Wednesday, 23 January 2013

WOYWW #190

My second WOYWW

Back again to take part in my second WOYWW aka Whats On Your Workspace Wednesday …and this is #190
So hello and welcome if you are visiting here via stamping ground blogspot and if you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about then check them out to find out about it and join in the fun.
And I have so say many thanks to Ria Gall, another WOYWWer, for if I had not stumbled across her fabulous blog and WOYWW I wouldn't have seen so many other fabulous blogs and lovely bloggers - thank you Ria.

So what is on my workspace today?  There is a paintbrush holder and a canvas. Well, after saying last week that I was going to do something on a canvas, I started to suffer with the F.O.Fs and was thinking that my workspace was going to be bare this time. F.O.Fs? I hear you say, whats that?.. that would be ..Fear of Failure.
I kept looking at the canvas for ages, frightened of making that first mark on it to get something started.

Canvas in middle is finished but - oops - see the one I messed up on the left to sort out still


Used ‘That special touch’ checkers mask partly on canvas and with a stencilling brush used acrylic paint to fill the squares of the mask. Took off mask and spritzed canvas with a little water and dragged the brush over it. When dry added some random part lines using fine black pigment pen. 

Using the decoupage from the printed sheet that was on my workspace last week.. (made up from images from a digi-kit called ‘With Love’ by Algera Designs… assembled pieces and glued down on canvas. Added some glitter glue and little jewels to various parts on flying clock and girl. Added 2 black flourish die-cuts and word art which was stamped onto painted card and highlighted with white soufflé pen, and thin black lines around edges.
Finally added some little ‘Anita’ gemstones to 2 corners.


Recycled a heavy duty cardboard tube. After priming with gesso, then a layer of pink acrylic paint, then added a brown coat diluted with water and made pattern on it using 'penscore' moldable foam. 

close up of pattern made using 'penscore' foam

 Then stamped swirly pattern and embossed in pink and gold using 'Artemio' rubber stamps. Stuck on lady etc. which was the same as on canvas. Added Hobbyart stamped sentiment. Then at top and bottom, some double sided tape and Kanban gold foil.

Yesterday I had some lovely clock and cogs dies and cogs mask come, so hopefully next time I may have something Steampunky on my workspace - which I love - hence the Steampunk book of ideas on desk too.

So until next time have a good week, and Happy Crafting    Gill x


  1. Hi Gill
    Thank you so much for your kind comments both here on your blog and on my blog. I think we are both addicted to WOYWW now and through it have found great friends.
    I love your canvas and paint brush tin they are so pretty and so clever how you have created them. LOVE LOVE LOVE
    Ria #92

  2. Funny how things pop up! The Penscore foam cropped up this week, I hadn't thought about it in ages, when a lady on SCS(Splitcoast Stampers Forum) posted asking if anyone could identify this square of blue foam she'd found in a drawer! Lots of following threads then with people saying' Oh, I have some of that, I'd forgotten all about it'.I also discovered last week that the grey backing on Cut n Dry foam is the same- you can heat it & get an impression into it. Really should read instructions sometimes. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz xx #73

  3. Just spotted you asking about tables on another comment form- go have a look at Ikea. On my page My (new) craft room, you will see the tables I got from there. You buy the tops & legs separately- loads of colours & sizes available for the tops, and masses of leg options- even drawer units for legs.Really sturdy too.

  4. What a lovely paintbrush holder and I really like your white pen pot, too. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@114)

  5. This is so Inspiring Gill,
    I have to thank you for telling me about WOYWW as I have been having such a Great time looking at your Fabulous creations today and Love what you have made x
    Also visiting many of the other blogs to see what people are doing too :0)

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your desk is lovely. I like how you've created pieces of art to organize your crafting tools. April #110

  7. Hi Gibby Happy WOYWW. I think both of these projects are beautiful. I love the effect that you got on the paint brush holder with the mouldable foam and the colours are lovely.I see you have been busy with the xcut dies to. Hugs Mo x

  8. I don't think you ever need to worry about FOF ever again! Your work is fabulous. Do be careful though with WOYWW, you might just get really, really addicted like the rest of us - lol! Happy WOYWW, Anne x #57

  9. So glad you found WOYWW, you've got some fab things going on! Love your canvas and the 'failed one' looks worth exploring further, I sometimes find that pieces have to be worked through sometimes getting 'worse' before emerging into something you never dreamed of so keep at it! I love steampunk style and have been working on a project i hope to post soon. Love those dies are they from the 'chronology' range? Might have to get those. Toni, forgot which number i am x

    1. Hi Toni thanks for your lovely comments. Will look forward to seeing your steampunk project. Yes - those dies are the chronology ones, on offer from craftsuperstore to save more when buying the two sets together, some are a bit fiddly to get the pieces out, but worth the effort. Gill x

  10. Lovely work!! And a very tidy work space too!!

  11. awesome projects. I love using paints, canvas, stamps etc all together! Nice! Thanks for sharing and have a great crafty week! Vickie #35

  12. Wonderful canvas-no need to worry Mz craftiness! LOL
    Happy WOYWW! ♥ Sue Kment

  13. Great pieces there Gill. Love what you have done with the canvas and tube, great paint effects. Oh and the cog dies, I have those too, great aren't they? Looking forward to your steampunk creations. Thanks for stopping by BJ#27

  14. Most impressive projects here. Your canvas is great and your brush holder is fabulous. Goodness knows why you were even slightly worried! Happy WOYWW, hugs Jenny #150

  15. Very fine pieces!

    Oh no, no F.O.F. with canvases--that's what gesso is for!!!

    a little late
    #164 this week!

  16. Hi Gill I don't think you should worry about FOF....your work is beautiful. Thank you for the kind comment,


  17. Lovely 'stuff' on your crafty desk, and welcome to woyww coz I wasn't here last week...better now though...I think!Thanks for my snoop! HapPy very late WoYwW!
    ((Lyn) #83

  18. Ooh well done Gill, you went for it and look, great results! I love a canvas, because it just lives with however many coats of whatever I need to hide what I didn't mean to do! I often have a great idea and can't translate it onto the canvas to save my life!!

  19. Thanks for the desk visit! Love your canvas & pen pot! Beautiful work & pretty colours too, have a crafty week!
    Lavinia 98#

  20. Gill, I simply adore your brush holder - the texture you got with the mouldable foam is amazing. I've got some but haven't tried it yet. The pink and gold combination is beautiful, too. Amazing work! At the craft show on Thursday I mentioned to several people how fortunate we are and that today is the best time to be alive as far as materials and techniques are concerned - there is nothing we cannot do with a bit of imagination!

    I love your desk and your canvas too. Great work all round. So glad you are with us on WOYWW!

    Thanks for your nice comment. Sequin waste is very useful - if you don't like the shiny surface it can be altered - you can paint it with gesso, alcohol ink, add things to it... My first use of it was in embroidery - you have a regular pattern which can be broken up with beads, stitch etc. I haven't tried melting it yet but I expect that would be fun, too. It's also fairly rigid for more 3-D effects. On my spoke guards I've just cut out shapes and adhered them with regular matte gel medium.

    Have fun! Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #147

    1. Thanks for your lovely message Shoshi. You are so right about how lucky we are now with all the products available etc as remember around 1994/5 when so little about, I was printing line drawing pictures in black and white as no colour printer and colouring them in with pencils. There was glitter glue but it wasn't very good.
      Hope you had a great time at the craft show and treated yourself to some nice stash :)

      Haven't sorted out the sequin waste yet but have written note to do that - melting it sounds intruiging too.. good ventilation may be required..ha ha..

      off to to do the rounds shortly on todays WOYWW hope you are on there today.. happy crafting.. Gill x

  21. I love how your brush holder matches your canvas design. I have several strong tubes saved from Christmas. I planned to use them for containers and your design has inspired me to add texture and extra layers. Thank you :)


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