Sunday, 17 December 2017

Lets Celebrate


It's a bitterly cold Sunday here in the UK I hope its a bit warmer wherever you are.

After months of having a real good old clear out indoors I am now celebrating having more 'space'and so what a great idea to celebrate that and join in with Sheila from Orange Esmeralda fabulous theme over at AJJ this month 'Lets Celebrate'.

OK so my digital page isn't the exact 'space' I have -  I was thinking of doing a big empty cupoard but that would have been less exciting :)
I've always loved to watch the night sky and at this time of year when its cold and the sky is clear, the stars always seem to twinkle more and make me wonder what else is out there..
So I want to celebrate that 'space' too :)

Next I have a page for Moo Mania for the Christmas theme

A quick little painting of a vase of Christmas roses and 
a sprig of holly with some digital additions at the bottom.

At last my Christmas card making is finished, the trees have been up since 22nd November and there's not much else to do for Christmas except getting last minute fruit and veg and putting some more decorations up maybe.

Dave has been busy making cookies using a Jamie Oliver 5 ingredient recipe and the making some other versions... well you have to try all sorts don't you?
 This is an over head shot of a box of cookies - they are all piled on top of each other.
These ones are cherry with chocolates chip and Apricot crumble. I would have shown the lemon, ginger and also the apple crumble ones but they have mysteriously disappeared but you can help yourself to the others if you'd like one.

thanks for stopping by,
hope you have a lovely day

Gill x


  1. I love your fun interpretation of having more space now after the clear out. It is really always a kind of celebration when I have sorted out things and have enough space for others!So I am completely with you. Your piece is stunning with these lovely space creations! We are more than happy over at AJJ that you are with us again this month for Let's Celebrate! I really missed you at the Challenge and on your blogs.
    Your lovely watercoloured vase with the christmas roses and the holly is beautiful at it's own and you made a fantastic hybrid christmas card with it! AMAZING- Thank you very much for joining us at Moo Mania & More as well ♥♥♥
    I would so love to taste Dave's cookies - they look extremely tempting!!!
    And your trees look fantastic - hope you will show us some more of your decorations - you have always such unique pieces!
    Wishing you a wonderful christmas time dear Gill!
    LOVE from

  2. Hello Gill, welcome back to Blogland.
    I would quite like to have seen an empty cupboard, it's not often you see that. Love your "Celebrating Space" page, how original. I'm wondering - is the girl alien asking the boy alien in an annoyed voice where her "*******" is - he wouldn't have thrown it out, would he? I just adore the little alien pet. It's an absolutely terrific page.
    I really really like your "quick painting". If I could do a slow painting like that I would be a happy painter, it's lovely. The snowman with his huge scarf is so happy.
    I had to laugh at the trees (trees plural!) being up since 22nd November. We started early this year too. it seemed the right thing to do.
    Dave's cookies look mega yummy, I like all the variations. Funny how some mysteriously disappeared, that happens here too. We must investigate.
    Thanks very much for Celebrating with me, Susi and Elizabeth and all the other artists at AJJ.

  3. I was SO glad to see you back in blogland, and celebrating your first art back with us at Art Journal Journey. After months of clearing away and sorting, I'd say that was quite a good reason to celebrate. I also liked the interpretation of your space clear out. It's so clever and really looks like something you would create. This was most impressive. Thanks for sharing it with us at Art Journal Journey.

    Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't tell you how much I enjoyed your lovely Christmas card and your beautiful trees. I certainly have tree envy (grin) especially that white one! And now of course my mouth is drooling and I want some of your husband's wonderful cookies, too.

  4. An empty cupboard would be an impossible task for me Gill.
    I love your art pages and the water colour vase looks beautiful.
    Dave's cookies look delicious and your home looks so festive with your pretty decorated trees.
    Yvonne xx

  5. Congrats on completing a BIG clean out. I started this year but never finished. I guess I want something to do in 2018. Ha-ha. :) But I love your space AJJ page-it is fantastic and made smile. And all your creative juices must have rubbed off on the hubby and his cookies look yummy. And your trees look fantastic too. Hope you have a fantastic holiday. Hope to maybe see you before the new year back in blogland too. Hugs-Erika

  6. Yay so happy to have you back Gill and what a load of eye candy you’ve given us all too ;). I must say I’m particularly impressed with those cookies though.....yum!
    Donna xx

  7. Good to see you back in Blogland!
    Your aliens look like they are in a deep quarrel - the wonders of space? This space shuttle reminds me of vikings (Wikinger) and maybe your aliens are afraid of it?
    Beautiful watercolor of Christmas Roses and fine digital addition with this sweet snowman and the leaves.
    Your Christmas trees are adorable! We do not decorate the tree (only one) before 24.12. - so it is usual here in Austria.
    I do not wonder that some of these cookies disappeared :) - oh, please, I want to taste the rest, they look delicious!
    Wish you a wonderful Christmas time, dear Gill!
    Rike xx

  8. oh what a fun spacey page!! beautiful Christmas art. Your trees are so sparkly and festive, and the cookies look yummy(something I still need to make). Wishes for a Merry Christmas!

  9. It's so wonderful to hear from you, welcome back! It sounds like you've been busy and your good clear out must have been very satisfying - well done 😁. The page that you created to celebrate "space" made me smile and you little aliens are very cute indeed - I bet they ate all those delicious cookies ... lol 😉. The painting of the vase and flowers is so beautiful and I love the additions you made - wishing you all the joy at Christmastime too! Your trees look stunning and I hope you had a lovely weekend 😁. We've just got back after visiting family, we had a great time and with lots of travelling involved it's nice to be home 😉. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! J 😊

  10. A wonderful post.

    Thank you for joining us at MOO MANIA & MORE


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