Friday, 8 June 2018

Inspired by Susi

For AJJ today my page was Inspired by froebelsternchen Susi   
And of course it was very, very hard to pick just one page of Susi's to refer to for inspiration.  But I knew that for ages I have been drawn to all the interesting marks/doodles/textures and patterns and often find myself zooming in on pages admiring these sort of details.  
The particular page that inspired me has the most wonderful arty looking cats and although my page is nothing like our lovely Susi's original, I hope it shows the main inspirational ingredients.

This is what I created...
The page went on a bit of a journey to get there, but I started with some messy fun which I could only photograph afterwards as my hands were covered with black paint..and oh why had I not thought of putting 1) barrier cream and 2) gloves for this.

I used various stencils and a few objects to paint on to large tissue sheets and then had to put bulldog clips on them to hang up to dry.

While the tissue was drying I covered my a5 page with paper and scraps. 

I drew an owl template and traced around it on my page and drew a few lines to work out
 the tree and branches and then traced the owl onto the tissue paper to cut out. 
Stuck down the owl and some more of the tissue on the tree area.

then some painting that defined things a little better

Tore up pieces of the patterned tissue and stuck that on and added more paint and started to make the owl look a bit more owl like.

Finished with some washes of colour, more painting on the owl, a quote and some scribbly doodling.

Well the first week of the 'Inspired by' challenge has flown by and I've been so inspired with what I have seen so far that I started a list of things to follow up and do after Yvonne mentioned Gustav Klint on her beautiful page and I realised how little I knew about him. 
Then I saw some wonderful calendar pages by Alison aka Crafty Trog and Pearshaped Chris and want to do something more exciting with my calenders next year. I won't bore you with the rest of the list - but I am wondering just how long this list will be by the end of the month :) 
Thanks for the inspiration :)

Thanks for stopping by. 
Have a great day
and wonderful weekend.
Gill x


  1. Your owl painting is just amazing! You even painted your own tissuepaper and the template ! You rock! I love all the layers and depth and the texture. The quote fits very well!
    I am truly honoured that I served as inspiration for this fantastic piece! Your page is just wonderful and your theme at Art Journal Journey seems to get very popular - no wonder- it is so versatile! I love it but just am a bit sad not to have enough time to put all my ideas and inspiration into practice this month with guests and gardening and so on. It's a pity!
    Happy weekend dear Gill!
    Big hugs and thank you for hosting your theme and caring for AJJ so well! You make me happy my friend!

  2. You realize imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and I believe Susi is probably flattered by this wonderful painting. Since I don't draw, doodle, or sketch, I am really in awe of this beautiful owl. I was also amazed at how many layers you added before it was finished. Its a fabulous painting, Gill. Thanks for sharing it, because you have picked a great theme this month for Art Journal Journey, and you have picked a fabulous journal page, too.

  3. I immediately fell in love with your owl when I saw his eyes. It's so lovely! You made a great page and so many layers and ideas are in your page. Wonderful! Hugs, Lenie

  4. It's a terrific owl painting and even terrificer when we see how it was made. I am particularly inspired by the second step where you cover your sheet with scraps and how that turned out in the end. I like his plain tree which contrasts with all the colour and pattern.
    And yes, we are all inspired by Susi, a great choice of inspirer.

  5. Wow, fabulous layers Gill and I am smiling at the painted hands,
    a well know effect of having fun. I'm glad hubby bought me a waterproof camera a few years ago and it has for sure been well tried and tested.
    Your page looks fabulous, I love how you created the owl, wonderful doodles and colours.
    Your theme at AJJ is super, I am really enjoying joining you all.
    Yvonne xx

  6. Nice page Gill. I love owls so I am especially fond of this art. Susi is always an inspiration, isn't she? Hope you have a fantastic weekend Hugs-Erika

  7. Wow, what a beautiful page! Susi is alwaysasuch an inspiration and l loved seeing how you created the page with all the layers and paints - perfect 😁. It's sunny here today with a cooling wind, Happy Weekend! J 😊 x

  8. Your owl is magnificent! How I enjoyed scrolling down and read all about the way you created this fantastic piece! So much layers and textures - they all give your page a real depth, on which the tree pops up and gives the owl the right place.
    Funny to imagine how you - after the first step - were standing with your hands covered with black paint ... :)
    Wish you a happy weekend! Rike xx

  9. Your page is just stunning, Gill! It is amazing how much layering went into the piece, but your patience paid off. A very creative idea beautifully executed!!

  10. I love your page Gill. I so appreciate you sharing your process. It's not often that I have the patience to do it, but I think it enhances your post greatly. Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  11. A great page Gill, and your owl is a fabulous take on Susi's original. Love your quote.
    Avril xx


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