Friday, 21 April 2017

Heritage tag and Moo face

Hello everyone

Here's something different from me today that I made yesterday while waiting for the delivery of a rustic looking garden bench. So with one eye looking out of the window and the other looking through some crafty bits and pieces ( I must have looked very cross eyed) I came across a few things to use for the Heritage challenge over at 'Tag Tuesday'. And then after making the tag and still waiting for my bench I decided to make a 'moo' for MM&M faces theme .

Initially I think of family history when I hear the word 'Heritage' and think of my ancestors and the places they came from and their trades. So this tag is in memory of my lovely paternal grandfather, who in WW1 was in the RAMC (Royal Army Medical Corps) and was never in very good health after that. My granddad was a lovely, kind man and I do remember him doing drawings with me when I was small.

Next... as I haven't done a real 'Moo' size piece for a while, I thought it was about time to do one. So linking this to MM&M It was quite fun drawing this on this small area.
I used a mix of  Derwent artbars, coloured pencils and Neocolor 1(on hair)
Fortunately Dave had been baking the day before and had made some spice bars so that kept me going until the delivery men had been.
This was Valeries recipe that she kindly shared with us last Summer. (thanks again for that Valerie x )
Dave used Ginger preserve and chocolate chips in this one.
The bench arrived safely but as cold weather is now predicted
over weekend I won't be trying that out yet. It may be a weekend staying in the warm and having some more arty play time - I won't complain about that :) 
Thanks for stopping by today..
I hope you have a wonderful weekend
Gill x


  1. How mean to show me those delicious looking spice bars! Love the tag and moo, great photo of your Granddad. Thanks so much for joining us at TT, hugs, Valerie

  2. Such a great post with the wonderful grandfather tag and how lovely to see a Moo again. You have created a very beautiful face on it..
    The cake from Valerie's recipe looks delicious and I bet it smell fantastic.

    Enjoy sitting on you bench if it ever gets warm enough

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. Your tag is just wonderful - great piece to remember and honour your grandfather! And the Moo is just a gem! I love it and I am very happy you linked such a beautiful piece to Moo Mania & More dear Gill!
    This spice bars look so tempting - I am now dreaming of them maybe sitting in the sun on the new bench and tasting them- I want a nice bench for my garden as well - but it has to wait - some other projects are more important just now.
    Wishing you a good night and a happy weekend. Let's hope that the spring weather returns soon again. Here we had snow chaos on Tuesday and it was extremly cold again.
    But today it was a bit more friendly, so I hope the weekend will not be as bad as it was during this week yet.

  4. Fantastic tags Gill. Its good that you have family photos to use and that you have such lovely memories.
    I hope you get to use your new bench, but our weather forecast for the next few days looks like winter is on its way back.
    Have a good weekend.
    Yvonne xx

  5. Wow loving your tag Gill,very different for you. Mmmmm I can smell that cake from here, you lucky,lucky lady ;)
    Donna xx

  6. Wonderful tag in memory of your grandfather! He looks very kind.

  7. Your tags are great. I think heritage stories are fascinating. I wish we could have stories for all those ancestors from so long ago. I feel like I discovered a bunch of names but now I want to know who they were as people. And the bars look yummy. Interesting photo view of them-the second one. :) Hugs-erika

  8. I love the heritage tag with your grandfather's photo! I see you tried your neocolor on your face drawing! Very cute. Did you like the crayons? My fave colours in neocolor 1 are the pale ones like sahara yellow and periwinkle blue.

  9. What an amazing tag. Your homage to your grandfather is beautiful, and he looks just as you described him, a lovely and kind man.

    That Moo is wonderful. You draw well. I'm certainly impressed.

    Had to laugh at the cross eyed comment, but was glad to read the bench finally arrived.

    Happy weekend and happy Earth Day.

  10. Love the real "Moo" face - hope you have managed to try out the new bench xx

  11. Oh, Gill, what a beautiful post! The tag looks fine with the photo of your grandfather - he really was a kind man, because of doing drawings with you when you were small.
    Next ... your Moo size portrait is gorgeous, and the quote fits perfect!
    I like the second photo of the wonderful cake very much!
    Now the bench has to wait, until the cold weather disappears :)
    Schönes Wochenende! Rike x

  12. "Beautiful works "!
    And a delicious dish, mhmm

  13. Wow, a fantastic post.

    Thank you for joining us at MOO MANIA & MORE

    Have a wonderful Sunday

  14. Great Tag and Moo and your cake looks yummy.
    Dear greetings

  15. The tag with your grandfather looks terrific. It is nice to see a photo of the "oldies" when they were young, they have a different look about them from the photos of younger people today, I think. Maybe it's the hair and the way they look at the camera? I'm thinking of my own relatives' photos too.
    I love seeing "real" Moos, it's fun to see what can be on such a tiny space. That's clever how you have painted half a face, it fits perfectly.

  16. What a great tag made with the photo of your grandfather who used to paint with you as a girl! He looks so very young here which is no wonder because he WAS young at that time.
    Thanks for telling what your ancestores experienced - that is what makes history alive and interesting!


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