Saturday, 2 June 2018

Inspired by Collage and Painting

Hello ..... My piece today for my AJJ 'Inspired by' theme  was inspired by one of the wonderful art works that my dear friend Beate* created with collage and paint. This is something I have wanted to try for ages.

*Beate's blog is now private, so instead of linking back, todays post will include her full post which Beate has kindly allowed me to show. (see half way down post for this)

But first...this is what I created...

I started with some colour in
 my A5 journal using water soluble crayons

And then I stuck on some flowers from a gardening catalogue and image from some junk mail adverts. I didn't spend too much time cutting the images out exact as I was going to paint around them.

Next I painted some abstract looking flowers
 and added some more colour to the top half 

And when dry I used gouache paints to paint the rest of the scenery
 and paint around my rough edges of the collage to bring everything together. 

Finished off the page with a digital quote which says
 ‘Tend a garden and beautiful flowers will appear, 
nurture a friend and an enduring friendship will bloom’. 

I really had fun with this and can see lots of potential to use  all the magazine clippings that I have been collecting :)


Below is the piece by Beate that was my inspiration


Sonntag, 3. Februar 2013
Sunday  3 February 2013 Bunte Seite mit Ziege 
Colourful page with goat

Draußen war es grieselgrau und ich wollte meine Seite bunt haben. Darum begann ich wieder mit den leuchtenden Neocolorfarben. Die Seiten im Buch hatte ich am Tag zuvor mit mattem Malmedium überzogen.

 Outside it was gray and I wanted my page to be colorful. That's why I started again with the bright Neocolor colors. I had covered the pages in the book with matte painting medium the day before.

Die Farbe verwischte ich mit viel Wasser und klappte dann die beiden Seiten zusammen. Dadurch ergaben sich interessante Muster und Effekte.

I blurred the paint with a lot of water and then folded the two pages together. This resulted in interesting patterns and effects.

Da es mir zu lange dauerte, bis das Ganze trocknete, griff ich zum Fön. Ich war zu faul mir einen Haarfön zu holen und nahm den Heißluftfön, der eigentlich für das Embossen ist. Das war keine gute Idee...
 Since it took too long to me, until the whole dried, I picked up the hairdryer. I was too lazy to get me a hairdryer and took the heat gun, which is actually for Embossing. That was not a good idea...

Denn es machte Plopp und ich hatte diese geplatzte Blase auf der Rückseite.

Because it made pop and I had this burst bubble on the back.

Ich spachtelte gelbe Acrylfarbe über die Seite
I applied yellow acrylic paint over the page

riss und schnitt diese Teile von Ästen und Steinen aus einem Katalog und klebte sie auf . Dann kam die Ziege ins Spiel.

ripped and cut these pieces of branches and stones from a catalog and pasted them on. 
Then the goat came into play.

Ich überwischte das, was ich aufgeklebt hatte mit roter und gelber Acrylfarbe

I covered what I had stuck on with red and yellow acrylic paint

Schattierte mit Zeichenkohle, beschriftete die Seite und dachte, dass sie fertig sei,

Shaded it with charcoal, labeled the page and thought it was done,

 aber der Heißluftfön lag noch auf dem Tisch und ich beschloss noch ein paar Gräser in den Vordergrund zu bringen. Diesmal war ich ganz vorsichtig beim Fönen und es passierte auch nichts, was ich nicht wollte...

but the hot air dryer was still on the table and I decided to put some grasses in the foreground. This time I was very careful blow-drying and nothing I didn't want to happen...

Und dann mussten noch diese kleinen Glassteinchen mit auf die Seite. Hier sind sie noch nicht aufgeklebt und ein oder zwei liegen noch auf dem Rücken.

And then I had to take those little glass blocks out of the way. Here they are not glued yet and one or two are still lying on the back.


many thanks to Beate for allowing me to show her wonderful work
and many thanks also to you for visiting today

Have a great weekend
Gill x


  1. Both your inspired piece and Beate's original piece are fantastic, and I love we got to see how both you and Beate made them. You flowers as of late are so full of happiness and joy. I guess wee are all excited for nice weather. Hope you are having a great weekend Gill. Hugs-Erika

  2. I love your fantastic painted collage and how you created it and those amazing quote appeals to me as well!
    So beautiful dear Gill.
    A fantastic entry for your theme at AJJ!
    I really love your wonderful colours on this fab piece contrary to the rather matte and dark looking colours of the inspiration - pages you also showed.
    But that's just a question of taste.
    Happy weekend dear Gill!
    Hugs, Susi

  3. Hello, Gill,
    Your collage has turned out great! So beautiful! It's great that you show so exactly how it came about, and with these pictures from the catalogues you've conjured something very individual. Your self painted flowers are so beautiful and you really brought together everything perfectly through the blue... You realize I'm totally thrilled..... Oh, I also like the quote and it fits your picture so well.

    I am happy that I could inspire you and I thank you. It's kind of funny to see my post on your blog :)
    Ciao Beate

  4. It is a beautiful painting Gill and I think your painting is more beautiful. It is a lot of fun to create like you did. Lenie x

  5. Your Artworks are both so gorgeous Gill !! I love them, the collage is amazing, fabulous background !! And your next painting is just wonderful!! love the way you have painted it, fantastique !!
    I wish you a very nice afternoon and weekend, big hugss, CAty

  6. Wow gill this is a fabulous mixed media page. A super idea to use paints to cover the edges of cut outs to bring the piece together.
    It was lovely to read and see the blog post that inspired you.
    Yvonne xx

  7. I was most impressed with YOUR art, Gill. It was beautiful, and what struck me was how you painted around the focal image. What a great way to not have to fussy cut an image, but lots of extra painting on your part. It's a genuine beauty and I can see how you were inspired by Beate's art. What a fantastic inspiration and a moving entry for Art Journal Journey today.

  8. Outstanding, Gill! My new favorite! I always appreciate you taking the time to describe the process. What a treat.
    And I can understand why you are inspired by Beate. I think she is amazing!!
    Great post.

  9. Your overpainted collage is just gorgeous! I like how you painted the edges of the collaged flowers and how you painted over the girl, so that all fits together - and I like your self painted flowers too! The quote is great!
    The post from Beate I did not know - it was before I blogged - I can imagine how inspiring it was for you! I like Beate's post too, she shows every step very exactly.
    Liebe Grüße, Rike

  10. A fabulous painting and it was great to see the process as well as your inspirational post.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Avril xx

  11. Such a beautiful page! I love your pretty lady amongst the flowers and the sentiments you added is wonderful 😁. Wishing you a happy new week! J 😊 x

  12. Beate's post are always interesting and often experimental and it is a great loss to Blogland that she has gone private.
    I see how she inspired you with an idea but your own artwork is nothing like hers, which if course would be your intention I'm guessing. That was fascinating seeing how the finished piece came together and how you added to and changed the magazine snippets. Maybe I'm inspired by you being inspired by Beate. I've got trillions of magazines sitting around (filed) shouting "yes!".
    I really like the final piece (shown at the beginning) and the lovely quote.

  13. Well done your wonderful Collage Painting. You have composed a very nice scene. I like it much.
    The making of from Beate's page looks amazing. It is Art in process.
    Dear Greetings

  14. Beautiful work by both artists! magic making it all go together...


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