Thursday, 3 September 2015


Another afternoon of fun drawing (learning) following a lovely meal and bottle of wine again -
I really must cut down - but the dear OH belongs to a wine club and will keep buying it
and of course I have to be polite and try it :)

I've been playing with different types of pastels over the last few days after having them for ages and not really doing much with them.  The Pan Pastels I've liked and used but never for drawing and now I think I'm really falling for them and want more.
The background pattern on the right hand part of drawing I made using one of those  battery operated erasers.

So after I finished, I took a photo again and using my lovely Craft Artist software added a matching strip of colour on right, added a few embellishments on neck and hair and the border thing on right using a free digikit for CA called 'Julies Wish'.
Finished with a quote (the arty font is thanks and credit to Chris Hansen)

Thanks so much for stopping by....Gill x


  1. Your face is wonderful. The colours are so soft and delicate, love how you made her. And the embellishments really give her something, wow! Thanks for asking about my mouth, it's sore, but getting better, that's the main thing! Have a lovely day, Sweetie! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Stunning, love it, you have a real knack for this style :)

  3. She has a beautiful face and looks so thoughtful, great added details from CA
    Yvonne xx

  4. The face is just amazing and the pastel work is stunning. The jewels add a special touch to the piece

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. Hi Gill
    what a beautiful drawing and the softness of the pastels really enhances it. Great idea to use the rubber thing for doing the pattern in the background , they are great little things to have on hand with pan pastels and a great way of adding pattern and layers.
    I think we need to talk to OH and tell him he doesn't have to drink all the wine from the club in one week, and to remember his friends who after one glass ends up under the table, so I wouldn't be drinking too much honest,
    Hugs Ria xxxxx


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