Friday, 29 June 2018

Inspired by a song

Many years ago, after dinosaurs roamed the earth and before the age of the Internet, I dabbled in songwriting. I would often try and think of different scenarios and see it in my head like a mini film and then write a song. My page today is inspired by one of those songs called 'Lonely People' (its about being alone in a cocktail bar in the early hours) ...and be thankful I never uploaded the actual recording of it :)
I have added some of the lyrics below so you can (hopefully) imagine the scene too.
This will be my last page for my 'Inspired by' theme at AJJ this month. It's a watercolour and a little different for me as I like adding words but didn't as I thought it made it seem more empty and lonely and also I deliberately didn't paint all of the wine bottle.

I staged the scene that I wanted to paint.
Please note that the glass had just a little drop of Marsala in, and the whisky is my husbands although I confess I used the empty bottle of wine from lunch. And the 'Whisky and Wine' in the song lyrics was just artistic license from a rhyming point of view - of course! 

I wasn't sure that I was capable of painting this though - so I decided to take a photo on my tablet to help.

I used a grid I found in the photo editing app and drew a pencil grid in my journal and this definitely helped me to draw more accurate.

For fun I made a digital version as well... 
however she doesn't look very lonely to me

I have had a wonderful fun month with hosting the 'Inspired by' challenge at AJJ (thanks Susi and Elizabeth for having me) and now looking forward to seeing what the July theme is :)

On the first day of June Yvonne's page used a beautiful Gustav Klimt image and I realised I didn't know much about him so I made a note to find out more. But day by day I kept being inspired by other things people mentioned or showed and my list has grown quite long with the last one noted yesterday to investigate Colour theory as mentioned by Susi...  :)

Thank you so much to everybody that joined in with us at AJJ and sharing your amazing pages and what inspired you... and thank you for all your lovely comments left on my blog also.

That's all for now....
Thanks for stopping by,
Have a great day!
Gill x


  1. Gill, this is such a wonderful post. You're a woman of many talents. I really appreciate your song lyrics. There's a lot of depth there. Your painting is beautiful. I like how you left out the words. It does fit the theme. Thank you for sharing. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Fabulous art pages Gill, I liked seeing the photos of the steps that you used to get to the end result, you have inspired us all as well this month.
    If I'd been home I would have joined you more than I have been able to do.
    Still its good to be away in warm weather.
    Have a good weekend.
    Yvonne xx

  3. Oh dear Gill! What a grand finale for your June hosting month! AWESOME! I love the painting and great to see your progress and wow you even are a song writer! Another WOW! - You are such a big talent in all ways! And I also love this two digital pieces - especially the very last one is so beautiful with that ART quote!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful hosting of AJJ this month! You were simply fantastic!
    I am with you with all this To Do listing things. I just found a forgotten to do list yesterday from last year
    Too much interesting inspiring things every day!
    Isn't that wonderful?!

    Hugs Susi

  4. First of all, you have made us (Susi, Bleubeard, and me) quite proud, Gill. You have been an exceptional host, and have given us some incredible art, too. I am personally very proud of you and your drawing abilities.

    Second, your latest painting is fabulous. I love the composition, where the focal image is off center. It is a great entry. And of course, I really enjoyed seeing how you pulled this off, beginning with the still life you used as your model. I come from the school of altered books, where I often don't add words to my spreads. They occasionally get in the way, and I actually like that you DIDN'T add words to this, which I think would have distracted from the painting.

    Again, it is we who should be thanking you, and your incredible hosting skills this month at Art Journal Journey.

  5. OOh wow! Seeing those chords brought back so many memories... I used to write songs, too and still sing one or two of them - to myself, of course, lol. I wouldn't inflict them on anyone else, haha. Loved seeing your process - thank you for sharing that. You did a great job :-)

    LOVE, love, love your Thank you spread, though - so bright, cheerful and Just lovely! I've really, REALLY enjoyed your challenge, and I'm sure everyone else has, too. Only problem was it was TOO good and I had to stop myself adding to it daily, lol - until the sun arrived and stopped most of the art, that is...

    Thank YOU so much. You've been a great host, stopping to leave comments and being so encouraging. It's been great to get to know you :-)

    Cath x

  6. First came the smile, then I felt sad as I read the lyrics, then the smile came back - she didn't look very lonely to me either. And finally your last image - beautiful, Gill. Just beautiful!

  7. Wow, it is amazing all the creative things you learn about people. I think it is pretty cool that you were a song writer. I see movies in my head all the time, but I never thought of writing a song. I love both of your pieces inspired by the song, and you made me smile with the bartender in your digital piece. And thank you for such a fun challenge this month. :) It's been a lot of fun. happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

  8. What a beautiful painting, the composition and design capture the song beautifully! Your digital piece is amazing too with its fun look and feel - fabulous 😁. Thanks for being such a wonderful host at AJJ this month! I loved your theme and seeing your inspirational creations! Thanks so much and wishing you a happy weekend! J 😊 x

  9. What a finale! Sorry I didn't visit as often as I would have liked! I had hoped to link one last page as I have so enjoyed this theme! Thank you so much for all the lovely comments you left for me! So many inspiring pages for your theme, as you say! Hope to 'see' you again soon! Hugs,Chrisx

  10. I love your watercolor, Gill. That's a great tip: photoing and layering a grid over the still life.
    Your lyrics are wonderful. So poignant. You set the scene beautifully with your words. I've really enjoyed having you as hostess at AJJ for June and getting you know you and your art. Thank you for all your lovely comments of encouragement.

  11. What a talented gal you are Gill! A great song and beautiful artwork!
    Hope you're managing to keep cool across the river!
    Alison xxx

  12. What a great final post for June Gill (Sorry i'm late still having IT probs.. Grrr!!)
    I recognised that whiskey tipple straight away!
    Love your still life watercolour, it used to be my favourite way of painting, wish i'd had that grid back then..
    Great way to document those words with music, we need to hear it now you've teased us with it :D
    Looks like the lady on the bar is ready to party all night long. Fabulous.
    So glad I found you last month, looking forward to catching lot's more talented posts.
    Creative wishes for a super week ahead Tracey xx

  13. Oh what a great final (but not final) blogpost, Gill.
    I'm quite sad that we didn't get the music with the song as it sounds like a great sad song with these super sad words. The bottles do look quite lonely at the side of the page ("this bottle looks lonely, let's cheer it up by having another drink", hahahaha!).
    I'm very impressed as to how you tackled drawing and painting the picture, it certainly worked.
    The digital painting made me laugh like a drain, no I don't think she will be lonely for long.
    And your final painting here - aaawww this is so special with the sweet lady and the happy song and the lovely words about art. I love the splashy background effects too.
    Have a nice day, Gill, and a more relaxing month.
    Love, Sheila

  14. I am very impressed in your songwriting! And very impressed how you made this beautiful drawing and painting of whiskey and wine - it really looks like to be a lonely place (and time)!
    Your digital version is funny and yes, she doesn't look very lonely :)
    And I am in love with your gorgeous "Thank you" painting with this wonderful quote!
    Liebe Grüße, Rike


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