Sunday, 7 May 2017

Mess? What mess?

Hello everyone

Hope you are having a lovely weekend and having some better weather than we have here today, which is grey and a bit breezy and even the birds are a sitting with feathers fluffed up and looking fed up.
I wonder what they do to cheer themselves up - for me - I like to put on some music and go play with some paints and inks.

I have a bit of a grungy messy piece today for AJJ  'Elegance and Grunge' theme 

This was created on a sheet of  Claire Fontaine 'paint on' A4 multi-media paper. I used a few stencils and stamps. I stamped the images onto tissue paper first; the butterfly stamp is from one of Sheena Douglass sets and the bird from a Katzelkraft set and I added colour with Inktense pencils as I find they are nice strong, vibrant colours and colour well over other colour.   The background mainly done using Colour cloud blending ink and Neocolor 2s. 
I printed out quote from pc.

The last few days I have been busy feeding birds when they come asking for food. We have been plagued with 'homing pigeons' who seem to bully the small birds and eat everything - so other than the hanging bird feeders, we have been putting out small amounts of food when the Blackbirds, Robins and one particular Collared Dove come looking for us.

Below is an old photo but is what has been happening for a few days - I will try to get an
up-to-date one but unless Dave is about it might be hard taking a photo with one hand only :)

I'm assuming the young Robins have now hatched because some times the parents have been arriving together but only one of them lands on my hand..
Have a wonderful day
and wishing you a great week
thanks for stopping by
Gill x


  1. This page is sooo cool! I am thrilled about it Gill and I love to see that photo again - so lovely. Our birds are very hungry here as well just now -- two nesting boxes in the garden are occupied by titmice again - we are quite happy.
    We feed the whole year - they need it. Some people say that it is not necessary - but we heard again, that it is good if we do it, since they need it and I am sure they love it.
    And I love them!

    Same weather here today , yesterday was nice - but today grey and colder again.
    Happy SUNDAY Gill and thank you for the super work you do for AJJ!
    You make me happy!


  2. Wonderful, bright and colourful page, sometimes we need colour to cheer us up. The birds are hungry here, too, they all fight for a 'seat' at the (bird) table. The chaffinches are very funny to watch. Hugs, Valerie

  3. Terrific page spread and you have nailed this theme for sure

    Love the robin and how friendly it is

    Chrissie xx

  4. Its a fabulous grungy page Gill. The butterfly is lovely and the super sunny, colours you used would brighten any dull day.
    Yvonne xx

  5. Gorgeous page Gill, love the eclectic mix. Ah poor little birds, yes it's dreadful here isn't it, windy chilly and dull....where's Spring :|
    Donna xx

  6. Beautiful page, the transparent layers you have created are wonderful! I love robins too as you will see from my latest post, it's amazing that he will feed from you hand, you must be a bird whisperer :-) . Hope you are enjoying the sunshine and wishing you a great week! J :-)

  7. Fantastic quote and a fantastic picture! I like your color mixture and the adding stamps!
    This was a very cold week here in Austria, we needed winter clothing.
    This photo of the open hand feeding the little bird is absolutely fabulous!

  8. Hi Gill some real grunge going on her and i adore your quote it made me laugh. It looks like you really let go and had plenty of fun with this piece, love it xxxxxRia


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