Saturday, 10 June 2017

Some Steampunk, Circles and Cactus flower...

Hi everyone

Hope you have lots of fun things planned for the weekend. It's nice and sunny here today after a week of high winds and rain - but at least it gave me more time to play :)

Previously I promised to show what I was doing with shrink plastic - so here are my earrings created with die cut shrink plastic and I'm linking to the fab Steampunk/mechanical theme at TIOT

I don't really like my photos - the light wasn't particularly good and its not really showing the textures very well or the difference between the matt and metallic paint/wax - I think it looks a bit better in real life.
Doing the little rings and fixing to the earring hook was a bit fiddly but I hope to make a necklace at some point to go with the earrings.

My die cut pieces shrunk and gessoed
The Airship balloon die by Sheena Douglass and cog dies from Crafters Companion. The small middle rivet looking bits were the circles left from the middle of the cog and when I heated them I stopped just before they uncurled so they left a folded over rim around the edge (hope that made sense).

 And for AJJ and Rosies circle theme I have an all digital piece all digitally made or photographed etc by me (the  palette isn't real but the paint brush belongs to Dave)

If you saw yesterdays post you will know I was wondering when the Cactus was going to bloom. It always seem to happen around midnight but I couldn't keep awake and went to bed about 10pm and threatened nicely asked the Cactus not to bloom last night - ok you know what happened then and this is what we found this morning.

I'm hoping this is the first of many and not the only flower. I think the most it has ever had has been 4 or 5 flowers and it hasn't bloomed every year.
We bought this cactus probably about 1981-ish from the garden centre near us but we were living about 60 miles away then and it never bloomed until after 1996 when we moved here  - which was where it came from of course, so perhaps it had not bloomed before because it was home sick.
Thank you for stopping by.
hope you have a wonderful day and weekend.
Gill x


  1. Hello Kieme!
    These earrings look great, good idea to make it in steampunk . Your Journal page is also very good with its fresh colors, textures and decoration details,well done. The cactur flower looks amazing.
    Dear Greetings

  2. Love those wonderful earrings, they really turned out well. Thanks for joining us at TIOT. Love the cactus blooms, too, and yes, they always flower when you're not there to see it! Lovely journal page too. Have a nice afternoon, enjoy the weather, I'm off to the museum. Hugs, Valerie

  3. Wow Gill, you are the Queen of Steampunk . I hope you will be wearing these fabulous earrings.
    Thank you for another wonderful piece for the current TioT's challenge.
    The journal page looks happy and vibrant and it was a super quote you added.
    I hope you get more flowers on the cactus this one looks beautiful.
    Have a good weekend
    Yvonne xx

  4. OK, so many cool things here today Gill. I love the cactus flower. So it sooo pretty. I think cacti are cool plants and even though I know they flower, I don't really think of them with blooms, so more the better. And those earrings come out amazing. And love the bright colors and art theme in your circle page. I hadn't thought of the color wheel at all. Thanks for showing us the cactus flower and everything us, as well as linking up again to TIOT. Hugs-Erika

  5. Wow, so wonderful earings, love them und I love your circles page
    Thank you so much for sharing at ART JOURNAL JOURNEY and TRY IT ON TUESDAY

  6. Your steampunk-earrings are amazing! Shrink plastic - it seems to be much work?!
    Your colorful circles-page is wonderful ... I like the names of the colors and the paint brush :)
    The home sick cactus ... yes, also plants have feelings (I read a book about). But now the cactus blooms as beautiful as it can!
    Happy weekend! Rike x

  7. Your earrings are absolutely amazing Gill - WOW!!!! I love to see this project at Tiot! Thanks a lot for playing with us!
    I am also thrilled about this fantastic digital page linked to Art Journal Journey dear Gill...I love all about it and I love the quote!
    And last but nor least I love this wonderful cactus flower --- fascinating plant!!!
    Happy Sunday!!

  8. First thing first. The flower is amazing and it came out so quickly. I hope it lasts ages.

    The earrings are stunning and it is difficult to believe they are plastic you have worked so hard on the metal effect..thank you for joining us at Try it on Tuesday.

    Wonderful bright page and good to see the colour wheel as one of your circles ideas

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. I've also said you are the Queen of Steampunk. The way you manipulated the shrink plastic was also ingenious. And yes, I completely understood what you did.

    I am also in awe of your digital magic. Those skills allude me, but certainly not you. This is a wonderful AJJ entry.

    I had one cactus that bloomed one year, then died. I'm glad yours is so strong and healthy. It's a beauty.

  10. love your work and your blog you are very creative and make great art ;O))

    xx Dorte

  11. LOVE the earrings Gill, can't wait to see your necklace too. Fab piece of colourful art too and as for your cactus it looks like something in Kew Gardens!!
    Donna xx

  12. Oh My! These are the most fabulous of earrings! Another great entry for Try It On Tuesday! Thank You for joining us! I love your journal page - such fabulous colours! That cactus flower is gorgeous - brilliant photographs too! Hugs, Chrisx

  13. Wow, I'm in awe of your stunning steampunk earrings! They look just like metal and are so beautifully detailed - amazing 😀. I loved seeing how you made them too, thanks for sharing. You page is so cheery and I love that you used Dave's paintbrush too 😀. I knew your cactus would be naughty and bloom at night 😀. It does look so pretty and very spectacular! I have cacti too so I looked in my cacti book and blooming uses a lot of water so to conserve water in the desert some cacti bloom at night. Ive only had one of my cacti flower and I only ever once so maybe I'd get more flowers if I watered mine more ... lol! Glad you have the sunshine is back and wishing you a great week! J 😊

  14. How did I miss this?
    These steampunk earrings are fantasic and pure fantasy. I can imagine the Princess Steampunk wearing them.
    It's totally amazing to me how you make them.

  15. Hello Gill, back again. I got called away as I was writing the above comment.
    Your AJJ piece is terrific with all these great colourful colours. I love the names the colours have on the wheel. Cautious Carrot and Lazy Lilac!
    It's always amazing when a cactus flowers. I'm glad your cactus feels enough at home now to put out a spectacular flower.

  16. Gratulation to your Top 5 winner with this gorgeous earrings! These are really TOP pieces!
    Best wishes! Rike x


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