Thursday, 5 January 2017

Tell me a story..... 'The Caretaker'

I can't believe we are 5 days into 2017 already, hope your year has started well.
My first post for 2017 is to join in with the great new theme  'Tell me a story' at AJJ hosted this month by the lovely Erika from BioArtGal  
There's so many way to interpret this and luckily (or maybe not) I think I have always had a bit of an over active imagination so of course this theme really appeals to me.
My first piece, well what can I say.. these things just idea where this came from but I am now wondering who exactly the caretaker is and what happens next. I added some digital elements from a Serif kit called 'Robot Rust' to my own artwork.

my original artwork

 I can almost never remember at the end of a year if I have kept any 'New Years resolutions'... but one I did keep was that in 2015 almost every day I put a slip of paper into my 'Gratitude' jar.
The idea is that everyday you write on a slip of paper the positive things that happened on this day; things to be grateful for. Write about the things that you laugh or smile, Natures wonders, blessings, little gifts. a kindness, achievements or memorable moments. You put the papers into a jar which you then open on New Years Eve and read. It reminds you that even if your year is filled with pain, tears and life stuff, that nice things also happen.
I have started to do this again this year again and hope to have a nice full jar in December.

I'm not going say I will be doing this and this for this year but just try to do them if I can.
Which includes following some exercises from these two books.
I've done most of the first drawing exercise which was drawing about 30 cats :)

The main thing for 2017 is be happy and have fun.

Thank you 
for taking the time to stop by..
Gill x


  1. I love your caretaker piece, what fun. I wonder what happened there? Will we ever know? Great idea with the gratitude jar, we always have so much to be thankful for even on cold an moany days! Love your aims for 2017 - have fun, stay healthy! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Oh yes, and thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journal!

  3. Its good that pages take their own course while we create them This page looks fantastic and I have an imagination that could think of many things happening next. Your original painting is wonderful.
    Your jar is such a good idea, I always try to think of a plus when things are not so good or going wrong.
    Great aims for the coming year. I hope it will be a good one for you.
    Yvonne xx

  4. Not many caretakers nowadays ! This one is great!! She looks like she has full control! I would love to know the whole!
    Great idea with the jar !
    An I love your super New -Year -Resolutions page!
    Thanks a lot for joining us again at Art Journal Journey dear Gill!
    Wishing you that every day is filled with laughter and love in 2017!

  5. This sounds like the start of some sci fi story. Even a little bit I love it! Her clothing is even a little bit star trek. This is a tease.:) But so much fun. And the gratitude jar is a great idea. I think it is good to remember all the little good things in life, which we usually forget so quickly. :) Can't wait to see the next piece. Maybe more of this story? Hugs-Erika

  6. Hi Gill!
    Thanks for this post. Your lovely first picture - I wonder what's the difference between fog and haze. Anyway - I like both: Your orignial and the digital one.
    And thanks for remembering this kind of collecting wonderful moments. I started to create a room for that (actually 3 - one for me and 2 for my children).
    And your resolution-collage is great as well!
    Thanks for all

  7. I love your first entry for AJJ. I think you interpreted the theme beautifully, and, like you, have as many questions as answers.

    I would have been by sooner, but I'm once again working on my old computer and it loads so slowly.

    I was super impressed with your gratitude jar. I think it's a fantastic idea. Maybe that's why I keep a daily calendar. To see the good things, rather than the bad. Keep it up and I hope to see it at the end of 2017.

  8. Oh Goodness! My mind is working overtime thinking of what might have happened! I love the gratitude jar - you are right,we always have something to be grateful for! Your resolutions are right up my street! Happy New year! Chrisxx

  9. Fascinating blogpost, Gill.
    Oooh what is the caretaker going to do now? What will she put in her gratitude jar - " a lovely quiet day"? Do you think she was responsible for the Green Toxic Haze? Why was she not affected? Is she an alien who has come to take over our planet? She does look a bit odd, and has a look in her eyes that is not quite friendly.
    I love the idea of your gratitude jar.
    Your collage is terrific, full of optimism and looking-forwardness.
    Happy new Year!


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