Wednesday, 30 January 2013

WOYWW #191


Hello... It's Wednesday again...the last week seems to have flown by quicker than normal and here I am again taking part in my third WOYWW aka Whats On Your Workspace Wednesday.

So hello and welcome if you are visiting here via Stamping ground blogspot and if you don't know what I’m talking about then please check them out to find out about it and join in the fun.
And if you are just passing by then Hello and welcome too.

For some reason not a lot achieved in the last week, other than a bit of tidy up of crafty things and sorting out of rubber stamps (16 years worth) but that's still ongoing. Also learnt how to make a blinkie for blog, still keeping up most New Years resolutions but no weight loss this week (again ). 
Snow gone but now have rain with dark skies making crafting room a bit miserable.
But whats on my desk..after all that's what you want to know.. well.. I'm trying to make a New Home card for a friend who likes the Art Deco style and also at the other end of my little work space are some Steampunk stamps to make a male birthday card. 
Suffering with  the F.O.F.s again - fear of failure - so the plan for the New Home is to make one card and then see if I can make something better knowing that there's always the other card to use if all else fails.
So far have stamped and embossed the Oast house on a shaped die-cut with the intention of using one of the stamps with the ladies in the foreground decoupaged. No doubt the rest will develop as I go along.

Stamps are Andy Skinner and  underneath to right, Inkadinkado

There's an envelope top right that contains the 'Docraft' cogs and clock dies I had on my desk last week punched out but still not got around using. 
In the above picture, above the scissors at top is a bottle of 'Klear floor polish' which I have had for ages to use for - can't think what you call it, but you encapsulate things inside the polish which dries clear like a resin embellishment - awful description but I'm sure you know what I mean.. want to have a go at that next. 
My craft room at present is more of an everything room, ironing board, guitars and keyboards, misc furniture etc but have been making do using wardrobe etc to store craft items in. This little space here is in the wardrobe with drawers below which I keep some blank cards/envelopes in and another drawer is divided into sections i.e anniversaries, birthdays etc with ready made cards in.
The photo shows where I'm currently storing, templates, masks, Glitter Girls boards, some card etc and the old wooden mug tree holds double-sided tapes and paper roll etc. 
Note to self - must do better next week!
So until next time - have a good week and Happy Crafting.. Gill x

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

WOYWW #190


My second WOYWW


Back again to take part in my second WOYWW aka Whats On Your Workspace Wednesday …and this is #190
So hello and welcome if you are visiting here via stamping ground blogspot and if you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about then check them out to find out about it and join in the fun.
And I have so say many thanks to Ria Gall, another WOYWWer, for if I had not stumbled across her fabulous blog and WOYWW I wouldn't have seen so many other fabulous blogs and lovely bloggers - thank you Ria.

So what is on my workspace today?  There is a paintbrush holder and a canvas. Well, after saying last week that I was going to do something on a canvas, I started to suffer with the F.O.Fs and was thinking that my workspace was going to be bare this time. F.O.Fs? I hear you say, whats that?.. that would be ..Fear of Failure.
I kept looking at the canvas for ages, frightened of making that first mark on it to get something started.

Canvas in middle is finished but - oops - see the one I messed up on the left to sort out still



Used ‘That special touch’ checkers mask partly on canvas and with a stencilling brush used acrylic paint to fill the squares of the mask. Took off mask and spritzed canvas with a little water and dragged the brush over it. When dry added some random part lines using fine black pigment pen. 
Using the decoupage from the printed sheet that was on my workspace last week.. (made up from images from a digi-kit called ‘With Love’ by Algera Designs… assembled pieces and glued down on canvas. Added some glitter glue and little jewels to various parts on flying clock and girl. Added 2 black flourish die-cuts and word art which was stamped onto painted card and highlighted with white soufflé pen, and thin black lines around edges.
Finally added some little ‘Anita’ gemstones to 2 corners.


Recycled a heavy duty cardboard tube. After priming with gesso, then a layer of pink acrylic paint, then added a brown coat diluted with water and made pattern on it using 'penscore' moldable foam. 

close up of pattern made using 'penscore' foam
 Then stamped swirly pattern and embossed in pink and gold using 'Artemio' rubber stamps. Stuck on lady etc. which was the same as on canvas. Added Hobbyart stamped sentiment. Then at top and bottom, some double sided tape and Kanban gold foil.
Yesterday I had some lovely clock and cogs dies and cogs mask come, so hopefully next time I may have something Steampunky on my workspace - which I love - hence the Steampunk book of ideas on desk too.
So until next time have a good week, and Happy Crafting    Gill x

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


My first WOYWW

This is my first WOYWW or Whats on your workspace Wednesday #189
so welcome if you are visiting via Stamping Ground Blogspot and if not, well welcome anyway.
Hope you will have a little look around while here and maybe leave a comment.

I am a newish blogger, still learning and still have a number of varied projects to upload.

Well, what is on my workspace today? the answer is not that much (this time) as have been having a New Years tidy up and waiting for some canvases and gesso to arrive to start some canvases and this only arrived yesterday afternoon.

So what is on my workspace is just the beginning on a new adventure into canvas territory - 
my first canvas... oooh!
Have a rough plan of a sort of altered art type of thing, but I haven't thought it through completely so will probably make it up as I go along.

I am starting on just a 6" x  6" canvas so I won't feel so bad if I mess it up and it ends up in the bin. I bought 10 of these small ones to start. And that size is probably better than if I'd used one of the very large ones of probably  24" x 18" that's been sitting unused on my shelf for about 18 months, gathering dust.
Thats a heck of a lot of space to fill - so for another day I think!
My altered art digi-scrap page
This is my digital scrap page and inspiration for my first canvas, and maybe..mmm?...maybe.. if its finished and turns out reasonably OK it may be somewhere on my workspace next time.
So I have printed out my decoupage ready to cut up, sorted out a few possible rubber stamps to stamp along the edges like in the original idea, but as yet, not given any thought to what medium to use to colour the images in.
The decoupage sheet I designed using Craft Artist software and a digi-kit called 'With Love' by Algera Designs.
Next: to sort out a nice butterfly stamp or two, some ribbon and maybe that wacky flying clock should actually be caged up... a birdcage die may be many ideas and not enough time...
so until (hopefully) next time I'll say...  T.I.N.W.O.R.M.S
what's that?  Tune In Next Week Or Regret Missing Stuff
have a good week and  happy crafting
Gill x

Sunday, 13 January 2013

This week I have....

So many ideas and not enough hours in the day....

This week I received the lovely Anna Griffin 'Hardware' stamps set that I ordered from QVC.
There are 3 Lovely clear sheets of locks, handles, Hinges and grungey elements - very detailed stamps too.

I have some canvases that I want to use, to make some collage projects and these stamps are going to be great to use on them.

I have now ordered some Gesso to prime the canvases and also some additional smaller canvases to play with..I say small they are 6" x 6" so not too small...can't wait for the gesso to come to start playing.

For a while I have been collecting tomato puree tubes and this week I have finally got around to cutting them up and starting making some little pieces to put aside for the collage(s).
Used embossing tools to draw and emboss the shapes, easily cut them out with an old pair of scissors. Used a Fiskars embossing plate and rubbed tool over metal on the plate.
I am still waiting for my poor old die cutting machine to break (oh is that awful to say) so I can get something up to date that will take bigger dies etc and then I could no doubt emboss etc on this metal much better.

A little bit of texture added using the Fiskars embossing plate
Have also been having fun with latest digi kit from Algera Designs called 'With Love'.
This beautiful kit is is shades of pink and mauves and so versatile and could it can be used for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines Day, Mothers Day etc.
Below is a page I made using 'With Love'
For other examples made with this kit see Digi-Scrapping pages section

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year

A belated Happy New Year to all....
Another year has flown by so fast again... a new one begun,
hopefully the 13 in 2013 will not be unlucky, but bring
everyone Happiness and Good Health...and maybe
some good weather this year.
I've made quite a few resolutions for this year including the usual, get fit and eat less etc and am more determined to keep them.
Also I'm learning to cook, ha ha .... this will be another  
way to eat less and loose weight if it's inedible.
Besides the few crafty resolutions mentioned in a December post to use my crafty stash, I'm planning also to take more photos, and try and finish at least one of my half started Scrap Books.
Also to use some of the acrylic paint I bought last year for some decorative projects inspired by
Sheena Douglas and never used.
Will also try to make some Christmas cards each month to
save being stressed at the  end of the year for a change.
Wonder how long any of this will last...