Sunday, 8 September 2019

Wherever you go...

Oh's the 8th already and I'd hoped to have posted by now.... so my first piece for this month Art Journal Journey is just a simple digital page. The fun theme this month is 'Polka-Dots, Stripes, Plaids or Patterns'  aka 'PSPP' and is hosted by the lovely Erika of BIOARTGal

  My head has been a bit all over the place for the last couple of weeks nothing serious - and hopefully a good thing. I've been wanting to move home, away from here for a while and now hubby is on board with this idea too we are investigating the where to etc etc... having lived here for over 20 years its a big thing to think about....

I did start a page on the 1st and then I saw that the previous collaged/painted double pages in my journal of the Blackbird from August was going to stick together* if I flattened the book in my book press - so it needed a coating of candle (does everyone do this I wonder or have other methods? - I rub the side of a candle over finished pages to try to stop that* happening) .... but then I couldn't find the candles...anyhow... I've since found a candle, flattened and gessoed  the page eventually after finding my old Gesso dried up... and for now I'm having a mental block....arghhh....  :)

I needed to make a card...  and because I now keep rough stamped copies of previous cards on paper that I can put in my stamping platform it makes it easier to reproduce again if need be.. this is so useful when having a mental block..

and the Altenew 'watercolour doodles' are fairly quick with the layering system and adds colour quickly and this design is a loose design with the colours going over the lines to give an arty hand coloured look.

Thanks for stopping by...
hope your weekend is going well...
will catch up with you soon.
Gill x


  1. Lovely journal page and card. Hope you soon find a nice place to live where you want to be. Enjoy your day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Your digital page is simple, but really sweet. Love your card, too. Nice to remember that there are lots of artsy things to do during a mental block.

    And the move? A few years ago, we moved from the midwestern US to the Pacific Northwest US (3838km / 2380miles). Not as scary as we thought. Hope you do, too, if that adventure is really calling you:)

  3. That's a most impressive digitally altered entry for Erika's theme at Art Journal Journey. I like how you chose to include hearts, which went so well with your sentiment. I also like that you used all the the elements Erika gave us. Thanks for sharing this with us at Art Journal Journey, dear Gill.

    When I need to flatten a page that could stick together, I place cling wrap between the pages. Running a candle over the page is a new one to me. I always have tons of candles, but they are mostly colored ones.

    That's a lovely card and I can see where you would want to use that stamping platform, too.

    I hope you keep us informed as you search for a new home.

  4. Your Art journal page is wonderful Gill !! I really love the colours, the heart and the quote. Your card is also gorgeous, I like that you have create it quickly, it´s fabulous!
    Be happy always, moving or not. I wish you a very nice afternoon, and send big hugss,

  5. That's a gorgeous card, and I love your digi page Gill!
    Hope you had a great weekend. Getting rather Autumnal isn't it?!
    Good luck with the house-hunting.

  6. Its a great journal page Gill and a beautiful card.
    It sounds like you will be having a big adventure soon , moving .. I hope all will go smoothly for you and you find your dream house.
    Yvonne xx

  7. I do love that page Gill. Dong things with love is most important, isn't it? If there's no love, there is no fabulous result. I can't image moving at this point, or at least until at some point I do a good cleaning out. Where is home and how big of a move would it be? Hope you have a wonderful new week and HUGE thanks for joining in with the new AJJ challenge. Hugs-Erika

  8. A lovely page Gill, supporting the new adventure in your head. Thank you so much for joining AJJ again dear friend. Your card is beautiful. Afabulous colaged background.It will come time to bring it into something spectacular.I don't care too much about pages sticking together but sometimes when I see a page sticks too.much I spread some babypowder on it.But must remember the candle wax method, sounds better!
    Big hugs, happy mew week and good luck with the calling moving adventure!
    Susi xxx

  9. Lovely post, have 'fun' with moving, I have done it over 12 times and wouldn't do it again...x

  10. You want to move? Where to and why? For a while or forever? How far are you with your considerations and plans?

    You mean that the pages stick together? Well, acrylic paints do that, somehow they don't seem to get completely dry :) and the same applies to collages that have been coated with Ayryl gel, I've already had some experiences with that..... And yes, I also protected the sides with candle wax, but I distributed the wax with an iron - and you have to be very careful, it's too hot, you mess up the whole thing...
    Then I took cold wax (Dorland's Wax Medium). This works well, but is quite expensive, although I have to admit that it is very yielding and lasts a long time.
    Later I tried 'wax for the household, normal floor wax doesn't seem to exist anymore, but this cleaning hard wax for floor tiles and so it works.

    so much for today, dear Gill
    now I will start to answer your dear comments in my blog.

  11. Beautiful art journal page Gill, I love all of the different papers and that awesome quote! Beautiful card too, love the clean design with all of the flowers! I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy your house hunting.
    Hugs, Tammy

  12. A lovely journal page that shows off that great quote so well. Your card is beautiful. Good luck with the new home hunting. Jx

  13. What a beautiful page! The heart design and sentiment look amazing 😁. I love your collage and wow, that birthday card is stunning - perfect! We have a sunshiny day today so we've been out for a walk with our friends and little Ellie (their puppy). She got a bit wet enjoying the puddles as it rained overnight 😉. I hope you are having a lovely week! Hugs, Jo x

  14. I certainly sympathise with the distractions of moving-plans. I have a move to another country coming up, and sometimes it's hard to think about anything else!

    I love your dotty page, and the words did make me smile (keep an eye out over on my blog next Wednesday evening if you're wondering why!). The delicate floral card is really charming. I'm sure it will go down a treat with the recipient. Fingers crossed that your mental block lifts soon - I'm sure it will... maybe when some fresh gesso arrives!
    Alison x

  15. I know I left a lengthy comment here... do hope it got through!
    Alison x


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