Friday, 15 February 2013

P.I.Ms or whatever its called!

Some colours I always have trouble with - and yellow is one of them - might be cause once we painted a double room with a sort of mustard paint - but found in good daylight it was more a bright custard - it had to go!

So there I am with a shelf of bright yellow Nesquick containers which keep glaring at me. The only good point is that they still have a lovely chocolate smell from the contents that were in them.
So what do with them?

I also found in a drawer a couple of  'paper thingies' I'd made a few years ago - not sure what you call them, so I am calling them P.I.Ms - 'paper in mould', as that was how they were made. Got some old chocolate moulds which were a nightmare to get chocolate out of, so I pressed layers of damp cheap loo roll in and when they dried they came out of mould really easily. 
So I've started to cover one of the containers with the cheap paper and stick it on using Klear floor polish. If you've seen previous posts you will see I'm enjoying trying to find things to do with it.
I intend to eventually cover  the container with Gesso but at the top and bottom where the curved awkward looking areas are, will see if alcohol ink works. Found a nice paper butterfly made previously and wondered if this would stick on too.

Next time I make some of these P.I.Ms I will think it through more and fill it better so its flatter at back. This butterfly I trimmed and coated inside with Klear and its made it quite stiff;  I thought soaking it with the Klear might have made it loose it definition, but it hasn't. It seems to have stuck  onto the main body too. Probably need to add some more paper to try and loose the hard edges of butterfly.
Hoping to finish it over the weekend.


  1. You really do love a challenge don't you and nothing is safe when you have some of that Klear to hand. I shall be watching closely to see what these turn out like I am sure they will be amazing.

  2. loving what you are achieving with cheap loo roll, but wondering what is left in the loo!! LOL.

  3. Hi Gibby, was sure I left a comment on this post - but anyway, love how inventive you are, those loo roll shapes are amazing......

    Just to answer the question you left on my blog - I use Cosmic Shimmer Dries Clear Glue, I love it, it is very strong and because it dries clear, does not leave a mess. You only need a tiny bit of it too (just a scrape across). I do tend to use quite heavy paper too - the dotty paper is more like lightweight cardstock and is less likely to wrinkle. Hope that helps.

    Hugs, Anne x

  4. Thanks Anne... I have some already, but not thought of using on paper as such - usually just on ribbon, embellishments etc... many thanks... Gill x

  5. Love your creative Experiments Gill, great ideas and thought.
    your paper elements are super x


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