Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Happy New Year!

Its the 2nd - so I'm a bit late..... but Happy New Year everyone - I hope it's a healthy and happy one with lots of creative fun too.
I'm starting off with a page for the lovely  Alison aka Craftytrog  who is hosting this month at  AJJ theme Geometric shapes
I used some new White Nights watercolours I'm trying out onto a gessoed page in my journal and hope the wonky squares, triangles and stars count as geometric shapes :)

I've not made a New Years resolution list as such this year as I looked at last years one and I didn't do particularly well. But other than the obvious things like trying to be healthy and fit I really want to be better organised especially with anything that has a deadline and complete those things as soon as possible. 
I also intend to start using my arty/crafty stash I have that has been just taking up space, sitting around not being used.
And I want to do more art.

 I have 23 cards made already for Christmas 2019, my Easter cards finished and most of my birthday and other cards for the year made also. Getting these done should leave more time for other things.
Wanting to use up some of my beads and jewellery stuff, I made a choker, bracelet and earrings set.


That's all for this time...
Thanks for stopping by
and I wish you a good week and 
Happy New Year
Gill x


  1. Hello dear Gill! What a fantastic Welcome 2019 page and great to make no special resolutions for the new year - using the art stuff I have is my goal as well! I bought nothing new since already one year - I am proud to say this!
    Your jewellery looks beautiful! You are such a talent in so many ways!
    All cards for the whole year done?! WOW!
    A lovely watercolour styled New Years card for us - thank you!
    May this year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations on your life. Wishing you a year fully loaded with happiness.
    Thank you for joining Art Journal Journey's new theme! Much appreciated dear Gill!
    Hugs, Susi

  2. Wow! You have been busy with your cards for 2019 Gill! The jewellery looks great, and I love the colourful page you made for my challenge!
    Happy new year to you,
    Alison xox

  3. Hi Gill, its a wonderful happy page to welcome the New Year and it is good to see you are back on the blog again.
    Wow you have been busy as well making cards in advance for this year, ggod for you to be so organised.
    Happy New Year wishes Gill to you and your family.
    Yvonne xx

  4. Happy New Year Gill I've missed seeing your posts. This one sure is bright and beautiful starting the year off to a grand start. I'm on a mission to use up my stash this year and introduce it into lots of pieces of work that have been hanging around. Great necklace, bracelet and matching earrings, I bet they look fab on.
    Wishing you all the best for 2019, here's to happy days demolishing our crafty stash.
    Hugs Tracey xx

  5. Your page for this year 2019 looks good, also your jewellry is very nice. I also like the nice card with the flowers which promise the coming spring. Great watercolor technique!
    Dear Greetings and Happy New Year!

  6. Hi Gill. Glad to "see" you again. You have been busy, haven't you? I am very impressed. I'm not good at keeping or even remembering resolutions myself, so this year I am not going to be intent on making any. But I am glad to see your latest piece of art. Painting the stars is such a cool quote. I want to paint some myself. Wouldn't it be fantastic is the sky (even just occasionally) had stars of many colors? I can picture that-kind of like a Christmas tree. Hope you have a fantastic new year Gill and you accomplish everything you hope to. Hugs-Erika

  7. That is an impressive first entry for Alison's theme at Art Journal Journey. I was so happy to see you had linked with us. That made me smile, as did your tribute to 2019. I really like your use of watercolors. They are so bright and colorful. Thank you for sharing this page with us at Art Journal Journey, dear Gill.

    I have to make accountability posts, or I DO forget what I'm supposed to do and what I'm committed to. But I don't make cards, so I about fell over when you told how many you have made already. I am truly impressed. And you are off to a good start art wise, with that jewelry you have created. That was incredibly impressive. I hope you have a fabulous, art filled 2019, dear.

  8. Great to see you around again. Hope your year will be a good one! Hugs, Valerie

  9. Happy New Year Gill! Wow, now that's what I call organised - all those cards made already, well done you 😁. Your paintings are beautiful! I love the new watercolours and your jewellery is fabulous; you are so multi-talented 😀. Wishing youyand yours all the very best for 2019, may your year be filled with peace, love, happiness and good health! Creative wishes! J 😊 x

  10. Happy New Year!! Hope it is a creative, inspiring and fun year!!

  11. Happy New Year Gill and it's lovely to see you posting again, and with such a great page.
    One of my 'aims' this year is to use up some of my neglected supplies and try and give them a new lease of life. I am impressed with your tally of Christmas cards for 2019, much better than the last minute panic I had this year!
    Avril xx

  12. The arty page is terrific and so is your jewellery-well done

    Thank you for visiting KSC and I hope the books help you with your crocheting. I can only do really simple stitches but that's all Ineed to know to make lots of things

    Happy 2019
    Love Chrisse xx

  13. So nice to see you in Blogland again, Gill, I hope you've had a nice rest.
    I just love your "geometric" art, it certainly keeps to the theme and is colourful and happy. Great idea to make paint sample squares as part of it. I wondered if stars counted as geometric shapes (I used them too) but now you've made it official (haha!) I feel free to use them again. I hope 2019 is as colourful and full of life as your painted "2019" is.
    I did fall over when I read about your 19 Christmas cards for next year. Jeez Louise, that is Organised with a capital "O". As for the rest of the cards already made - huge respect, my friend.
    Your jewelry is pretty impressive too with lovely colours together and the last card is just gorgeous, soft and pretty and calming. If I had this as a card I would put it up on my "special" shelf - or it would make a great framed print too and lovely to see first thing every day.

  14. I wish you a Happy New Year and much time for creativity this year! It's good not to do a new list but to work out the old one :)
    Your first page is just wonderful and your jewellery is stunning!
    Wow, so many cards - you were very busy! What a beautiful Happy New Year card, I love it!
    Liebe Grüße, Rike xx

  15. You've been so busy again, Gilll! I like your picture with the new watercolours very much! These White nights colors are just great - I think. They are so radiant and wonderful to work with. Honestly, I don't see any difference to these expensive artist colors from Schmincke. These colors are just as good - no better, because they are not so piggy expensive, you dare more.... so that's how I feel about it. And you?

    And yes I will go out and paint the stars - but I will wait with it until it's warmer...
    xx Beate

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