Wednesday, 30 January 2013

WOYWW #191


Hello... It's Wednesday again...the last week seems to have flown by quicker than normal and here I am again taking part in my third WOYWW aka Whats On Your Workspace Wednesday.

So hello and welcome if you are visiting here via Stamping ground blogspot and if you don't know what I’m talking about then please check them out to find out about it and join in the fun.
And if you are just passing by then Hello and welcome too.

For some reason not a lot achieved in the last week, other than a bit of tidy up of crafty things and sorting out of rubber stamps (16 years worth) but that's still ongoing. Also learnt how to make a blinkie for blog, still keeping up most New Years resolutions but no weight loss this week (again ). 
Snow gone but now have rain with dark skies making crafting room a bit miserable.
But whats on my desk..after all that's what you want to know.. well.. I'm trying to make a New Home card for a friend who likes the Art Deco style and also at the other end of my little work space are some Steampunk stamps to make a male birthday card. 
Suffering with  the F.O.F.s again - fear of failure - so the plan for the New Home is to make one card and then see if I can make something better knowing that there's always the other card to use if all else fails.
So far have stamped and embossed the Oast house on a shaped die-cut with the intention of using one of the stamps with the ladies in the foreground decoupaged. No doubt the rest will develop as I go along.

Stamps are Andy Skinner and  underneath to right, Inkadinkado

There's an envelope top right that contains the 'Docraft' cogs and clock dies I had on my desk last week punched out but still not got around using. 
In the above picture, above the scissors at top is a bottle of 'Klear floor polish' which I have had for ages to use for - can't think what you call it, but you encapsulate things inside the polish which dries clear like a resin embellishment - awful description but I'm sure you know what I mean.. want to have a go at that next. 
My craft room at present is more of an everything room, ironing board, guitars and keyboards, misc furniture etc but have been making do using wardrobe etc to store craft items in. This little space here is in the wardrobe with drawers below which I keep some blank cards/envelopes in and another drawer is divided into sections i.e anniversaries, birthdays etc with ready made cards in.
The photo shows where I'm currently storing, templates, masks, Glitter Girls boards, some card etc and the old wooden mug tree holds double-sided tapes and paper roll etc. 
Note to self - must do better next week!
So until next time - have a good week and Happy Crafting.. Gill x


  1. Hope the sun shines soon :o)
    Lots of different projects on the go for you this week Gill and the encapsulation sounds Interesting
    quite Intrigued by that.
    Love your new blinkie too - Have a Great week x

  2. I have a bottle of Klear too, took me ages to find it in shops. Its the 'Caught in Crystal' technique. I have done it by taping some transparency film to newspaper, flooding it with the polish, adding inks/glitter/ stuff, then placing tissue on top & letting it dry. Have a great day, Hugs, Shaz xx #69

  3. Yes of course...its 'Caught in Crystal'... thanks for that Shaz.. I know I have seen a project on that in an old Craft Stamper magazine so must look for that too. Just wondering too if would work in a little plastic mould thing, if it would pop out cleanly when dry...mmm..ideas need to find the time to play... thanks again xxxxxx

  4. Hi Gill
    You are way too hard on yourself you are very talented and make beautiful cards I think you just over think things and then the fear creaps in.
    Make what your heart is tell you and if you enjoyed making it and you like the finished project then just step away.
    I would love to know more about the floor polish thing as thats a new one on me?
    Thanks for popping over to my blog
    Ria #44

    1. aww thanks for the encouragement are so right about over thinking things..must change that :) just a quick question re the floor polish thing - do you get Craft Stamper magazine and if so do you have October 2009 issue? as it is in that 'caught in crystal' page 57..if not found this.... Harpies Crafty corner plus on youtube another variation on this by Sheena Douglass ..thinking this is a little similiar to some papers I made once with torn tissue paper, glitter and stuff in but using a PVA clear drying glue.. Gill x

    2. WOW Gibby! I never heard of that technique, I found this, which I am excited to try She took the clear floor polish and added food coloring and painted jars to tint them....

      Thank you for your visit!

  5. See you have many plans and projects for all those super dye.

  6. What a fun post, Gill! Oh, the FOFs again... the dreaded FOFs! You just have to grasp your courage with both hands and launch yourself into it lol!!! love the use of your mug stand for your tapes, and all your brilliant steampunk stuff.

    Thanks for your great comment, and I'm glad you enjoyed your virtual tour of the craft show with me! Yes, the marbling really grabbed me. I've never been attracted to the old fashioned sort as I hate things which leave you with messy stuff to clear up, and waiting for things to dry is a pain too. Although mixed media has its own fair share of that!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #105

  7. I have never used clear, and if I can find it in the shops You have inspired me to give it a go. Get you with your new blinkey, I havent worked out how to do that yet. Happy WOYWW. Hugs Mo x

  8. No sun, but lots of rain over here! I hope you have a great week.

    Jeannie #12

  9. Must do better? Are you kidding? Your desk is tidy, you know where all your stamps are, you have new stuff, you're attempting (even if scared) ..what's to improve?!! ou're really busy too aren't you..and I see that Shaz has set your cogs turning....!

  10. Love those Andy Skinner stamps, i use klear on my quarry tiles, its a cloudy formula now so treasure that bottle ! Have fun x

  11. Hi, me again, Gill. Your post on my blog really made me laugh! I'm glad you enjoyed my videos, and my choice of materials for the spoke guards. As for melting the sequin waste, maybe your next week's post will be even more zany and fun than usual if you get high on the fumes lol lol!! (You'd better do it by an open window just in case!)


  12. Hi Gill, 3 weeks in a row then - bet you are addicted now - LOL. Think you just need to get on and make the card and not think too much about it and I bet it will be brilliant. If not you can always adapt it. Oh we have some of that floor polish stuff, never even thought it could be used in the craft sphere, thanks for the tip. Love the loo roll tree - LOL. I love my little sets of drawers too - Thanks for popping by my desk - Happy belated WOYWW BJ#42

  13. Hi Happy very late WOYWW! I'm laterthan you, but then I usually am! I've been in my crat room all day, I'm still in my T shirt I ware for bed! There is just not enough hours in the day! Your crafty space looks very active!!
    (Lyn) happy WOYWW!

  14. Looking very creative and also very organised on your desk, I love the stamps you have out and that file of stamps is super.
    Jo x late at 92!

  15. It looks like you card is coming together nicely Heather. I usually find that I make better cards when I’ve no idea what I’m going to do and also when I leave them until the last minute……I don’t have so much time to fuff around and convince myself that it needs something more.

    Thanks for stopping by this week.

    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @ 88

  16. I came over to say thank you for posting my give away, you are such a sweet heart for doing that, but then I spied that blue light bulb on the first picture and am fascinated by it....why blue? As far as the FOF goes, we all have them, (((hugs))) Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog, waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

    1. Hi Sandee Happy WOYWW...nearly didn't find this to answer as this is last weeks WOYWW ..he he.. The blue bulb is nothing special just one of those daylight bulbs, I haven't updated my craft lighting yet. Sandee, not sure what you meant about posting a giveaway - earlier on I was #51 but then I guess someone deleted themself and I became #50 was the message meant for someone else... have a good week & happy crafting Gill x

  17. I'm having enough sun here so I'll send you a little...hopefully it will arrive soon!But you know how the post can be at times, so you might have to wait until say March????
    Well happy 3rd week and don't be too hard on yourself. We all get the dreaded FOF's! Sometimes I suffer so badly that I don't even start. Your cards look great so just take a deep breath and step right in! ;D
    Having fun is what it's enjoy!
    Thanks for popping over to my place earlier.
    Neesie ♥ #7

  18. Love your tree holding the DS tape
    Bridget #2

  19. Oh you just made me remember reading about using that floor stuff for playing but then I could never find it in the supermarket! I think your new home card will be divine, so don't worry!! Annette

  20. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm so late this week.
    A girl after my own heart, Can't beat a desk full of stamps :oP
    Hugz Minxy #29

  21. Oh wow! So much going on at your place. Don't be too hard on yourself with that home card. It'll turn out so wonderful, don't worry. ;)

    Thank you for visiting me already. xx
    Hugs from Egypt,
    Roudi #61

  22. ooh you have some gorgeous stamps there! I hope the weather is better for your now. I didn't do WOYWW this week but will be back next week! Have a good week xx

  23. Bit late for WOYWW visiting I know - had a busy week. Looks like you have some lovely projects on the go. x Jo

  24. You have some lovely things on your desk! It seems you are quite busy! I am late commenting - time just flies!
    Lots of hugs,

  25. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I haven't tried the Klear floor polish...haven't heard of the craft you speak of for using it but I did hear that you could use it in glass bulbs for making Christmas ornaments with glitter - haven't tried that either. LOL. Maybe one day! I would love to see the New House card when you finish it. Happy Stamping!

    1. Hi Wanda ....LOL that New House card was shown on WOYWW #192 on 5th Feb ...oops maybe I did last link wrong - I'm fairly new blogger and still learning that side. Christmas ornament idea sounds interesting too - great idea- thanks. Have a good weekend Gill x

  26. I am hopeless at getting round the WOYWW desks these days! Had a full day with Annie and the twins and it threw me out completely!! I love your latest projects - I am not a card maker really but love to see what everyone is up to. Have a good weekend. x Jo


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