Sunday, 28 July 2019

We're all ..... having fun!


I have a page for AJJ where  Chris from pearshapedcrafting   has chosen the theme of
'we're all/going'  
As I live not too far away from the sea means there is always fun to be had :)
And I admit it wasn't my finest hour when making this as the heat has made it hard to concentrate and use some products.
Used inks, inktense pencils and Brushos and some stickers which need using up.

Had 3 nights having to sleep downstairs in lounge as it was so hot it was impossible to sleep comfortably upstairs. 
Friday night it was still reading 32c/91f. Saturday night - yipeeee - was about 26c/79f - still warm but it was lovely to sleep in a bed and not scrunched up on a 2 seater settee.

Outside and downstairs temps early evening Wed 24th July
 If you are anywhere that's been really hot in the last week or so  (and even hotter than here)  I can really sympathise... 
I have given up trying to stick things down with tape, especially with card making as the tape often lifts up.
I have been die-cutting mainly but having just got some new Altenew stamps I had to try them out and stamp quickly before the ink dried on my stamps :)
I have plenty of cards to assemble when the weather gets cooler.
I took photos of the layouts to remind me how to stick them down.

Dave somehow still managed to do some baking
 and use some of the Nisperos/Loquat fruit before the birds ate it all.

'It wasn't me - honestly - it was lying here already'

 Dave made some Apple and Loquat pies... it sure is a tasty combination! 
when we had the fruit originally from a supermarket (many years ago) they called it 'Nisperos' 
but it is also known as 'Loquat' - so I am never certain what name I should be calling it :)

Help yourself to a slice.......

 OK that's all from me this time...
this was the first chance to blog this week as my PC
like myself doesn't do so well in hot weather :)
so until next time..
Happy Sunday and hope next week is cooler and good for you too.
Gill x

Sunday, 14 July 2019

we're all loving the summer flowers


At last.. I am back in blogland.... so I must join in at my favourite place              
 AJJ and the 'we're all/going theme'     which is hosted this month by
 Chris from pearshapedcrafting    
This is a mix in my A5 journal of stamps by Altenew, distress ink and some digital additions.


This was my original stamped page

I don't like the heat at this time of year but I do love the flowers the sunshine/heat brings.
Every year we wonder will it be the year our cactus flowers - it's the sort that blooms over night and lasts a day or two at the most. This summer it has had four flowers - three almost all at once and then about 3 days later another single flower - this is probably the most flowers its had in nearly 40 years - yes 40 years!

Our two Nisperos/Loquat trees - have had the most fruit ever. Although  one of the trees probably had half a dozen fruits only, the other one made up for that. This tree isn't native to the UK so its just luck and our climate here on the Essex coast that probably helped.

Its hard to explain how this fruit tastes  - maybe like a mix of peach, apricot, lime and something tropical - quite an intense flavour - but really lovely. Dave has blanched, sliced and froze some to save for the winter. There's still a lot left on the tree to pick which hopefully are still edible and not all pecked by the birds :)

And the reason why the fruit is a bit battered looking is probably because the trees have attracted a lot of birds. This time of the year there are a lot of young birds about and the black birds appear to use our garden as a kindergarten and leave them with us to look watch over and they repay us by devouring the fruit ha ha :)

The Hebe has a mass of white flowers

We had a lot of  Foxgloves - all freebies that have seeded from somewhere else and blown into our garden - what  a lovely treat - I love them and so do the bees :)

And I had a lovely surprise; there was a young squirrel in the garden 
and he kindly came up to the door and posed for me.

That's all from me for this time.
Thanks so much for visting here.
Happy Sunday.
Gill x