Wednesday, 26 June 2013

WOYWW #212

Hi everyone and welcome…
it’s that time of week again...Wednesday ... which means we go blog hopping around the world to see what you have on your desk, all thanks to the lovely Julia at THE STAMPING GROUND.
To join in the WOYWW fun aka 'Whats on your work-desk Wednesday' check out the info over at Julia’s place.

My desk is a bit more messy today as I'm working on a 90th birthday card and there are some white die cuts for a challenge piece that I've started to do as well. 

On the other part of the desk is a blue box I haven't looked in for a while and yippee! I found my stencil cutter that I'd been looking for, along with a glue gun, wood carving tools (err why do I have those?) and a glass/bottle cutting tool too.
I should have been born an octopus maybe with so many things on the go (as well as the digital pages I am making too and a 25th card still to make for July) I need so many hands.

OK that's my lot for now. Will try to visit as many desks as possible next.
Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day... Gill x


  1. Like me, you should've been an octopus, but it never happened, I only got 2 hands. We do our best and it shows with all the lovely things you are working on! Happy WOYWW! ♥ Karen ♥ 84 x

  2. No go here either. I only have two hands as well - but plenty to do with them!! The word "boredom" seems to have been missed out of a crafter's dictionary! The card is looking lovely.
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #61

  3. That's what we like to see, a bit of multi tasking, although it would also be fun to see a human with 8 hands!

    Hugs from the bears @#93 this week

  4. Hi Gill, you are super busy!!
    Love that you found the tool you needed and some others in the process - Um wood carving you reminded me that is something my Grandad (Dads father) used to do as a hobby x
    Well I am off to hop a little around the world.
    Hope you are having a Great week Heather WOYWW#95

  5. I love unexpected finds in my studio... but I am indeed a bit like you: we need more arms (and more hours in a day) to work with it all!! Happy woyww and a hug from Holland. Marit #91

  6. Your post made me smile, thank you! Looks like you are having super busy fun! I think I need to find myself a blue box, put in some items and stow them away for a while. The joy of rediscovering something is brilliant! Enjoy! #70

  7. Hi Gill, I've got the self same wood working tools and have to ask myself the same question! Looks like you're doing the Artful Times white challenge - am I right? Thanks for your visit today - the car needed 2 new tyres so I'm on crafting bread and water for a few weeks now! Have a great week MMx #56

  8. Hi Gill
    that has been great fun poking around and seeing all those lovely things on your desk, oh how I would love to play!
    Good luck with all your cards they will be stunning.
    Thank you for popping over to my blog and for your lovely comment

  9. Thanks for the kind visit today! I am sitting here in awe that you have those type of tools in your craft space. They would spell major danger to me (I can't be trusted with an X-Acto knife! Your 90 is so great, so I am looking forward to seeing hte finished card! Enjoy the week! Winnie #86

  10. lovely busy desk you have shared

    Thanks for sharing and have a great week

    Candace #43

  11. Happy WOYWW. I used to have a box like that - until I had a good clearout - but it is fun finding stuff you forgot you had. My last boss used to laugh that I could make a cup of tea with my 5th hand!! Ali x #101

  12. Loved having a look around your desk Gill its a lot tidier than mine LOL huggles hun Sue xx

  13. That is going one cute card when you finished. Love those dies. So glad you found your stencil cutter. Happy crafting #5

  14. I have loads of boxes like that, do a bit of tidying, then forget where you have put it. always a surprize when you find it again. Great desk. Thanks for stopping bye. Francesca #47

  15. Rofl at you finding all those treasures in a box, hidden away. However, you did remind me that I have a bottle cutter(somewhere), not sure where it might be though! Have a great week,Hugs, Shaz #48 xx

  16. That's a clever way to look at doing more than one thing at a time. But I wonder how the octopus mind works? lol #80

  17. I think we all have those forgotten boxes and when you find them you loose hours investigating the contents.
    Love the look of those little cogs!!
    Thanks for visiting already.
    Hugs Lisax #76

  18. Sniggered at the thought of you with lots of pairs of hands! Although it would definitely come in useful from time to time! Hope you get all your projects done and thanks for the card love.

    Brenda 2

  19. You never know when you might need those tools. Mind you if you are anything like me you won't be able to find them when you do need them.
    Rosie x

  20. I love finding new (old) stuff. I sometimes wonder if that means I have too much stuff, but I quickly banish that thought from my head! Wondering what you cut with your glass cutter. i have one of your ATC's sittin on my desk - they were really so cool Gill - I can't thank you enough.

  21. Wouldn't an extra pair of hands be great!! I end up with boxes just LIKE that one, and wonder what I was thinking, or worse yet, "Oh there THAT is" LOL
    Krisha #1

  22. Isn't it great when you unearth a forgotten box of goodies! Happens all the time to me but that's because I'm so disorganised! Glad the stencil cutter turned up! Hugs. Pam#28

  23. G'day Gill
    thanks for dropping by my blog for WOYWW. I'm always running late getting around to others desks sorry. OMG I have one of those stencil cutters too and I have never used it but really should!! Woiod carving tools hey...yes I have those too...I use them as texture tools and also to carve stamps with :o)
    Annette In Oz #23

  24. What a lot you have going on at the moment
    Yes I'm sure if we were all octopuses it would help us lotts having eight arms to get all the jobs done
    Jackie 29

  25. Thanks for the white on white card - and am now looking forward to seeing the 90th birthday card soon. What a lot of treasures you have - lovely - don't lose them.
    Sorry I am so late, dare I say it, cleaning got in the way - and thanks for visiting me yesterday. Hugs, Neet 13 xx

  26. Ooo! Wood carving tools, neat! I'm going to try wood burning...yikes! Thanks for the earlier visit. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #108 ...running late like a certain rabbit. :)

  27. You sure have a lot on the go. Love finding little treasures in forgotten boxes. I love the cogs you've cut out, they will look good on whatever you use them. The card is gorgeous, love how you did the 90.
    Have a great week and thanks for the visit.
    Von #14

  28. Seriously get that need to be an octopus! Love that you have so many tools to play with too. Hugs, Jenny x


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