Saturday, 10 December 2016

'Once there was only Darkness' for AJJ and more Steampunk Xmas tree ornaments

Hello hope you're having a good Saturday...

It's another grey day here and just starting to rain.
I have a page for AJJ 'Light and Darkness theme' - being hosted this month by the lovely Valerie. Sorry about awful photo ...Grrrr!..I can never yet a page to lay flat and play nice when I want to take a photo, and also finding it hard to get decent photo because of the gloomy grey wintry days.

And as promised, below are a couple more Steampunk decorations..

 The snowflake was thick white felt before I painted it with
various acrylic paints to get the faux metal effect.
The nuts and bolts, and cog in centre are made from craft foam.
I turned the tree lights off when taking these photos, but for this years tree we
changed the lights from white bulbs with black wire to coloured lights and clear wire
as I didn't like the black lead showing so much. Not sure if I should have stayed with
white lights, but the coloured ones are certainly more warmer and cheerful.
 I knew the pack of mini bottles I had bought would come in handy one day -
not exactly steampunk but fits nicely on my quirky tree. Somewhere on the tree
 there's a blue and a green version as well as the red one below. They are filled with
glitter and either little stars or hearts and topped with a big jewel.
The owl is actually an earring and I got two pairs of them from a pound shop and couldn't resist using them on the tree as I love owls plus the colour goes well with the verdigris/patina on some of the ornaments. The ornament on the right was from last year. If you missed that or would like to see my original post you'll find it here original Steampunk tree 2015 with all the decorations I made last year.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Wishing you a lovely weekend.
Gill xx


  1. I love the page you made today, we so need light, and Christmas candles are always so lovely to see. Your ornaments are wonderful, you have put such a lot of time and effort into making your very unique tree. Thanks for joining us again at AJJ, and have a fun weekend, hope Dave has cooked up something nice. Hugs, Valerie

  2. What a great AJJ page, love the smiling flower.
    I was surprised that your steampunk ornament was made of felt! WOW! Your really made it look like metal and such a clever idea.

  3. Very creative !
    I like it.
    Greetings from Germany
    and have a nice time

  4. Terrific and fun page. The flower looks so happy.

    The tree ornaments are stunning and so clever

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. Oh my goodness, your steampunk Christmas tree is so amazing - I love it! The decorations are so detailed, your snowflake is superb (the metal detail looks so real) and the owl caught my eye straight away (great find). Your page is so cheery, the little flower peering over the candle made me smile :-). Thanks for sharing your wonderful post and wishing you a happy weekend! J :-)

  6. I adore your AJJ entry. I love that your page has found its way into the light.

    I can see you are BIG in steampunk. I love, love, love the snowflake and all the work you put into it to make it the perfect snowflake for your steampunk tree. The ornament is gorgeous, too. I need to check out last year's tree, because I am truly in AWE!

  7. Love you journal page and the quote, the glow from the candle flame looks fantastic.
    Your tree looks amazing with the steampunk decorations, this would be one that folk would spend ages looking at. with all the detailed pieces on it.
    Yvonne xx

  8. Gorgeous journal page Gill and I'm loving your steampunk decorations, you've sooooo clever :)
    Donna xx

  9. This page is just amazing! A wonderful entry to the light and darkness theme Gill and I am thrilled about your wonderful pieces of steampunky christmas ornaments! They are brilliant! A unique tree!!!!

    Thank you for joining AJJ dear Gill!
    I wish you a happy new week ahead!
    oxo Susi

  10. Oh how cute - the painting fits perfect to the quote!
    So many wonderful steampunk decorations, I am very impressed! I see other bloggers also search for words :))
    I know bottles hanging on the christmas tree, but which are filled with alcohol :)
    oxo Rike

  11. Your happy flower and candle picture would light up any dark corner, the colours are lovely together.
    The steampunk decorations like being on the tree, and I love the earring-owl-ornament, what a clever idea. Little sparkly jar looks good too.

  12. Love those ornaments! Interesting art page...once there was only darkness...lots of creation stories from different cultures start with those words!

  13. Such enchanting ideas... I love the little bottles filled with glitter etc. Thanks for all the Inspiration Gill and letting us see what you have been creating x

  14. Perfect quote and page for this challenge Gill. And I am LOVING the snapshots of your steampunk tree. Those snowflakes are really cool. Hugs-Erika


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