Friday, 29 December 2017

Lets Celebrate 2017

This is my first post since Christmas, so if you celebrate that I hope you had a wonderful time.
It seems one minute we were waiting for Christmas and in almost a blink of the eye that was over and now we await the New Year. 
My last page for this year for AJJ and Sheilas wonderful theme 'Lets Celebrate' is to raise a toast and celebrate all the good things in 2017... which are too many things to list.
My page is a mix of real art and digital.
You'll see further down what this was like before I added the digital words, digital grungy bits (I created those previously) and also added further colour/marks using various digital brushes.

My page started like this using mainly water soluble crayons

Then I felt a bit more braver and added more

Celebrating the lovely food Dave cooked for us in 2017
Dave is hoping I will learn to cook myself in 2018... at long last! 
(ha ha ..wonder how many years have I been saying that!)

Celebrating handmade cards
        A shelf of special handmade Christmas cards.

Celebrating the little things that make me smile...
The twinkling lights and the 
Steampunk tree always make me happy :)

Celebrating music
Over in my music corner of the lounge I have been playing carols and Christmas songs and all sorts - I'm not good at it but like when sewing, I play better with a little glass of something (that has been hidden out of sight!) ;)
And even my keyboard has a Steampunk sort of screen saver on it

I probably spend more time watching this than playing!

 We had a lovely little hamper from my cousin and his wife in New Orleans and
 the first thing I thought of was, what can I use the basket for.

And.. this is what Santa kindly left - he knows that I love arty books (thank you Santa x) and yes there are 3 different palettes, 2 of them are the 'peel off paint' sort for acrylics with one having a lid to hopefully make the paint last longer. 
Hope Santa left some lovely goodies for you also :)

That's my lots for now...
So I thank you for all your visits and comments this year
which are always much appreciated
and I wish you and your family a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful 2018

Gill xxx



  1. I love your amazing post Gill! Not only this extraordinary beautiful hybrid page - but all the fantastic images - all woth to celebrate indeed - you are just a lucky girl!
    Let Dave cook furthermore - he is the master ! And you just have to make art and use the wonderful art supplies and art books you got from a very nice and clever Santa!
    Thank you for another fabulous entry to Sheila's lovely theme at AJJ dear Gill!
    Happy New Year to you and Dave!
    oxo Susi

  2. What a wonderful post, Gill! Your celebration page is great. She looks elegant and ready to welcome the new year. And same about your beautiful home looks like.
    Wishing you very happy and healthy year 2018 xx

  3. Lovely journal page and beautiful cards and yummy food. Happy New year to you and yours, hugs, Valerie

  4. Your AJJ piece is terrific, the lady looks very calm and is just having a little relaxing something before her party guests arrive, is that right? Having seen this, I am going to get out my water soluble crayons which have been in their box for far too long and have probably forgotten how to do anything like this.
    Lots of things to celebrate here.
    I like the look of Dave's chocolatey chocolate chip biscuits.
    Of course handmade cards deserve their own special shelf, same here.
    Amusing about the hamper, I do that with a gift of something in a pretty box, let's just play with the box.
    And what a very kind Santa. I see some delightful FW inks there, looks like a very nice selection.
    Thanks very much for being the 100th entry, Gill, with such a great blogpost.
    Happy New Year to you and Dave and the other residents.

  5. Its a fantastic Celebration page Gill and your original looks beautiful was well.
    They were all lovely photos as well, your husband is a gem, that food looks delicious.
    Hope you and your family have a good New Year.
    Yvonne xx

  6. I have that draw people quickly book Gill. I really liked that book. And I love seeing the food your husband made. He is quite the chef. :) And you have such a nice music area in your lounge. I bet your husband enjoys your playing as much as you enjoy his cooking and baking. :) Love your beautiful lady too. She is certainly dressed for a formal holiday party and ready to celebrate. I know, it is sad the holidays come and go with a snap of the finger, but I guess as long as they are/were happy that's all we can ask for. Happy New Year Gill. Hugs-Erika

  7. Hi Gill, I love your celebrating lady - she says a lot, because of her attitude and her smile.
    Thank you for all the things you've shown and told here about your life. As always, very interesting and beautiful. However, I miss the colorful keys on your keyboard - where did they go?

    1. thank you Beo :)
      The keyboard that I started to paint on, is still upstairs in my art/craft room waiting for me to finish it. It is on my list of things to finish, including those windchimes xx

  8. What a fabulous celebratory page you created for Art Journal Journey. It warmed my heart.

    Dave really knows how to cook. I'd never cook if I had a husband who did!

    I love the books and gifts you got for Christmas. Santa was quite kind to you. And that basket from New Orleans was yummy looking. Of course, one of the wonderful things that first brought me to your blog was your Steampunk tree. It always makes me smile.

    I didn't know you played. Looks like a fabulous setup, too.

    Thanks beyond belief for sharing this journal entry with us for Art Journal Journey. I want to personally wish you a beautiful, safe, and joyous New Year and a blessed 2018.

  9. I forgot to tell you how much I liked how you used your watercolor crayons. I should take lessons from you!

  10. What a lovely blog post, Gibby! This is my first stop on your blog and it is great getting to know you. I will look forward to enjoying more of your beautiful artwork in 2018.
    And Santa has gifted you with three beautiful books - two by Hazel Soan. She is wonderful. Enjoy them!
    Happy New Year!

  11. Hi Gill, wow some fabulous unusual work on your blog, love your use of colour.
    Hugs Pam x

  12. What a heart warming post and the perfect celebration of 2017! Your page is amazing, you have created such beauty 😁. I'd love to hear you playing carols, what fun it would be to sing along with you, well you may need another glass or two of something when you hear my singing 😉. I loved seeing your steampunk decorations, so beautiful! Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog this year and wishing you all the best for 2018 filled with love, happiness and peace! J 😁

  13. Wow now there’s a lot of eye candy to admire Gill. One word of advice though.....don’t learn to cook as it’s too time consuming and you won’t like it ha ha
    A very Happy New Year to you and Dave :)
    Donna xx

  14. Gorgeous delight love this post, love your christmas cards on the shelf -
    happy new year from me in denmark

  15. Yes, a blink of the eye and all celebrations are over and now we have the new year :)
    Your digitally added page is gorgeous, she is a beauty! Your gifts of Santa Claus are fantastic - enjoy them!
    I laughed about your thoughts of the lovely little hamper (those thoughts could be mine)!
    Wonderful cooked food of Dave (why should you learn cooking??)!
    I enjoyed all your other photos too!
    Liebe Grüße, Rike xx


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