Sunday, 26 August 2018

Count your blessings 3


August is almost over now and seems to have flown by in a bit of a blurr... It's been another hot month, with an odd cooler day here and there, feeling lethargic with brain fog and not being able to make much art.

I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking when I made this page on one of those brain foggy days
for AJJ   'Count your blessings'  theme chosen by the lovely  Elizabeth and Bleubeard

And talking of things flying by...on Thursday and Friday we had our 2 day annual airshow event.  
We didn't go down to the sea front this year but just stayed home to see what we could see from there. One of the amazing 'Red Arrows' team flew really low over our garden but I couldn't get the photo as it was so quick... Photos weren't a great success this time but I did find one happy accident of a seagull with the 'Spitfire' :)

Fortunately 'my personal chef' manages to carry on working and doesn't moan like me in the hot weather. He has been busy baking focaccia, apricot and fudge chip biscuits and a large cheese and onion pastie - as well as the usual varied bread etc ..thanks Dave!

And I meant to say what happened about the Nispero/Loquats when we got to eat them. 
These are not native to the UK and from my research we are lucky to have had any fruit at all. 
Last year for the first time we saw one fruit on each of the two trees and only noticed them when the were shrivelled up. This year there were a few more... but hopefully with the exceptional weather this year, maybe next year we will do even better.

They don't look all that impressive when cut open but oh my - what a flavour - it was even better than I remembered. Hard to describe - tropical - sort of apricot/peach/mango/citrus - it's heaven on a tree!

We haven't wasted the seeds either -  they've been planted and two little shoots showing already.

That's all for today..
thanks for stopping by.
Happy Sunday......
Gill x



  1. Wowww Gill, what a so gorgeous Art journal page !! It´s really wonderful, happy and funny, and, of course, unique, like you !!
    I adore the background, and the numbers, according to the quote, great !!
    So beautiful photograph with the seagull and the spitfire, unique too !!
    The mangos have a beautiful orange colour, they may taste very well, and bravo for your chef , these yummy delicatesse may be so good !! enjoy them!
    I wish you a very happy day, big hugs, Caty

  2. whoo oo yummie bread and great photos your journal. I do love mangos to..

  3. Beautiful page Gill. It's always good to be unique and not part of the crowd of anonymous numbers. Great photo from the air show, poor seagull! Those fruits look very good. Have a great, new week, hugs, Valerie

  4. I am sorry to hear that you have been treated so badly by the heat Gill!
    I hope the biggest heat is now over! The page is gorgeous and so well balanced - super! I love how you used all the elements together and this black border is fabulous! It's really a blessing to be unique! I am sure every human being is unique but maybe artists are a big more UNIQUE?! Right?! Thank you very much for this beautiful entry linked to Elizabeth's theme!
    Dave is such a good cook! This looks all so yummie! And the Loquats look super!
    And wow what a super photo is this with the seagull and the 'Spitfire'!
    Happy new week and stay cool my friend!
    Big hugs, Susi

  5. What a fabulous page and a wonderful way to celebrate everyone's uniqueness 😁. Our annual airshow is in August too, we went along and saw the memorial flight and the red arrows. So cool you got to see them from your garden 😁. Those baked treats look so yummy, Dave is one amazing cook! I've never seen Nispero/Loquats before, I guess they must like the hot weather and they look and sound so delicious 😀. By the way, I didn't think about the paint number, sorry ... glad you found it ok 😁. It's been raining here all day too, no flipflops for me today but socks and slippers 😉. Happy Sunday! J 😊 x

  6. I LOVED your journal page. I am SO glad you are unique. How sad the world would be if we all thought and acted the same. It's a beautiful page, and holds so much meaning, too. I was delighted when you linked it to my theme at Art Journal Journey.

    I had a Loquat when I was in Mexico one year. They are so delicious, and I agree they are very tasty and refreshing. LOVED the spitfire and seagull photo. Always a surprise when you take photos like that off your camera.

  7. I love your page and what a blessing it is when we can be ourselves and not just a number. In your heat induced foggy brain you made a winner. And I will say I am jealous you have a baking Dave, heat or not. It all looks so good Gill. And glad you could enjoy bits of the airshow from home, especially if it's hot. Hope it was a good weekend and you cool off ASAP. Hugs-Erika

  8. wow,what a georgus page,and your lemon bread are looks so yummy,love the numbers and the quote on your page,stunning!

    happy new week,dear gill.

    hugs jenny

  9. Think I have missed some of your creativity, but love this page, yummy fruit and food, yes and one awesome page. You don't need to think of anything in particular when crafting as it turned out great as it is...hugs.xx

  10. I love your page Gill and the Blessing of being ourselves is a really good one.
    The food looks delicious, your OH is sure a master Baker. It was good that you could see the airshow from your home, I bet it was noisy as they flew over.
    Yvonne xx

  11. Gill, what a lovely post! Your page is very neat! and unique! ")
    and Oh my! I love Focaccia!! and that looks simply delish!
    And your fruit? How exciting that you were able to savor a couple of them, and shoots already from the seeds? How exciting!
    Thank you so much for your visits and lovely comments- they mean so much to me- thank you dear!
    sending hugs and wishes for cool weather!
    Jackie xo

  12. Yes, Gill, I agree with everyone else. Your page is very unique and so are you!! We are all born to stand out, but most people are afraid to reveal their true selves. Hats off to you.
    Love the plane and the gull - great combo.
    And a man who can cook? Wow! My mouth started watering looking at Dave's creations and then I scrolled down to the fruit. I'm getting hungry!

  13. I do like all the patterns and the soft colours in your unique painting. Be happy to be unique, it's a gift.
    That is a marvellous photo with the seagull and the spitfire, couldn't be better against the painterly sky.
    What a treasure Dave is. I want one of these cheese and onion pasties, it looks delicious. I might have to ask my chef to make one.
    I love that some of the seeds have sprouted already, how fascinating it will be to watch them grow.


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