Saturday, 6 April 2013

Thank You Podgy and The House of Bears

We had a lovely surprise earlier today when the postman delivered a lovely parcel from Podgy and his furry friends from The House of Bears blog.

I was lucky to have my name paw-picked out of a hat by Podgy on the occasion of the Bears bloggerversary challenge. However, my furry friend 'Tedlitz' aka Ted Bear has already laid claim to everything when he beat me to the door, and is refusing to give it back.
Ted dashed to the door while someone else put their paw out and I of course tripped over. There was lots of laughter, followed by the  rustle of paper and scissors frantically cutting open the package - with no sympathy for me lying on the floor.
I did manage to snap a photo of him with his friends, with Edgar holding a lovely paw-made card by Podgy and Ernest holding a fabulous wooden file folder album. They were all arguing about how to decorate it and what to do with it and I wouldn't mind but they aren't even crafters.
The little horrors have now also hidden the rest of the contents from me.

'Tedlitz' aka Ted at back, then left to right; Ernest, Tommy and Edgar
So this is a little thank you to  The House of Bears from me and my furry friends - except they wouldn't let me put my name on it as they said its all theirs... but thanks from me too, we loved all the lovely goodies ....thank you so very much xxxxx


  1. Oh goody, we're so glad you got to the prize before your pesky human, you should stage a coup and banish her under the bed like we did with ours. Bears rool!

    Have fun with your goodies, oh, and learn to craft so the human doesn't have all the fun!!

  2. Totally Love this Gill, those mischievous bears are having lots of fun with your delivery x
    Hope you get to play with your new goodies soon, maybe its time to bribe them with honey or other treats :) Heather xx

  3. I am sure you have heard of the bare necessities of life, and as the bears evidently need them too, so you'll just have to grin and bear it! They look so beautiful sitting there in their bearchair! Hugs, Valerie

  4. What a lovely post. Such cute bears. Vee xx


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