Monday, 20 March 2017

Out and about - go prepared!


Those darn aliens visited me again and whisked me away ha ha
but this time I was able to take some arty stuff with me and got quite a few things done...

like this for AJJ challenge  where Yvonne has the wonderful theme 'out and about'

I digitally altered a watercolour painting I did
 and added the helicopter which I changed to silhouette.
I've been busy drawing lots of little people too and
these were drawn  digitally using  Serif Craft Artist,
 Drawplus X8 and Affinity Designer software
Thanks for stopping by
Gill x


  1. Beautiful page, and glad the aliens let you have time for playing and drawing. Those little people are great! Have a nice evening, hugs, Valerie

  2. A wonderful,page full of great ideas Gill

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. How nice of the aliens to let you get arty and create such a lovely page ;-) . Your digital watercolour is fantastic and the Confucius quote really speaks to me. Hope the weather has been kind where you live, last week we had some wonderful sunshine and then strong storms over the weekend. Wishing you a great week! J :-)

  4. Oh Gill, I love where those aliens took you to today. Its a fantastic background scene of your own and I love the great page, darling little people and the words.
    Yvonne xx
    p.s. Its a super new blog header.

  5. Ah such a sweet picture, love the little happy people Gill
    Donna xx

  6. Oh, what a lovely scene! Very good that you did not forget your arty stuff :) The watercolor is fantastic - and the drawn girls (digitally - I admire you!) are especially cute! It was a good idea to change the helicopter to silhouette, so it does not steel the show (of the girls).
    Rike xx

  7. Very nice the kids on this beautiful journal
    Nice day

  8. I love your tiny people! The text made me true these prepared. I also like your blog header very much!!

  9. Your new header is super Gill. i love your people- they are really fun! I like how you picked a school theme. And going out for the day in a helicopter in your AJJ must mean they have either gone someplace really out of the way or these people are celebrities. Its a fun piece-I really enjoyed it. I've never been in a helicopter, so I wonder what it would be like. Happy day. Hope its a good one. Hugs-Erika

  10. I'm trying to play catch up here. I've missed several of your beautiful out and about entries, including your garden flowers and home. But the aliens made me smile.

    I've never heard of that software you are using, but it must be powerful, because those little people are simply adorable. The helicopter caught my eye as it hovered over the little girls. That is very good advice, too. Food, water, and a map are very important so you don't get these little girls lost.

  11. WOW Gill amazing what you are doing digitally
    AND your watercolor is brilliant too!

  12. Love the effects and the little people soooo cool..xx

  13. It seems like you have given the aliens a good job meanwhile- are they your crafty assistents meanwhile?! What a fun and fabulous scene and the text made me smile .And you drew these cute girls so well!
    Adorable mix of handmade and digital art - you rock! Thanks a lot for joining Art Journal Journey again dear Gill!
    Happy crafting with the Aliens !
    oxo Susi

  14. Your little people are seriously sweet, I'm glad they are together. The helicopter looks especially ominous in a silhouette. This is such a fun piece, I love it, and it's a very interesting way to use a landscape painting.
    I always have a sock knitting on the go for such situations.

  15. That's wonderful, Gill! These two girls look as if they go hand in hand although the hands don't even touch. They are loveley especially because of the way they look at the viewer.
    I love the whole scenery you have painted so well and the helicopter. The qoute is great and the footnote as well :)
    I'm late with this but that's just because we didn't hade internet for a week...


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