Sunday, 23 October 2016

Halloween Party and Falling leaves

Hello and Happy Sunday...

I am happy as (other than writing in cards and maybe making one or two additional special ones) I have at last finished making all of my Christmas cards - big sigh of relief!
Now to continue with the big de-clutter and finish off going through the old 45s and LPs :)

For Moo Mania & More  Halloween party is the theme and I have a digital piece created with various clip art and some added digital blending/effects.

Another all digital piece is for Valeries fab theme at AJJ Indian Summer - Golden October - Autumn   
The digikit used is one I made a couple of years ago. The squirrel and hedgehog from photos in my garden..

Summer has definitely gone but autumn is still being a bit shy here. I have a few leaves that need picking up in the garden but they are mainly green. The nights are darker earlier and the sun rising later.
I love looking at clouds and seeing shapes and things in them and we had some unusual clouds as the sun was rising yesterday .. what do you see?

It reminded me of people sitting chatting and eating. 
There's a man with a beard and a lady holding a glass of something and it looks like she might have had one drink too many.

what a strange silhouette at the bottom

 Thanks so much for stopping by
which I appreciate very much.
Hope you have a lovely day
Gill xx


  1. Both pages are really special, thanks so much for 2 lovely entries to AJJ and MM&M. Glad you are through with the Xmas cards, I haven't started, oh dear! lOve those clouds, there is really a lot going on, great shots! I love looking for faces etc in everything, like you do! Have a nice Sunday, I'm sure you will get some nice food again. I just had cheese on toast for lunch, not legant, but tasty. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Wow, there is a real Party. Great digital Art. The Autumn page is beautiful with fine colours and the squirrel is most cute.
    -ave a great upcoming week ♥

  3. Both of the pages are terrific and the photographs have such a lot of atmosphere

    Love Chrissie xx

  4. I love these two pages Gill. Its a great party scene, they must be having a spooktacular time. Tha colours on the autumn page look gorgeous.
    They were super photos of the clouds, I would be looking for shapes in the clouds as well.
    Yvonne xx

  5. I am with you Gill, those clouds are amazing. I first thought of Alice in Wonderland and the Mad hatters Tea party. And you have 2 wonderful art pieces for AJJ and Moo Mania. That party looks a little Halloween freaky fun and am loving the squirrel on the fall page. beautiful work. Hugs-Erika

  6. I can't believe how long it's been since I visited you. I feel bad, and I have no excuse, other than real like has taken its toll on my computer time.

    Obviously you have been VERY busy making fabulous art. Your MM&M digital entry is fabulous. I'm ready to go dancing with those fun loving witches. Very clever entry.

    I was blown away that you have already finished your Christmas cards, and I'm just now starting my Halloween cards. What can I say? You are certainly on top of things at your place.

    I adore that lovely entry you created for AJJ. It is awesome, and I adore the little squirrel that looks so real.

    Those photos of the clouds certainly tell a story, don't they? You have a good imagination, too!

  7. Wow.. fantastic pages Gill! The spooktacular one is great! Thank you for joining Moo Mania & More with it and the other page for AJJ with the squirrel is so lovely the autumn feel to it makes me happy - thanks for being with us again there as weell. And wow... really stunning clouds - they had a party above your place! Lol!!!
    Happy new week to you Gill and thank you for both pages
    oxo Susi

  8. Loving both these pages Gill, you really do have the most fab ideas. Christmas cards done already?! Wow now that's what I call highly organised...I'm jealous!!
    Have to say I'm soooooooo excited about you buying Beki, a big thank you and I can't wait to see what you make with her ;)
    Donna xx

  9. Me once again!
    Thank you for so many lovely comments on my blog!
    Great to hear that you have finished the christmas cards production - you are so busy!
    Good luck with choosing a new hedge type... it's difficult I can imagine!

  10. your pages are both just fantastic!! Although I do have a love/ hate relationship with the squirrels, yours is adorable:) Great vision and imagination regarding the silhouettes too.

  11. The witch party image looks great,wow! I like it much. Also nice is your wonderful autumn page with the sweet squirrel. Well done.
    Dear Greatings

  12. There will be a great halloween-party with all those sexy witches! The second page looks very beautiful, I like the frame inside and the quote, and of course your squirrel and your hedgehog!
    I also see the lady with one drink too many, and also registered the silhouette at the bottom - spooky ghosts, a pumpkin and spiders?

  13. Your pages are lovely! Your Halloween page is fang-tastic :-) and the rich autumn colours are beautiful especially with the addition of the little squirrel and hedgehog! I like the dinner party clouds too - they make me smile! Wishing you a great week! J :-)

  14. Hi Gill ~ Sorry I haven't been around much.
    I am in the middle of so many things and am finding it hard to settle down at the computer.
    What a saucey bunch of party goers getting the party started for sure.
    The squirrel collage with that perfect quote is wonderful too!
    Your cloud and silhouette photos are super and I definitely see what you're seeing there too. The lady with the glass has her hair up in a bun it looks like :-)
    Happy beginning of the weekend.
    You must feel thrilled to have your Christmas cards all made = WOW! oxo


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