Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Happy New Year!

Its the 2nd - so I'm a bit late..... but Happy New Year everyone - I hope it's a healthy and happy one with lots of creative fun too.
I'm starting off with a page for the lovely  Alison aka Craftytrog  who is hosting this month at  AJJ theme Geometric shapes
I used some new White Nights watercolours I'm trying out onto a gessoed page in my journal and hope the wonky squares, triangles and stars count as geometric shapes :)

I've not made a New Years resolution list as such this year as I looked at last years one and I didn't do particularly well. But other than the obvious things like trying to be healthy and fit I really want to be better organised especially with anything that has a deadline and complete those things as soon as possible. 
I also intend to start using my arty/crafty stash I have that has been just taking up space, sitting around not being used.
And I want to do more art.

 I have 23 cards made already for Christmas 2019, my Easter cards finished and most of my birthday and other cards for the year made also. Getting these done should leave more time for other things.
Wanting to use up some of my beads and jewellery stuff, I made a choker, bracelet and earrings set.


That's all for this time...
Thanks for stopping by
and I wish you a good week and 
Happy New Year
Gill x