Sunday, 17 February 2013

Upcycling Nesquick container

So this is following on from yesterday,
and after sticking on the loo paper and butterfly (made in a mould with the paper too) all was given a coat of Gesso.
Then using alcohol inks I attempted to try and loose some of the yellow which was the original colour of the container.  I could still smell the yummy chocolate that had been in it originally, that was distracting LOL...mmm.. nice.... where was I? ahh alcohols inks - I thought they would work on plastic, it did, but scratch it  and it seems to come off.
I put some double sided tape at top too and used holographic foil with paint rubbed over top.
I painted the main body with a diluted purple acrylic wash which showed up the fabulous texture.
I didn't smooth the paper down when sticking it and think the texture that the cheap loo paper and the Klear floor polish gave was quite interesting. 
Rubbed some metallic wax over the surface.
The antennae were made from florist wire, so I used silver alcohol ink on them. Added a little bit of iridescent glitter glue and some jewels on butterfly.
Its not brilliant but I'm glad I did it just to get the fabulous texture and to see how the moulds would work - potential maybe for some other projects.

close up shows the great texture that the paper and Klear gave when stuck down.

New project?  - I found some old place mats that had faded in the sun and were tatty. Seems a shame to throw them out so I have been stripping them of the top surface. They are nice and sturdy so lots of potential I think.
I might have thought about doing something and then sealing with heat resistant varnish to still use as a place mat, but have no experience of using that type of varnish.
Would be interested to know if any one used that? wondering if its too expensive and too many fumes ...and does it work?  love to know  if you know anything... thanks

Also this wekend I have been cutting up the acetate sheets I printed out that were shown on my last WOYWW #193 on Wednesday. The one above not finished yet, is drying.. I used Klear (getting addicted to that) to stick it onto the watercolour paper. The paper had one layer of water colour then some H20s added and a little glitter. The acetate had some alcohol inks on back too. I shall try to finish all of those acetate things for the next WOYWW.
Thanks for stopping by - hope you are having a great weekend x


  1. There is no stopping you is there. If it is not nailed down you will use it, change it or try it. Love that you share all of this with us.
    I have to say WOW to what was your yellow container the texture is amazing.

  2. I really love that you carried on with this project to see how it turned out, where would we be without experimenting? Can't really help with the varnish question as I have not tried that but I guess you could ask at a D-I-Y type shop.... Love the result with the acetate - lovely colours. Hugs, Anne x

  3. I'm ohhing and ahhing...that first piece almost looks felted and of course love the tag, I really need to remember to look for the Klear stuff! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  4. Wonderful texture and colour Gill, A Super project that has come together so well :o)
    Love the design onto Acetate with the colours and sparkle x

  5. Brilliant - your PIMs look like a fun embellie project. MM x


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