Thursday, 30 March 2017

Out and about oneday soon :)


Hope you're having a lovely day.. it's a lovely sunny spring day here on the Essex coast - and Blackbirds are singing, which always makes me happy.

For AJJ 'Out and About'  ...theme hosted by the lovely Yvonne from Meggys Way.
Todays page was a pretty obvious one for me - It's not always easy being out and about if you are agoraphobic - I've had this on and off since about 1985 and my way of dealing with it is I always try to laugh and make light of it, as there's far worse things in life.....
I created this page by digitally blending two of my artworks and adding some digital Forget-me-nots I made from photos..

I've been busy making cards and all sorts in my art/craft room ..but at what point do you decide to clear away all the stuff you have everywhere and start afresh?

yes.... I think I really need to tidy up as I've ran out of space.... you should see the floor too ..... on the other hand, no, maybe you shouldn't!
I think I will be tidying up later!
Have a great day..
thanks for stopping by
Gill x


  1. Hmm, pity you didn't show the floor, that's a part I always avoid showing, too. Gorgeous journal page, love the colours, and glad you have some spring weather. Hugs, Valerie

  2. A wonderful page! It's a little bit like a fairy tale illustration - gorgeous! I am sorry to hear that you suffer this - but you are right- there are far worse things in life than that! I think that it is maybe normal - who knows? What when you had an accident or bad situation in maybe a previous life??? That would clear that condition for me. I accept my bipolar disorder and tell myself that there are so many other worse major illnesses out there - mine is nearly a gift proportional to what others experience.
    I am glad to hear that you see your disorder in a similar way! That's the best we can do! Your workdesk looks fantastic - this is no mess--that are just genious ideas lying around, am I right?!
    Happy weekend ahead dear Gill and thank you very much for such a beautiful page linked to Yvonne's March theme! That is much appreciated!♥♥♥
    oxo Susi

  3. Lovely artwork today,that's a beautiful sunshiny dress she's wearing :-) . You have a lovely approach to life and I hope you are enjoying the sunshine there. The weather can't decide what to do today here on the NW coast, it's raining one minute then sunny the next so I'm in my craft room tidying up too. Luckily I have no mess on the floor yet ... lol! Enjoy the rest of your week! J :-)

  4. Your outlook AND your creativity seem a wonderful way to carry on Gill.
    Lovely mystical and dreamy piece you created.
    Your work space sounds just right for me.
    Creative chaos is how I roll too ;-)
    The odd times I do try and clear my desk top I have found myself staring for awhile before I can get started. Digging through stacks and piles finding snippets of this and that is part of the fun and spontaneity for me.. OhOh you got me going.
    p.s. Thank you for your sweet comments on the Little Free Libraries. I am surprised they haven't spread to the UK = yet.

  5. This is a gorgeous AJJ entry, Gill. I've never had agoraphobia, but know a lady who has it. It's one of those hidden disorders, and most don't want to talk about it, or try to skirt the subject. I'm glad you met it head on in this beautiful entry.

    Gosh, if my work table looked like yours, I couldn't do anything. I have a phobia, too. I'm anal and a neat freak. That is NOT to be confused with clean freak. My floors may not have been swept for days, but I can't stand one thing out of place. If I lived closer, I'd come and help you clean up (grin)!

  6. Its a gorgeous page Gill, I love how you blended the images and it is a wonderful quote to go with the scene you created. I really appreciate all the lovely pages you have added to my theme this month.
    I was sad to read about your troubles with the great outdoors, it so reminded me about my Flying phobia. We are poor morals and we all seem to work out a way to cope with our problems. Tomorrow is always another day.
    I would have loved to see a photo of your floor as you know I can relate to mess in the craftroom, its something I think I am quite good at.
    Yvonne xx

  7. What a gorgeous page Gill. Its a great way to wrap up the month. I love the beautiful girl, she is not dressed to stay home but looks like she is going dancing. My Dad had agoraphobia it there are worse things for sure. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Hugs-Erika

  8. Dealing with agoraphobia must be very hard and scary Gill I think you deal with it very well by involving yourself into your Artwork which brings out the best in you ...the painting of the lady is really beautiful ...xx

  9. Oooh such a beautiful page Gill, really atmospheric and almost eretheal. I had no idea you suffered from agoraphobia, my mum had that too so I know what it's like
    Donna xx

  10. Now I looked at google to translate agoraphobia - my mum had that too (like by Donna), and I can imagine what it is for you. Your painting is wonderful!
    Oh, I wish to have such craftroom - then I would leave all things laying around, and never make some thoughts about cleaning :)
    Your last photo looks like you have tidying up already!


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