Friday, 31 March 2017

Out and about star gazing


Firstly ..I want to say thank you for your kind and sweet comments on yesterdays post.... thank you x

Sadly it's the last day for AJJ 'Out and about' theme where Yvonne from Meggy's Way has been brilliant and so inspiring  posting everyday.
My page today is about when I was a child, and my dad and I would often go out in the garden and watch the stars for many hours. And in those days the light pollution wasn't as bad and we could see the stars much better.
We always had binoculars, a home-made telescope, torches and star maps and books with us.
One night we heard an odd whooshing noise and 7 lights flew over... for some reason we were so... not sure scared is the correct word ...maybe..amazed? confused? ... but we forgot to use our binoculars and didn't see what they were close up..... I know I've done a few posts about aliens..and I have an open mind  about life out there somewhere - was it a U.F.O experience? probably not -  I think they were more likely to have been migrating geese or swans flying over as I'm sure they were in a 'V' formation too....

Using part of my one of paintings from yesterdays post I altered it again and blended it into a dark piece of digital paper... the main stars I added but the fine background ones were snow from a digital kit.

thanks so much for stopping by
hope you have a great day
and a wonderful weekend.
Gill xx

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Out and about oneday soon :)


Hope you're having a lovely day.. it's a lovely sunny spring day here on the Essex coast - and Blackbirds are singing, which always makes me happy.

For AJJ 'Out and About'  ...theme hosted by the lovely Yvonne from Meggys Way.
Todays page was a pretty obvious one for me - It's not always easy being out and about if you are agoraphobic - I've had this on and off since about 1985 and my way of dealing with it is I always try to laugh and make light of it, as there's far worse things in life.....
I created this page by digitally blending two of my artworks and adding some digital Forget-me-nots I made from photos..

I've been busy making cards and all sorts in my art/craft room ..but at what point do you decide to clear away all the stuff you have everywhere and start afresh?

yes.... I think I really need to tidy up as I've ran out of space.... you should see the floor too ..... on the other hand, no, maybe you shouldn't!
I think I will be tidying up later!
Have a great day..
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Gill x

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Out and about singing a happy song


With so many crazy things going on in the world - sometimes you need something to make you smile and give you hope...
My little people were out and about singing in the hills.
(anyone remember this song I think from about 1971 by the New Seekers.)

linking to  AJJ for Yvonnes lovely 'Out and about' theme.
Background is one of my watercolours... and the digital people I am addicted to at present and can't stop making.

 Thanks so much for stooping by
Gill xx

Monday, 20 March 2017

Out and about - go prepared!


Those darn aliens visited me again and whisked me away ha ha
but this time I was able to take some arty stuff with me and got quite a few things done...

like this for AJJ challenge  where Yvonne has the wonderful theme 'out and about'

I digitally altered a watercolour painting I did
 and added the helicopter which I changed to silhouette.
I've been busy drawing lots of little people too and
these were drawn  digitally using  Serif Craft Artist,
 Drawplus X8 and Affinity Designer software
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Gill x

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Out and about - back later


Using the same items from my previous page I made todays page opposite that so it looks a double spread now. I'm linking to AJJ 'out and about' which is the fabulous theme for March hosted by Yvonne from Meggy's Way 

The page has gessoed dictionary pages on it. I drew the house on patterned paper and dictionary paper. Colour is acrylic on back ground and Stabillo all. Words created on my pc then printed/cut and stuck down with glue stick. The fence/trellis is a Martha Stewart punch.

thanks for stopping by,
hoping your day goes well
Gill x

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Out and about again

Hello ... hope you had a good week and enjoying your weekend :)

I think I'd lost my mojo lately doing real journal pages (proper painty messy ones instead of digital ones) but then one morning last week while having the first cup of tea in bed watching youtube videos, a new upload popped up and inspired me to want to make a page.
The video and inspiration was thanks to the fabulous Susi aka froebelsternchen and while watching, it suddenly occurred to me what my main problem was - I  am gesso lazy -  err? I put off using gesso - but why? -  probably because of lack of space to leave things to dry.. (probably another reason I had put off using the Gelli plate in the past) well ok Gill, get that sorted and then you have no excuses!  So I did and then I went mad for the last two days gessoing lots of pages :)

So this was the page I made and I'm linking to AJJ 'out and about' theme for March hosted by the lovely Yvonne from Meggy's Way

The page has my old school dictionary pages on it - yes I used gesso of course! - drew flowers on patterned paper and cut out.. and created a sheet of various words for future use on my pc then printed/cut and stuck down with glue stick. Colour is acrylic on back ground and stems/leaves Stabillo all and Inktense pencils.
It's Sunday and you can probably guess the weather - yep grey - raining on and off and now the wind picking up, so I'm going to have a lazy play day Sunday - no gessoing today - just fun!.
Have a lovely day
and thanks so much for stopping by
Gill x

Friday, 3 March 2017

Out and About


after saying several days ago that the only way to explain where time goes is that I must have been abducted by aliens - I couldn't resist making this digital page


I'm linking to AJJ where the lovely Yvonne aka Meggy's way  
is hosting the fabulous new theme this month... 


well it's yet another rainy and grey day here in my part of the UK and doesn't look like being better any day soon so I won't be out and about but up in my arty/craft room :)
... and its Friday again ... so have a great day and I wish you a fun weekend and better weather wherever you are.
thanks for stopping by
Gill x