Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Golden Leaves for AJJ

Hello :)
Here's another digital piece for Valerie's fab AJJ Autumn theme.
A few digital bits I made and the rest from kits: 'Equinox' G&T Designs, 'Autumn Delight 'ML Designs and 'fairy tale autumn' Daisytrail. 
To be honest I have no real idea if its very autumnal here in the UK or not as I've been busy Christmas card making and various other jobs, but its seems pretty green around where I live and most trees still have their leaves.... hopefully one day my view will become golden.

The nearest thing to autumn colours around here was in the kitchen - my personal chef aka 'Dave the husband' :) was about to grill some peppers so as to remove their skins for a lovely chicken liver risotto he later cooked.
Well what was I doing why he was hard at work in the kitchen? I was trimming inserts to fit all my Christmas cards and also making some record sleeves for some old vinyl 45s.

When the weather hasn't been suitable to continue working in the garden we have been de-cluttering and this time we have been sorting out all our old music stuff. The British Heart Foundation charity have already picked up 240 LPs a week or so ago and I understand already sold £100 of them so that makes me very happy. We have another 100 LPs ready to go, along with stacks and stacks of 45s some of which needed new sleeves.  We did get a bit side tracked playing and keeping some records but it was a lovely trip down memory lane. I did discover one particular record sleeve that I'd doodled on back in 1974 - which looks very much influenced by a Pink Floyd album I have too.

Not sure what to say about my choice of music here other than its always been varied :)
Thanks so much for visiting today
Hope your day is good
Gill xx


  1. I bet you had fun listening to those old records! Love your journal page, you got the colours for autumn right even though you're not seeing it just yet. And did you say chicken liver risotto? Any left or did you eat it all?! Have fun, and thanks again for another gorgeous page for AJJ, hugs, Valerie

  2. A great post with a wonderful Autumn page. I love the hedgehogs

    What wonderful doodles on the record sleeve as well

    Enjoy your day

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. What a lovely page and the record sleeves are unique.. what a fab idea!
    I would love to taste that chicken liver risotto.. sounds great!

    Thank you for joining Art Journal Journey Gill!
    Have a good rest of the week!
    oxo Susi

  4. Hello Gill
    Beautiful your picture of this "golden autumn"
    The colorful peppers taste delicious.
    A nice day for you.
    PS: The cover is cool!!!

  5. Gorgeous page Gill, you're rocking this Autumnal challenge! The funny thing is apparently all the vinyl is coming back into fashion and a lot of kids are talking about it all as if it's a brand new concept ha ha
    Donna xx

  6. What a wonderful blast from the past your doodled record cover is Gill!
    It's brilliant and so are you.
    Those sweet hedgehogs make a nice focal image for your lovely Autumn collage.
    You are good to be focusing on Christmas crafting.
    Perhaps that is why I haven't sent many handmade Christmas cards in recent years ;-)
    Thank you for your visit and nice comment recently.
    I too have been unplugged enjoying time with our son before he heads out west to the mountains of Colorado. I could use your chef of a husband to help with all the cooking. Our young lad sure can eat!
    Leaves are just beginning to turn color here in Virginia. It seems to happen overnight.
    Happy October oxo

  7. Such a nice page with the sweet hedgehogs, I like it much. But the record envelope looks so amazing, great design,wow.
    Dear greetings

  8. I love your autumn journal page Gill and the cute hedgehog photo.
    I hope you kept the record and cover that you doodled, what memories it must have for you.
    Your record collection went to a good cause, its hard to part with things, but if it helps others that is all good.
    Yvonne xx

  9. The hedgehogs photographs make a lovely centrepiece for this great Autumny leafy goodness. I like the gold "Autumm" lettering too.
    There is something special about old LPs and EPs, although CDs were a great invention.
    Love your drawing on the sleeve, there's lots of inspiration there.

  10. I love the little hedgehog with its cute smile!
    The colors are beautiful and your sleeves for the LP's too!

  11. Adorable hedgehogs. I wish we had them around here but we don't, except for a few imported ones people have for pets. And I really love the doodled album sleeve. Donny and Marie-I remember them. They were huge, weren't they? I occasionally see Marie on tv commercials but I wonder what happened to Donny? Happy new week. Hugs-Erika


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