Monday, 30 September 2019

Fill your paper with your dreams for AJJ

I have a digital page today  for Art Journal Journey  'Polka-Dots, Stripes, Plaids  hosted by Erika of BIOARTGal
Sorry I haven't joined in more this month...
My craft room is upside down with a sort of organised chaos :) at present while I am decluttering* and  attempting to pack some less needed things away in order to make the room/house look more presentable for the time when we can get an Estate Agent in to value property. (*with the amount of stuff I/we have this feels like it will take forever ha ha)

My digital piece is made up of my own scanned geli prints and dotty stencil work, digitally drawn cartoon girl and then I added stitched flowers and other stitching all done using the software programme used to create the whole page. 

all for me today,
back to wrapping and boxing up :( 
....hope you have a great day...
Gill xx

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Polka-Dots, Stripes, Plaids for AJJ

Wow this month is flying by ... I'd hoped to have posted a second piece by now for Art Journal Journey  'Polka-Dots, Stripes, Plaids  hosted by Erika of BIOARTGal
but here I am at last with the finished page I started at beginning of month which I finished one morning about 6am after laying in bed for a good hour or so not being able to sleep thinking about decorating, decluttering and stuff. Surprised I managed to cut out the butterflies reasonably well at that hour, and yes the cutting off of the antennae and drawing them in was intentional ha ha :)

All for now...
Will catch up with comments asap..
Have a great new week
Gill x

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Wherever you go...

Oh's the 8th already and I'd hoped to have posted by now.... so my first piece for this month Art Journal Journey is just a simple digital page. The fun theme this month is 'Polka-Dots, Stripes, Plaids or Patterns'  aka 'PSPP' and is hosted by the lovely Erika of BIOARTGal

  My head has been a bit all over the place for the last couple of weeks nothing serious - and hopefully a good thing. I've been wanting to move home, away from here for a while and now hubby is on board with this idea too we are investigating the where to etc etc... having lived here for over 20 years its a big thing to think about....

I did start a page on the 1st and then I saw that the previous collaged/painted double pages in my journal of the Blackbird from August was going to stick together* if I flattened the book in my book press - so it needed a coating of candle (does everyone do this I wonder or have other methods? - I rub the side of a candle over finished pages to try to stop that* happening) .... but then I couldn't find the candles...anyhow... I've since found a candle, flattened and gessoed  the page eventually after finding my old Gesso dried up... and for now I'm having a mental block....arghhh....  :)

I needed to make a card...  and because I now keep rough stamped copies of previous cards on paper that I can put in my stamping platform it makes it easier to reproduce again if need be.. this is so useful when having a mental block..

and the Altenew 'watercolour doodles' are fairly quick with the layering system and adds colour quickly and this design is a loose design with the colours going over the lines to give an arty hand coloured look.

Thanks for stopping by...
hope your weekend is going well...
will catch up with you soon.
Gill x