Monday, 27 February 2017

50 Shades of red_3


I don't know where the time has gone in the last week but I think I've been abducted by Aliens again!  (its the only explanation I can think of ha ha )

for AJJ where Linda from heARTfully inspired has chosen the wonderful theme of 50 shades of red

I used a my own gelli printed background and artwork ( see below)
 and added some of my whimsical drawings and made a digital art page

thanks for looking
(will try and catch up with you asap)
Gill xx


  1. You are amusing - abducted by aliens! - but it could be a logical explanation of how Time disappears.
    That's clever the way you have combined the flower and the background page. Your girls look a bit as if they have been abducted by aliens, they are behind a sort of see-through curtain, looking a bit gloomy. Love the flower clasps in their hair. Maybe they are just wishing the rain would stop and they could go out to play.

  2. Your page is gorgeous Gill, Glad you have been playing with your gelli plate, and the combination of drawings and background makes for a wonderful result! Thanks for doing such a big catch up on my blog! Enjoy the rest of the week, and tie yourself down so that the aliens can't abduct you! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Oh wow.. I love what you did here! Amazing how you mixed all together and got such a wonderful new piece of art and you make us happy over at Art Journal JOurney with it Gill!
    Yes time flies... it's unbelievable!
    Same to me!

  4. A fabulous page with a great message for all. The background is a work of art all on its own..

    Sleep well

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. I hope you gave those Aliens a good talking to and told them to get you home.
    Its a fabulous page Gill and the sweet images look beautiful against the background you created.
    Yvonne xx

  6. gorgeous page and combination of images Gill!!! Watch out for those aliens-we like seeing your art:)Thanks for your AJJ entries in red-fabulous!

  7. wonderful! You played with your gelli plate. It's fun, isn't it?
    Your girls have a really nice expression. Perhaps it is the way Sheila supposed:
    they want to get out to play.
    And greatings to the aliens. They should find some way to be busy instead of steal your time. I'm not sure if that is correct English, but I'm sure you will understand :)

  8. Ah your girls are so cute Gill, a bit like Mindy Lacefield ones
    Donna xx

  9. I love the fact that your so witty and Arty....I'm away with the fairies most of the time being abducted by Aliens is o.k. with your pages I am trying to catch up now I am travelling back in time....x


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