Wednesday, 3 April 2013

WOYWW #200

Well it’s Wednesday which can only mean one thing, Happy WOYWW… and for anyone not knowing - WOYWW means ‘What’s On Work-desk Wednesday’ and involves lots of blog hopping fun by lovely folk from all around the world. All this is thanks to the lovely Julia over at Stamping Ground   
so for more info and to join in the fun check them out. And today even more to celebrate - it's the 200th  one  – Congratulations  Julia and thank you. I’m so sad that I’ve only discovered this in January.... but I’m addicted now!

So what’s on my desk?

This is my cupboard top work area and at the front is the card from last week that I asked if I should add the dark butterflies (over on left) or leave them off – well firstly can I say thank you for all your comments about that, it gave me lots to think about.
Yesterday I tallied them up and there were slightly more ‘leave it on’ - however the things said that hit me were; Butterflies too dark and large and takes the eye away from the fairy unless they are the focus of the card which they weren’t. Maybe try just adding one, or make them lighter and maybe iridescent.
So I punched out a couple of butterflies with a Martha Stewart punch and covered them with iridescent glitter and just laid them on the card to get a feel for how it might look and yesterday I sorted out a couple of sets of stamps with butterflies in to have a go at adding something smaller and lighter. I think something is missing and that maybe the answer-thank you x.
Also at the middle back is the now finished frame from last week and if you would like to see more of that, the full post is here

Haven’t showed this before it’s the cupboard opened up to show one of the places where I keep my stamps - yes I know needs better organising to find them LOL

On my main little desk there’s not much going on as found a box with some ink re-fills including a black Stazon which I didn’t realise I had.  Not having much surface area to work on things tend to get putinto cupboards and if they are tall and I can’t reach over back, things get forgotten. So having a sort out. Also found some ‘Radiant Pearls’ – remember them? Haven’t used these for years – not even sure if they still make these embossable paints.
Also been sorting out leaflets and books with techniques in to refresh my memory on what things can be used for…like the great ‘Liquitex’ little booklet and ‘Marvy Medium’ leaflet..
Also on desk is some small silk bits I was trying to get Inktense pencils to stay on after washing, but that's an ongoing experiment.

right that’s it for now – So thank you again for your butterfly help, I’ll be off trying to visit as many of you now.

Thanks for stopping by and any comments are very much appreciated.

Have a good day……. Gill x



  1. Hi Gill you really have bared all this week, it looks like you have some really good hiding places. LOL Yes i do remember Radiant Pearls and I still have some. LOL

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 41

  2. You are having a good root about today Gill.

  3. I love the flower fairy, I have quite a few of the stamps and they are so pretty! Hope you find the right touch with your butterfly!! Helen, 4

  4. Our stamp 'organisation' is a box under the bed with higgeldy piggeldy stamps thrown in! We've just parcelled up your winners gift by the way. We were about to email you back to tell you when hotmail ATE your email!!! Luckily we'd just finished copying your address down.

    Hugs from the bears @#69 this week.

  5. I know just what you mean- its scary really, all the stuff we 'had to have', only to have forgotten about it later. Just done the same thing here. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #52 xx

  6. Hi Gill, I am back from the garage! Jordan and I survived to tell the tale and tomorrow we can take some bits for recycling x Love that you are having a good sort out, you are so organised its fab. Really Love the butterflies you have added to the card x
    Happy WOYWW Heather #71

  7. Hi Gill, So many butterfly decisions has quite worn me out. I see what you mean about the softer look though with the smaller more delicate ones. I am loving your finished frame with all its layers and textures. I could not cope however with your stamp storage, It drives me up the wall if I cant just put my hand on something, maybe I have ocd?:) Hugs Mo x #32

  8. Love browsing your desk! You have supplies I have never seen before. The petal porcelain for one thing! Great organization, you can never have too much!! I keep my stamps in two large shallow cabinets for old patents that the hubby's company was tossing out! Metal with 35 draws perfect for stamps. Free is for me! Have a great Day! Winnie#70

  9. Must be a spring cleaning thing. I've been going through the house one by one. My husband may faint when he walks in the door tonight. He's not seen the house in 3 weeks LOL I think you've found the right track on the fairy card. Putting your stuff out there for opinions is very hard. I'm a writer and I have to put stuff out there. It's scary! But it's part of the growth, too. Go you for being brave! Creative Blessings for a great week! Kelly #103

  10. Hi Gill
    Great to catch up with you today your workspace is looking good I really love your finished frame it is amazing.
    It is always nice to find some bits you have forgotten about as it feels like getting them new all over again.

    Enjoy your WOYWW sunny day today
    Ria #64

  11. Thanks for a good snoop, Gibby. Happy WOYWW! Nan #19

  12. Hi Gill, your card looks just as beautiful with your new scaled down butterfly, and your frame is gorgeous - love those layers. MMX #73

  13. Hi Gill
    Happy WOYWW
    I shall look forward to seeing some techniques from your leaflets which we may have forgotten.
    Have fun
    Rosie x

  14. Adore the frame and the smaller lighter butterflies are much better for that particular card. Thanks for visiting me BJ#60

  15. what an organized cupboard! and so nice to have other surfaces to put stuff when you are working on one particular project :)
    thank you for visiting already and leaving a lovely comment - sorry it's taken a while to reply, kids at home tend to take over :)
    belated WOYWW wishes and have a great week!
    no. 2

  16. I love that card just as it is right now. It is delicate and fresh, and the colouring is perfect. I know what you mean about keeping track of all you've got. Like Shaz Silverwolf, I have been busy sorting things out and trying to tidy. In the process, I have found so many things that I had forgotten, although I still cannot find my foiling kit. Thank you for your visit (I am so late replying this week) and for your lovely comments. It is quite an easy thing to do, just a bit fiddly cutting out and sticking down. Have a good week. xx Maggie #16

  17. What a neat a tidy work space you have. Yes I've been into re-organising & new storage etc. it's surprising what you find! Things that when you bought them you couldn't live without!! Love the frame in the background so beautiful! Debs x

  18. Thanks for visiting my space and welcoming me to yours.
    I love the butterflies and seeing your organization or lack of. LOL.
    Blessings, R O BYN 126

  19. I love feedback from visitors. Very helpful when you get stuck. The frame at the back of your desk is gorgeous. And thank you for visiting me.

    Happy belated WOYWW.
    Cheers, Rachel #34

  20. Hi Gill....
    It's official: I've adopted better late than never as my personal motto! Somehow the week just zipped away from underneath me! Hopefully next week will be a bit more even paced. Love the story about the butterfly card; it looks great!! See you in a couple of days.

  21. Sorry I am a week late! Hope it's a case of better late than never. Love the card/picture/book at the back of the first picture - maybe I have seen it before on your blog but i do love it. Hope you get sorted with the fairy card.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  22. love the lightness of the fairy and the orange makes it so warm and soft ♥ Conny

  23. Your card is looking lovely and I definitely think small butterflies are the way to go. :)

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my WOYWW post.

    Ali #80

  24. How organized everything looks~ Even if you say it only appears to be, I think it looks awesome!
    Sorry so late, I found your comment in my spam folder!
    xxDaniella#90 (this week)


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