make first.


  1. I'm laughing with you because I suffer from the same thing. Lost of stash I want to save. maybe I'll go with you on this one and use my stash!!

  2. Wow, a super treasure trove of items... I can just imagine you creating an amazing necklace or brooch, maybe customizing a bag or key ring, So many possibilities.
    Looking forward to seeing what you create over the coming year x

  3. Wow Gill, what a great collection, can't wait to see what you


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