Thursday, 26 April 2018

Recycled/Collage page and a mini notebook


I've another piece using a recycled Cheese crackers box for Alison aka Craftytrog theme this month  Recycle and Collage at AJJ and I must admit I really enjoyed making this particular one, probably as it was on one of the days we had recently that was more like summer than spring and that seemed to fire up my mojo too.

I covered my cracker box with some glossy pages from a wine magazine and gessoed over that.

Then I scribbled over the page with water soluble pastels and then gessoed over that to blend colours.

I found some left over flower diecuts and tore up a scrap of pinky/mauve craft paper and wrote the words - Summer in Spring seemed quite appropriate to describe the weather.

Finished with lots of doodling and shading and addition watercolour splashes.

And at last the Tulips are blooming

And the good weather is bringing the birds back to the garden
 The Goldfinch seems to be a regular visitor at present and hopefully nesting somewhere nearby

And do you remember the grey faux leather I was going to make another Traveller's Notebook with?
Well, for several weeks I had been putting off cutting it up in case I messed it up - and then Dave pointed out to me that if I did happen to mess it up - so what, it's not the end of the world I could get some more fabric and start again :)   duh - silly me! 

And so I (carefully) measured and cut the fabric to make a mini book to fit my handbag
I love the traveller's notebook style as it is easy to add and change pages which are held in by elastic cords.

Next project is to make an A5 size one as there is plenty of material left to use up.

OK that's all for now.
Thank you so very much 
for stopping here today
 and for any comments left.
Gill x

Friday, 13 April 2018

Recycle and collage and a masculine moo too

It's Friday the 13th and a good excuse to stay home and make some art :)
I was going out to pick up a book I'd ordered but there's another one on the way so I may as well wait for that and pick up two at once.
Friday the 13th?? nothing to worry about - it's just another normal mad day isn't it?

Ok.. here's another piece for AJJ Recycle and collage theme hosted this month by Alison and again I used the cardboard from a cracker box as my page.
I used some remnants of homemade washi-tape and leftover die-cuts. I have a box of small envelopes full of die cuts collected over time so I used several heart shaped ones and inked and stamped on them.
Other materials used were:Neocolours, acrylic ink, TH distress stains, a small script stamp and a polka dot stencil with white paint.

And for Moo Mania and More  where the theme is 'Masculine' I have a little Moo size piece

I covered my little moo size card with a leftover scrap of paper that had ticket/map sort of theme on it, stamped the little stamps and coloured with gouache and added words using rub-off letters.

And even more recycling..over at  TIOT the theme is 'Recycle something' so I recycled an ice-cream container to use it as a container to hold my art journaling pens.

I also raided my scrap paper box and mini drawer of stamped tissue paper where I found one of a hand holding a pen and coloured it with gouache. I also used some postage stamps too.

Have a safe and Happy Friday the 13th.
And as always, thank you so much for stopping by.
Gill x

Friday, 6 April 2018

Bring on the sunshine!

This month Alison from Craftytrogs Arty Adventures  is the host for  AJJ theme Recycle and Collage

Last week I made a wonky junk journal cover out of cheesy crackerbread boxes and used scraps of paper to cover them. I had no idea what I was going to put in it, but now, with the recycling & collage challenge, it seems perfect to continue recycling the cracker boxes and use them as pages to go in this book.

This is my first page..
I also used scraps of book and dictionary pages, words and bee from seed catalogue and paper offcuts.

To get the size I wanted I used 2 pieces of the box and taped them together so that they can be folded up and eventually sewn together when I have more.
Other items used, Paperartsy chalk paints, Neocolor water soluble crayons, acrylic ink and inktense pencils. 

A few photos below of the process.

The sun has been shining more this month and already making me feel more creative(looking back at March with all the snow and grey and rainy days, I think I lost my mojo quite a bit)
Its a lovely sunny day and I'm going to spend the day (hopefully) doing lots of creative things...
Bring on the sunshine!

Thanks for stopping by today.
Hope you have a great day.
Gill x