Saturday, 16 January 2016


Apparently it snowed where I live yesterday for about a minute and I missed it. The weather people keep saying the snow is coming.. well is it or isn't it?  I like old fashion weather when you knew for sure what season it was... its a funny old world!

There's a fab challenge which I am linking up to over at Moo Mania about famous people. I needed to have a good think about what I had to be able to to join in... I found an image of Napoléon on a Genealogy disc which had some clip art on and this was my starting point of this digital piece.

Over the top, I digitally blended my photo of a candle in a glass globe candle holder (no idea what its really called, it has that little chimney shaped thing on top).
I also added some forget-me-nots and bees which I'd had already extracted from some of my photos and then a quote he had supposedly said.

Then, as usual, I played some more and blended a piece of paper that I'd made sometime back over the top resulting in some extra texture.

I couldn't decide once again which I preferred so here's both of them anyway!

So for lots more famous people check out MooMania

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Gill x


  1. Yes, it's more like April here than January most of the time - except the last couple of days which have finally been properly cold... it's not due to last though! I think we may have seen the last of seasons behaving as they're supposed to!

    I love your Napoleonic forget-me-nots - in both versions, maybe marginally the non-textured one in the lead, but it's not by much! The candlelight and water ripple are magical.
    Alison x

  2. That' a great collage, Gill!! I love what you did with the candle. And I prefer the first one, but the second one has something very special as well. I there anywhere a post where you show how you make paper? That piece looks quite interesting.
    Have a nice weekend

    1. Thanks Beo... I've nothing on here about making digital paper but I'll get something posted soon and let you know when done x

  3. Beautiful work Gill, especially love the second version with the extra texture, looks great. No snow here, just very cold and wet. Have a lovely weekend, keep warm, and thanks a lot for joining us at Moo Mania and More, Hugs, Valerie

  4. Great what you did here! Thank you for joining us at MMM Gill! Happy weekend!

  5. OOOOo ... I do love what you have done with this piece. Most effective. Has the feel of time travel .. taking you back ... hugs, Donna

  6. Two fantastic pieces, the second one looks quite ghostly. The candle light looks awesome. I couldn't say which I like better than the other.
    Yvonne xx

  7. Love both versions with the wonderful images that fit so well together

    Freezing cold here brrr

    Love Chrissie xx

  8. I think the different people being picked is interesting. Your piece came out wonderfully. I love the candle flame and forget-me-knots. The light of the flame and touch of blue really pop off the page. Well I hope you get some snow soon, and it doesn't wait until the very end of winter to dump on you. when you are then ready to mvoe forward into spring. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  9. Wow! What amazing digital art! I like them both. Weather report: Florida USA; wet and cold. Very un-normal for us which is chilly and dry during the winter. Can't complain as in December we set records with highs in the mid to upper 80s F. Loved it! Have a fab rest of the weekend. Hugs

  10. Brilliant Gill, I love how you interpret a theme too, extremely clever ;)
    Donna xxx

  11. This is so creative and original! What a wonderful layered concept and the ripple effect is magical. Little (but not so little in real life) Napolian is perfectly placed. Awesome sauce design. I am with you on the weather. I never know if there will be snow on the ground when I wake up. Lol! Hugz ~Niki


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