Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Inspired by Rike's Chinese brush painting

Well this was fun but I was really out of my comfort zone with today's  'Inspired by'... page for  AJJ    
My page was inspired by the lovely Rike after I saw  Rike - Chinese brush painting of frogs  
I've have had a set of Chinese brushes for at least 20 years and maybe tried them once or twice but didn't know what to do with them - but now I was really inspired to get those brushes out and find out more about this style of painting. 
First I bought a book 'Chinese brush painting: Flowers' by Joan Lok
and then had to practise the brush strokes...yes I really need more of that too :)
I used watercolours for this....

I cheated on this piece for the writing as it has been added digitally. I used a translator for that of course too - the top says 'who inspires you?' and the bottom just says Art by... and my name.

I am still learning how to hold the brush to do certain strokes and I think if I continue it could take me a fair time to improve with this style of painting 'if' I wanted to do it properly. So its just as well my theme is 'Inspired by' which doesn't mean it has to look like the thing that inspired me exactly - because I did struggle with this a bit as I couldn't get my wrist to move the brush exactly as I wanted - but maybe that's because I have a bit of carpel tunnel in my right hand.

Ye Olde Brush set!

Below is my painting of a Grass Orchid and the reason why I digitally added the Chinese characters on my main piece.
I used inks and water colours and started with a 'Brusho' spritzed background. I got a bit carried away with the Chinese (hopefully) writing and it's probably a lot bigger than it should have been. I used a translator and it says my name  (I hope) :)

OK that's all for today
Hope to see you at AJJ 'Inspired by'

 Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great day.
Gill x


  1. Two stunning paintings Gill! Beautiful blooms and colours!
    I'm just back from my hols, refreshed and ready to make art again!
    Hope all is well with you.
    Happy Wednesday,
    Alison xxx

  2. WOW - your flowers are gorgeous, especially the first one - it has so much depth and looks like a 3D bloom, even the leaves look 3D - and the colors are grandiose! I am glad for inspiring you - you got better results with the Chinese brushes as I did!
    Your Chinese writing on the second picture is fabulous and it was such a good idea to write your name in Chinese letters!
    Wish you a happy rest of the week! Rike xx

  3. Rike wrote it all! I am specially in love with the painting on top- it is simply AMAZING!
    And I am impressed with the idea to translate your own name into chinese letters as well... super! It's all just a matter of practise with this strokes ... and we with our wide interests haven't enough time to practice every technique that speaks to us! That's no fate of an individual Gill- same to me as well!
    I had so much work in the garden as well this week as Willi built me a big raised bed for veggies.
    I hope I get it planted still in June - I am a little bit late with all - but I think it will be good for autumn as well.
    Your theme is so popular and it seems folk at AJJ love it!
    Thank you for hosting so well dear Gill!
    I am so pleased to see all your fantastic entries this month! Your ideas and pages never cease to amaze me!
    Big hugs and LOVE from

  4. What incredible paintings! They are so beautiful, I love the designs and depth of colour you achieved 😁. The Chinese writing finishes the perfectly too. Rike is always such an inspiration and it must have been fun using those Chinese paint brushes 😀. Have a great day! J 😊 x

  5. I am incredibly impressed with your wonderful art today. Both of these are amazing. The brushes you used are out of this world, but I worry about your carpel tunnel.

    Words come hard when I looked at these two beauties. They were both serene, yet so well painted. I simply don't have the correct words to describe how I feel about their beauty. They are WONDERFUL additions to your theme at Art Journal Journey.

  6. Wow, Gill, your paintings both look awesome. I love the flowers you painted and feel they look so touchable. You are so talented even though you say it has taken you a while to use these particular brushes. The translations into Chinese, are the perfect finishing touches.
    Yvonne xx

  7. I have never used Chinese brushes but have been told how difficult they can be. I think your attempts look very well practiced to me. They are great Gill.What a fun thing to try and to learn to do. :) Hugs-Erika

  8. What fun, Gill! Two beautiful pieces! I would never guess that you were out of your comfort zone in any way with the Chinese brushes.
    And your colors just sing - lovely.

  9. Two stunning paintings Gill, certainly doesn't look like you are a beginner, you are very talented and seem to master whatever you turn your hand to. Colour and backgrounds are gorgeous.
    Avril xx

  10. Wow Gill! For stepping out of your comfort zone, you sure did an amazing job. These are absolutely beautiful pieces.

  11. I LOVE your Chinese style watercolored flowers, with their flowing brushstrokes. I love working on etegami, which is a folkart form of Japanese painting and calligraphy. Blessings!


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