Monday, 18 June 2018

Inspired by Orange Esmeralda bowl of prompts

Todays piece for my AJJ theme 'Inspired by' was inspired by the wonderful Sheila aka Orange Esmeralda  
Sheila made a bowl of creative prompts - folded paper with prompts on that can be pulled out anytime to use. I thought this was a great idea, great fun and ideal for occasions where you I don't know what to do or where to begin.
To give it a different twist, I thought about using a dice to help me with the random choosing of things. I wrote a list of prompts, rolled my dice and that resulted in this page.

The idea using the dice was to roll it 6 times and refer to the corresponding number on the list I created - then take that action. And as it was suppose to be fun I allowed myself the use of either Gesso or some colour in between each roll of the dice.

This is the prompt list I made with 6 sections for each roll of the dice.

 When I made this page the numbers the dice gave me were 4-4-6-2-4-6
which meant layer 1 = 4 which was ‘book pages’ so I used dictionary pages and a recipe page from a book Dave didn’t want ( hopefully). I tore the papers up, stuck them down and then used a coat of gesso on that.

 The second roll of the dice also gave me a 4 and looking at my list that meant a 'free choice' so I chose to use Gellatos which I scribbled on top and then using the choice of Gesso between rolls, used that to blend the Gellatos out more.

Next came number 6 which meant add some lines which I did using wax crayons.
 And then once again because I was allowed to either use Gesso or colour between rolls I chose to use some watercolours this time - just a little (a blue and rose madder) but enough to have some 'drippage' on the page.
 The 4th roll of the dice was for the 'Imagery layer' and the '2' meant doing some collage. I found some junk mail that had a nice sofa and cut a word from another advert and stuck that down.
 So before the next dice roll, my paint choice this time was a little Paper Artsy fresco chalk paint in 'mermaid, limelight and bouginvillea' which I added using a damp brush and then dabbed off with a tissue.

 And the 5th roll was a '4' again (this dice seems to like that number) and this time '4' meant adding some faux writing which I scribbled with a white 'Signo uniball broad'.

Then finally my last roll of the dice was another '6' - random? or a weird dice? it only gave even numbers. This '6' was a 'free choice' so I decided to finish the page with a little stencilling using some more of the bougainvillea paint.

I really had fun doing this and will be trying this again and perhaps make some different prompts as well. If you've got a dice maybe you might like to try this sometime too.

And if you'd like to join with us at AJJ for the 'Inspired By' theme 
theres still the rest of June to join in :)

Thanks for stopping by today,
have a great day.
Gill x


  1. What a brilliant idea! I love what you ended up with, too - this may have to go into my idea stash... if I remember, lol.

    Cath x

  2. Wow, that took a lot of setting up. Either you need a new die, or you need to move your choices up or down a number (grin). All in all, this was a fabulous entry, one that you can be very proud of, and one a person would never have guessed it was caused from the roll of a die. Thanks for sharing this with us at Art Journal Journey because I bet others will be interested in the technique, too.

  3. Oh gosh Gill, this is terrific. First of all the end result is a super collage/painting and then your organised list combined with the dice rolls turned out some clever suggestions. I do like your organised list of prompts divided into sectiions. I love the drips and the stencilling and the faux writing and the "perfect" couch which is sitting there looking very pleased with its blue self.
    I'd love to see you using more of this list/dice throw as it has lots of potential which you've used here to the best.

  4. Gibby that is a fab and fun idea. I shall definitely be keeping that in mind. It would be great for when we are stuck for ideas. Love your creation too its fabulous. x

  5. Wow Gill, this is such a fun idea! I love the way your page turned out. The colors are some of my favorites. Thanks for sharing your process. I hope you have a wonderful week.

  6. Beautiful journal page and fantastic idea of prompts, thanks for sharing!!

  7. Just a brilliant idea - and fun as well - ( I copied your promt list- hope this is o.k.)
    and I L♥O♥V♥E your beautiful page - it is just ADORABLE dear Gill!
    Happy new week and thanks so much for your fantastic theme- it's so popular and I am really unhappy that my time is so limited just now.... but I will steal some time soon. Can't wait to bring some ideas into practise!

    Hugs, Susi

    1. Thank you Susi - and yes of course that is ok :)
      Happy New week to you xxx

  8. Wow Gill this looks amazing and you have shared a brilliant idea.
    The sofa does look inviting and very comfortable.
    I think I will steal the prompt page as well Gill if you don't mind, it could be very useful when all I see is a blank page in my journal.
    Yvonne xx

  9. Wow, Gill. What fun! Hope you make this a permanent feature that you decide to do - whenever...
    Really enjoyed the result!!

  10. Perfect is a good title for your page because it is a perfect page. I love how you chose your theme with the lists and the die. It makes the whole decision process an adventure. And I think adding the couch and nothing more around it makes a very chic page. Hope your new week has started off in a good way. Hugs-Erika

  11. What a great prompt idea Gill! I love your resulting page!
    Alison xxx

  12. I enjoyed reading through your step by step story - I imagined the rolling dice and how you mastered the prompts! The final page is looking amazing!
    You have a well organised list of prompts and six "Free choice", which opens a lot of possibilities. This would be a big problem for me because then I would sit not knowing what to do next :)
    Liebe Grüße, Rike

  13. What a fabulous page! I love that you had fun using the dice and prompts to create it too 😀. I enjoyed following along and you created so many lovely details; the book page and drips look wonderful. Wishing you a happy and creative week! J 😊 x

  14. This is a magnifique page Gill!! I love love it, and the colours are simply gorgeous!! I see you have had a fabulous idea, congrats !!
    I wish you a very nice afternoon, big hugs, Caty

  15. Gill, What a fun way to make a page! I love the different prompts you choose and the idea of rolling the dice for them-very clever!
    Your page turned out beautifully and that sofa? well, it would look Perfect in my livingroom! heehee
    Jackie xx

  16. That sounds like so much fun, Gill! I hope you don't mind if I copy your list and give this a whirl. The page is wonderful! I'm so glad you shared this at AJJ.


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