Sunday, 28 May 2017

'THE BRIDE' for AJJ and a tag for TT

Hello everyone

It's days like today when it is sweltering hot that I am glad I got married in December and lucky it was sunny and cool, but not too cold - I'm not sure I could look very elegant all dressed up when it's sooo hot :)
My lovely bride is for AJJ 'Elegance and Grunge' and an all digital page.
The Bride is clipart from a genealogy programme kit. I also used a digikit called

'Summertime kindness' by Laitha designs and other digital pieces from 'Timeless brushes and stamps vol 1' by Daisyrail.

I also have an all digital tag for Tag Tuesday 'anything goes' chosen by Valerie  and I used one of my own kits called 'Natasha'. The software I use has very clever digital punches built into it which I used on my 'digi-paper to punch out the tag. And this tag punch even has extra holes around it which looks pretty cool.

And talking of cool - I couldn't get cool yesterday despite fans on everywhere. I went upstairs to my arty/crafty space with the intention of a) trying out some new stash that arrived during week and b) making a real tag for Valeries challenge. The heat just made me feel queasy and bad and the tag I started does not good and is not finished.
I unwrapped my new Distress Oxides and looked at new masks and stamps and that was it - no playing with them yet :(
I think my PC feels the same too - it always gets really hot in this weather too and needs a break - so that's my lots for a few hours while we both try and cool down again.

Hope all well with you
and you're having a great weekend.
Thanks for stopping by.
Gill x


  1. Am amazing tag Gill. Ilove the holes

    Wonderful bride page as well she looks so elegant

    It is hot here as well but a strong cool breeze as well so quite pleasant outside

    Thank you for joining us at Tag Tuesday

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. That bride is really elegant. I think every bride is elegant and beautiful, and I love your page a lot. The tag is great too. I'm all about nature, and so I really enjoyed it. Enjoy what's left to your weekend. Hugs-Erika

  3. Wonderful tag and journal page, both are beautifully made. I love using those digital punches, too, you get great effects without lot of work. Thanks a lot for joining us at TT, much appreciated. It's very hot here, too, and the have promised us that it will get hotter in the course of the weeks, with storms etc as well. Keep cool, hugs, Valerie

  4. This elegant page is wonderful and I really love your smart tag - this is UNIQUE!
    Here it was hot as well today- a wonderful summer day - For Tuesday thunderstorms are predicted - so we have to enjoy this lovely days!
    You rock AJJ - you are one amazing hostess dear Gill! Thank you so much!

  5. The bride is so beautiful and certainly elegant. Love you tag too!
    Sandy xx

  6. I was SO impressed with your tag. I have no digital skills at all, as I often say, so your tag is out of this world.

    I really enjoyed the quote for your elegant bride. This is fabulous!

    I have a window AC in my upstairs office, or both I and my computer would cease to exist. The whole house AC just doesn't do the trick when it comes to this room with 8 windows all around. I can totally relate to your heat problems.

  7. Your page looks timeless and your bride so elegant and happy - beautiful! I'm not sure I look elegant either in this heat ...Lol... we got married in October and had a lovely day, I think I would have enjoyed it no matter what the weather though ...Lol! 😊 Wow, I popped over to see your kits and they all look so amazing, your Natasha Kit is so pretty and works perfectly on your tag. The addition of the punch holes really sets off the design wonderfully 😁. It's been hot here too, although it's very much cooler today with the rain we are having 😁. Hope it's cooler where you are too, Happy Monday and wishing you a great week! J 😊

  8. More wonderful creations Gill and I know how you feel in this weather too, it's always the humidity that gets me :|
    Donna xx

  9. I love the punching on the tag - very pretty!!!

  10. Hello Gill. Yes Saturday and Sunday were extra hot, both away and back home. I know lots of people say they like it but I'm with you, cooler is good. It's actually quite cold here this evening, it's lovely.
    Your bride piece is magnificent, a great collage of the digital pieces.
    I love the tag with all its pinkness and the birds and digital holes(?!) and I like the background the tag is sitting on too.

  11. Now I scrolled through all your blog-posts I have missed - they all are so fantastic! It is wonderful that you create all these gorgeous art pages digitally, but they are looking like painted and created by hand! I LOVE this pink tag! And all your other pages!
    Rike x
    Also very hot here in Austria.


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