Monday, 3 July 2017

Summertime Love


My page today is for Elizabeths great new theme 'Summertime Love' over at AJJ.
Summer to me means being out in the garden more and enjoying nature, looking forward to our annual airshow and the hustle and bustle of happy holiday makers down on the beach or pier where I live.

My page is digital as I seem to have done something to my index finger and having trouble gripping pen/brush etc at present so I'm a bit slower (than normal ha ha) doing things.

The background was created using a photo of one of my journal backgrounds with some digital alterations. The photos are of the Helter Skelter on our pier. The Seagull from a MCS kit. Splodges and splats extracted from some photos from my pages and also messy left overs and some pieces made digitally.
I did a couple of doodles on the keyboard I started to decorate in previous post before the finger incident ...

Todays pickings from the garden.. the French Beans are my favourite

The chard is ready chopped up for lunch today 
Another useful thing in the garden - not for eating though.
This is our Himalayan Honeysuckle.
This is nothing like my idea of a honeysuckle,
 its stems are more like Bamboo..

Could the stems be useful for other things maybe ..
 I've got some bits of it drying - and wondering if they might work as wind chimes as they are nice and hollow. They also may be great to use to make a bug hotel... lots of ideas... but will they work... we will see.
that's my lot for today
Have a great week
and Happy Monday
Gill x


  1. Your garden is so far ahead of mine. The cold wet spring right through June didn't help. Yum, the veggies look so good. And I love the digital piece. Its all about FUN! That's what summer is, isn't it? Happy new week. Hugs-Erika

  2. Lots of goodies in your garden, I'm a bit envious of those lovely beans! Love the journal page, uch a lot of fun things going on there. Your keyboard is coming along nicely, hope your poor finger is soon better. Hugs, Valerie

  3. Oooh love your digital art Gill, it's always so atmospheric. Wow you are putting me to shame with your garden...I only have tomatoes and chillies growing this year!
    Donna xx

  4. Oh Gill, I LOVE the Helter Skelter. I'm working on a roller coaster page and learning a lot about roller coasters in the process. Unfortunately, I don't have your incredible digital skills, which have come in SO handy now that your index finger isn't working properly. This is definitely a fabulous first entry for Art Journal Journey this month. It practically screams summertime love!

    Your garden is fabulous. I only planted one tomato, but would give anything to have your skills in the garden. Your veggies, especially the beans, make me very, very hungry.

    Your keyboard is coming along nicely. I like what you are doing to alter it. Hope your finger heals soon, so you can continue doodling on the keys. Until then, I'll simply appreciate those digital skills you possess.

  5. So gorgeous, and great veggies from your garden - I have a garden also and love it.

  6. Terrific digital piece it would make a great poster for a seaside town

    Love the keyboard and must have missed the previous ones when we were away. It is an amazing idea.

    Wonderful to pick your own produce..we used to grow all our own stuff up to a couple of years it is grass and flowers. We have one of the plants with the amazing flower-must look up the name.. Our old neighbour gave it to us when he moved to Scotland.

    Love Chrissie xx

  7. Your digital pages is amazing - such fantastic details and layers! Superb! Your garden is a paradise ! I hope your finger gets better soon - take care of you!!!
    Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful page and the fantastic garden treasures with us at AJJ!
    Happy rest of the week and once again all the best for the finger!!
    oxo Susi

  8. I do like the splats (top left hand corner) and the seagull with the specs and the whole fairground page which seems to have a lot of movement, how did you do that?
    Look at your green beans, I'm impressed, and the sweet courgettes.
    Can you not blow through the HH green stems and drive the neighbours bonkers? Maybe each stem would make a different sound? Haha!

    1. Thanks Sheila :)
      The two photos I used, I took out the background of the top half of them and blended them over my background paper. The one on the left I just realise has the up and down rail structure (not sure what its called) in front of it.
      The splats were real and I extracted them from the original background to use again digitally. I'm looking at my messy left over papers with new eyes now to see what else they can be used for.
      Those stems/canes might make some good flute type things - great idea - thanks - will get Dave to have a go at this for me as when I told him what you said, he said I suppose you want panpipes next :) and Beo suggested 'nibs' also :) xx

  9. Your digital page looks fabulous Gill. It does make me think of sea side towns and summer holidays.
    Wonderful vegetables , food tastes so much nicer when its fresh from the garden.
    I hope your fingers get better soon , its not good when it stops us from our crafting. Although I am a right one to take as it regularly happens to me.
    Yvonne xx

  10. Hope your finger is better soon and is not too painful! Your art page is lovely and reminds me of our seaside home here, we always enjoy people watching at the beach and pier ... lol! Enjoy the airshow this month, we are looking forward to our town's carnival which is this weekend 😀. The keyboard doodles are wonderful and wow, your garden produce is amazing! I bet it tastes great, homegrown is always the best 😁. Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments - we haven't had too much rain and we've just had a lovely sunny weekend although it is cooler 😀. Hope the weather is a bit more bearable where you are too 😎. Wishing you a very happy week! J 😊 x

  11. Oh WOW - I love the page you made!!
    I don't start to say why because I wouldn't know where to stop....
    Your keyboard looks so beautiful as well. The way with the inks was so
    clever and nice and now this doodles and I sorry to hear about your finger
    When I see what you picked today in your garden I get hungry...

    The blossom of this flower/bush are very beautiful and the stems could be used as well for making nibs (I hope this is the right word..)
    Have a nice week

    1. Thank you Beo :) - 'nibs' are a great idea - yes thst's the right word.
      Dave says he made feather quill pens years ago so I'm delegating this job to him ha ha

  12. What a fabulous digital page - I used to love the Helter Skelter! Sorry to read that you are having problems with your finger - love what you did with the keyboard - hopefully you can get back to it soon!
    Your veggies look wonderful - I miss growing our own! The Himalayan Honeysuckle is a fascinating plant, we have one in the apartment gardens - the hollow stems, as you say must be useful for something! Hugs, Chrisx

  13. I love your digital Summer page! Yes, this is summer! Your doodles on the keyboard are beautiful!
    Your garden picking is great! Last week I also found zucchini in my garden, but our beans are too little yet. I did not have seen and known such Himalayan Honeysuckle! Great ideas in the other comments how using the stems :)
    Hope your finger is soon better.
    Rike x

  14. Wonderful journal page this summertime love! beautiful photos!!!
    Happy week


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