Friday, 12 August 2016

Moon madness For AJJ and Moo Mania

Hello .....
Today I have an all digital double Moon theme going on, firstly For 'Nature's Wonders' at AJJ.
I love to sit and watch the sea and the waves rolling in as I find it is very calming - although never by moonlight but that  might be nice too.
I blended a couple of my photos to get the exaggerated size moon over our sea shore. And digitally cut out the young gull. Other elements from Beaches kit by 'Kreative Designs by Karen'. Font Pie Contest BTN Cameo Rev.

Not sure who the verse is by, but this is what it says.....

The tide recedes, but leaves behind
Bright seashells on the sand.
The sun goes down, but gentle warmth
Still lingers on the land.
The music stops, yet echoes on
In sweet soulful refrains.
For every joy that passes,
Something beautiful remains.


Living near the sea, I probably should have a better understanding of tides and the moon and how it all works but I don't.
I know there are two tides a day and at certain times of the year there can be some very high tides which can cause flooding and much damage.
The effect of the moon on the tides is a very powerful one and one good use for all this tidal energy is for generating electricity.
However, I am once again left with lots of questions, wondering if tides are useful for other things and wondering what effect the tides have on fish, sea birds and everything else in the water.
I did find a good answer to  why we have tides   explained by  Professor Brian Cox but I can't begin to put it into words but I kind of grasped it I think.
These photos don't really show it clearly nor the power in the waves, but this was a winter high tide and the water on the lower promenade had not yet peaked.

The water rising and almost looking like it will cover the pier floor

and next, something for Moo Mania & more or perhaps that should be MOON Mania as moon is the theme at present. My piece will make more sense if you know that I've always loved the quote that Susi used on her team sample  'Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star'.

 While I was trying to be creative  Dave-the-chef was busy in the kitchen being creative himself making some chick pea veggie burgers and various breads.... yummy!

cheese bread with sesame seeds and black pepper

white bread with sesame seeds

white bread with black pepper. sesame and garlic
 That's my lot for now...  it's Friday again
(bet there's not too many of them until Christmas!)
I hope you have a great weekend
and thanks so much for stopping by today
Gill xx


  1. Well, I'm glad to see you did get back from the moon. Love your huge moon piece, really gorgeous. And thanks for all the interesting infos about the tide and the moon. And of course, thanks for being with us at AJJ this month, and for linking to Moo(n) Mania and More. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Its a fantastic page with the super moon and seagull. I really liked your verse as well.
    I know what the wonderful aroma's in your kitchen would be like with the bread making, my Dave makes bread as well.
    Yvonne xx

    1. aren't we lucky girls Yvonne with our own personal chefs xx

  3. this is a very long post, Gill. I enjoyed it very much but don't know where I should begin to anwser... But I'll try. The bread looks the way that would have like to be with you :)
    And the photoes of your seaside are great I can feel the power of the water and the waves. How lucky you are to live that near to the sea. I have to drive about 70 km to the sea (one way). And you?
    The "Help-Susi-picture" is such a fun!! Is that your face?
    And I had to smile reading your words about the tide because it's the same with me: I tried hard to understand all this connections but I couldn't.
    I'll stop here and wish you a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you Beo ... yes that's me on the moon - cool outfit eh? :) The distance to the sea is about 3-4 km which is walkable when its not too hot.
      Hope you have a lovely weekend too xx

  4. Wonderful post full of thought provoking stuff and wonderful artwork. Also a laugh and a look around where you live--what more could anyone want.:)Not sure the water or the moon are generating electrickery on our coast but the sea is full of windmills up down in the North Sea and these are supposed to be good--you either love em or you hate 'em I reckon. I like the ones I can see close up but it is beginning to feel a bit like, you've seen one, you've seen 'em all.

    Have a lovely weekend

    Chrissie xx

  5. Oh my GOSH!
    Gill you rock!!!
    I have a big smile on my face about the Help Susi - creation---lol! Awesome!Thank you!♥♥♥
    I am so sorry Gill -you shouldn't ask me - I fear I am a very bad space-navigator at all...
    A wonderful layout - page with that gorgeous moon photo at the beginnning. You are a lucky girl to live near the ocean - something I would enjoy I think and that you have such a wonderful cook on hand .. I nearly can smell the spices and the fresh baked dough ! Mouthwatering photos!
    You made that I now sit here with "you tube" turned on.. first watched the BBC link you gave us - and now am searching for the same explanations in german there.. and - guess what - I found .
    I think that we all are influenced by the moon. Special the woman with their monthly cycle - that is the same as the moon cycle... so intersting all that- here it is very popular to do all things with the help of the lunar calender that helps in everyday life - not to cut your hair on special days - to seed on special days and so on- I don't care that, but maybe it would be helpful...
    as I got older I got wiser.. at least I hope!
    THANK YOU for another fantastic post according to AJJ and Moo Mania & More at once!
    Big hugs!
    Happy Saturday!
    oxo Susi

  6. ooohh what a beautiful page,and the susi image its so fun.
    the photos of the seaside are great,i love that waves,how lucky you live nearly by the sea,i love too on the water,they smaller.
    wonderful post today.
    wish you a great sunday.

    hugs jenny

  7. I really enjoyed the lovely art, as well as the science lesson on tides. Yes, so many things seem to be connected to the tides, including our circadian rhythms. I'm simply clueless when it comes to digital, but I really LOVE what you have created today.

    And I thought the MM&M entry was about as funny as it comes. Pretty sure it invoked a laugh from Susi, too. Have a fantastic Sunday.

  8. Really lovely verse and page! Living near the ocean is such a blessing :-).It's amazing how many things are connected to tides and moon. Your Help Susi page makes me smile, it's wonderful :-). Dave-the-chef is very talented, those chickpea burgers and bread look yummy, you're very lucky! Wishing you a great week ahead! J :-)

  9. Absolutely gorgeous Moon scenerie and I love your photographs.

    Thank you for joining us at MOO MANIA & MORE


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