Friday, 17 August 2018

Count your blessings 2

I wanted to make a page to go opposite the one with the hand - so it just had to be feet :)
Back in 2004 I had a fairly serious ankle/foot injury and was on crutches for 6 months. I spent a lot of time up stairs in my bedroom because gripping the crutches made my carpel tunnel in my right hand bad so that I couldn't use crutches. Dave of course waited on me hand and foot (no pun intended ha ha) and I (and I'm sure he also) was so very grateful and happy when I could finally walk again, get out and about and do things for myself :)

Linking to Elizabeth and Bleubeards theme at AJJ 'Count your blessings' 
I again used the Derwent Aquatone sticks, black Stabilo all pencil, white Posca pens and a few coloured pencilsand added quote digitally.

 Many thanks for stopping by.
hope you have a wonderful day...
Gill x


  1. Just as vibrant as the hand sketch, those colours are fabulous. Love how you have etched the toe nails they look so effective, I'd love painted toes just like this Gill.
    The injury sounded very nasty, i'm sure you were just as glad to be up and about after 6 months.
    Those words work so well with the sketch although i'm worried what will come next now especially if it's somewhere in between hee hee!!
    Wishing you a super weekend Hugs Tracey x

  2. I love the vibrancy and the lovely foot! Just super! I had broken both lower leg bones in 2009 and after the surgery I needed the crutches so more longer than other people with the same problem. As my dear hubby did everything for me-- even learnt to cook some nice meals and made the laundry ,household and brought our girl to school etc. I admit I enjoyed it so much that I did not do my phytotherapeutic exercise often enough ...... bad girl I was!
    Blesses with a wonderful and loving hubby a woman is the most lucky girl in the universe!♥♥♥

    What a fantastic entry for Elizabeth's theme Gill!!!
    I am thrilled about it and so happy to have you with your inspiring art as a blogging friend!
    That's another wonderful blessing for sure!
    Happy weekend Gill!
    Big hugs, Susi

  3. I love the rainbow foot Gill. And those toenails. I need to get mine painted I guess. I am with you about a walk in nature, since I just came home from mine. Usually though the dirt road I walk on is pretty quiet but today there was oodles of traffic and big trucks and even other people. All part of the adventure I guess. Super page. If only more people would walk in nature the world would be a better place I think. Happy Friday! hugs-Erika

  4. This is the PERFECT follow up to your hand. You draw so well. I am truly impressed. I loved the back story, but was saddened to read about your carpal tunnel, something I know a lot about since it involved much of my dissertation. I adore how you set the foot off with the darker part you drew around the foot. I am truly blessed, too because of your incredible art you shared with us using my theme at Art Journal Journey. Thank you, thank you.

  5. Love your hand and foot creations, just beautiful. Sounds like you had a tough time following your injury. xx

  6. Wonderful and fun page. Glad Dave looked after you so well. Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

  7. Wow Gill, this is a fine looking foot to go beside your hand page. It is fantastic, even the painted nails look awesome.
    Super words as well. Have a great weekend.
    Yvonne xx

  8. I'm so grateful you recovered from your injury all those years ago. I love your page and the quote you chose. It's a good one to reflect on. . so true! I hope you have a wonderful weekend Gill!

  9. Lovely colourful foot, Gill. Maybe this could be the next thing - painted toes and feet not just the nails?
    Great count your blessings idea - how blessed are we who have both hands and feet. Gives us food (foot) for thought.

  10. wow,i love your foot page,very colorful and beautiful,love this page so much,the quote is amazing.
    happy sunday.

    hugs jenny

  11. Beautiful page! I love your rainbow coloured foot and the way you have repeated the colours in the background - perfect 😁. It's always a blessing to recover from injuries, isn't it and definately something to celebrate! No sunshine today just grey clouds, still warm though now the rain has stopped so off for a walk soon 😉. I hope you are having a lovely weekend, Happy Sunday! J 😊 x

  12. This Art page is fantastique Gill !! So wonderful, I love the so bright colours, and your footnails, fabulous!! I also know perfectly what you mean when you speak about crutches, I also learnt to walk again after a car accident. Thank goodness that your husband could help you.
    I wish you a very nice afternoon, big hugss, Caty

  13. A fabulous rainbow foot Gill - great idea opposite your hand. Love the quote.
    Sounds like a nasty injury - my friend has just broken her ankle and I tried her crutches - horrendous! No wonder you stayed upstairs.
    Avril xx

  14. Six months is a long time - even longer when you are on crutches, I bet. Glad you had a full recovery, Gill.
    Happy foot goes great with your happy hand.
    Love the John Muir quote, too. Perfect for this journal page.

  15. Love the foot page! I sympathise with the injury as I fell and twisted my ankle badly in June and it still pains me a bit now.

  16. Hi Gill. Thanks for your comments, in answer to your question - the light blue paint is "Ultramarine Pale". We had our heat wave in May, June and most of July, we were back to normal summer temperatures during August with some hot days as well some rain at times, our grass hasn't recovered but most of the plants are thriving now 😁. Today we have had a grey day until about 4pm and now we have blue skies and sunshine. Stay cool and wishing you a great weekend too! J 😊 x

    1. Thanks Jo ... and thanks so much for aswering about that paint colour.
      Happy Sunday xx

  17. These are wonderful colours for your foot painting! The checked red nails are very interesting!
    I can understand very well that you were very grateful and happy when you could finally walk again - six month is a long time!
    Liebe Grüße, Rike

  18. Fabulous journal page and I absolutely just love that quote!
    Jackie xo

  19. this is so cool....I do think it is so important to count our blessings everyday.
    xx Karen


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