Friday, 19 May 2017

Stylish Elegance and Grunge and letter journals

Hello everyone

It's Friday again - hope your week has been good and you've got some fun planned for the weekend. Weather permitting I will be working in the garden again but also hope for some play time too and to read two new arty books.

Today I have some (hopefully) stylish  'Elegance and grunge' for AJJ
This is an all digital piece. I used an ancestors  photo - the elegant stylish lady we called her Auntie Bette but she was actually a 2nd cousin. The digikit 'Grunge It' is one I made... it includes photos of paper flowers, lace ribbon, brackets and some digitally drawn items.

 I created my first letter journals recently and today I am showing some pages from one as it has been received...
But sadly the beautiful one that the lovely Beo made for me got lost in the post... these things happen of course, but I was sad also for Beo, for all the creativity and time she had taken to make this wonderful lost letter journal. I know how wonderful it was because I have seen photos - it was amazing! - so I hope it is found by someone who will enjoy and appreciate all the work that went in to it..

But then ..oh wow! I had a big surprise - a new beautiful letter journal arrived :) You may have seen some of the pages from  the beautiful letter journal that Beo made for me  and I'm sure you can  imagine my delight :) and wasn't that was so very  kind..
Photos never seem to quite show all the details and colours the same as in real life - and I have so very lucky that in 'real life' I am the recipient of this fantastic creation - thank you once again Beo, I love it xx :)

The following are some of the pages in my letter journal to Beo. 
front cover - hasn't quite scanned the colour quite right.
Beate had encouraged me some time ago to try gelli printing when I had been afraid I might have ruined the plate - so now of course I am fearless (ha ha ) and had to do lots of gelli prints on my pages.

The house was folded on one side and opened up for my message
I also used this opportunity to make some things inspired by a Carla Sonheim book that Beo recommended too called Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun


 thanks so much for stopping by,
have a great day and wonderful weekend
Gill x


  1. Your digital page with Auntie Bette is so so charming - I like the color so much! She was a very elegant Lady! Your letter journal turned out fantastic and good that it found it's way to Beo! Great that the second sending from Beo now arrived safely. I can imagine that Beo was sad when the Journal didn't arrive.
    You made wonderful pages!
    I wish you a happy gardening and art time weekend! I would love to know which arty books you have purchased.
    Thank you for hosting AJJ so well - you make me happy Gill!
    oxo Susi

  2. Such beautiful artwork today both from you and Beo! I love the black lace you have used on your digital journal page, it looks so elegant and Auntie Bette looks so stylish too ☺. Beo was very kind to create another letter journal for you and the pages are wonderful. It was amazing and a bit scary to see how she used the black watercolour paint and then washed it off; it gave the pages a lovely effect. Your letter journal pages are beautiful and so uplifting with the wording you have added - perfect! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, it's cloudy and warm here today and the sun is trying to peek out, I've been doing housework this morning and have just sat down with a cuppa 😀. We have a quiet weekend planned just a walk (as you predicted ... lol!) and catch up with friends which will be fun! Have a wonderful weekend too! J 😊

  3. So much fantastic art today! Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

  4. A fabulous post today and lots to look at and keep me occupied for a while

    Sent off your prize today from TT hope it arrives ok. Sorry to hear about the missing pressie

    I hope the weather is fine and get out into the garden

    Love Chrissie X

  5. Oh, what a beautiful post! First your Elegance and Grunge piece, Aunt Bettie was a very elegant lady! The black lace fits perfect to her and also the other details of the background!
    And second - your pictures of the letter journal for Beo! Every page is just wonderful! I enjoyed looking - your birds are lovely, the gelli-printed backgrounds and your faces fantastic, and I like all your quotes! Your cat is a beauty, and the cover with this little key and keyhole is gorgeous! So sad, that Beo's first journal got lost , but maybe in some corner of the post office it will be find again and send to you ... wishes are free :)
    I wish you some more time to read your new books! And to relax in the garden - not only working :)
    Liebe Grüße, Rike x

  6. A fantastic post to read today and all the art looks fabulous, the grunge elements on your page are great
    I am struggling with internet connections in the caravan and you might guess its rained all day, nothing changes.
    Have a good weekend.
    Yvonne xx

  7. Wow! What a collection of art today Gill! Amazing. And Auntie Bette was a really stylish and elegant woman. Perfect for AJJ. :) Hope you have a fantastic weekend. Hugs-Erika

  8. All your pages are so so wonderful Gill !!! Really great artworks !! I wish you a very happy weekend, big hugs,

  9. Hi Gill,
    I'm so glad that you show these pages of your letter journal here so everybody can
    see what a wonderful journal you have created for me!
    I'm not sure if I mentioned yet that I love this little key and lock…??
    Thanks for all (again :)
    Sorry that I'm late with this I'm so very busy spending my free time watching the fish and frogs
    in my pond……:)

    Your ancestors seem to have been very elegant people as not just aunty Betty looks that elegant.
    Thats a great piece as well!!
    Have an nice weekend and don't work too much in the garden!

  10. You had me at digital art. You also had me at creating your own digital kit. I am so impressed. I am a cut and paste person, and your digital art is out of this world. Auntie Bette is gorgeous, and I am SO in awe of your skills.

    Of course, I was saddened to read about the lost mail. It recently happened to me, too, and I was so sad I almost got sick. I love your gelli prints. I can't seem to get them right, so I have given up trying. Yours, on the other hand, are fabulous. I adore the birds, especially, and the cover, too.


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