Saturday, 3 August 2019

'The hills have eyes'....... for AJJ


I've always had a bit of an over active imagination, seeing pictures in clouds and abstracts and imagining that the birds understand me when I talk to them... and hoping believing there really are fairies somewhere in my garden and little magical worlds down below.
So for  AJJ 'anything with eyes'  today my artwork was created with oil pastels - I'll leave what I was thinking to your imagination :)

There's some amazing entries already for 

hope to see you there :)

Happy Saturday..
hope you have a wonderful weekend
Gill x


  1. Hmmm, big brother is watching you! Fun piece Gill. Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

  2. I often think that way too, except maybe no fairies. And I often think I can have a good conversation with the dogs and they understand everything I am saying. And the wildlife too. So look at clouds and see what you can see because it is so much fun, isn't it? And I love this page Gill. Very very clever. This is a fun challenge and I shall hopefully be back tomorrow or Monday with some more art. Hugs-Erika

  3. I LOVE it! Your landscape is so imaginative and different from anything I've ever seen. Thanks for your visit to my blog and blessings!

  4. What an imagination you have, Gill! A wonderful challenge piece - so original!
    And garden fairies - how can anyone not believe?

  5. I can't get over the image of the hills having eyes. This is an absolutely amazing entry, Gill. Your imagination takes you places others like me only dream of thinking. This is a beautiful entry for Art Journal Journey, dear Gill.

  6. I love seeing faces or creatures in cloud, wall paper and you have just reminded me that there are some wonderful faces hidden in my bathroom tiles! I love the hills watching over all and hope that the folk in Whaley Bridge have some eyes watching over them today as storms are forecast! We are about 16 miles away from Whaley Bridge but not in the Peak District so the weather is not so bad, although the river at the bottom of the road rose quite high during the rainy period last week and flooded the road about quarter of a mile away! We are in a first floor apartment and all of our blocks are built on a rise up from the river! Off to the bathroom now!! Hugs, Chrisx

  7. Fabulous artwork Gill! Keep looking out for those fairies ;-)
    Happy new week,
    Alison xxx

  8. This is amazing Gill! Imagination is so much more important than knowledge, yeah!
    A wonderful entry for AJJ again, inspiring!
    Happy start of the new week for you.
    Susi xxx

  9. OOhhhhh love these eyes Gill !! They look very curious and happy, with many colours, and love the skyline too, great Art page !
    I wish you a very nice new week, and send big hugs,

  10. Beautiful art, the eyes in the hills of the scene can make my imagination fly.
    I love your page.
    Yvonne xx

  11. wow love this amazing design...what an imagination that goes far and beyond.xx

  12. There's nothing wrong with an overactive imagination Gill, especially if you can bring it to life within your art work. Great self expression piece and movement with those oils. The all seeing eye really is everywhere as is our beautiful Mother Earth!! Fabulous piece..
    Creative Hugs Tracey xx

  13. Fabulous art! I smiled when I saw the eyes in those hills, what a creative and mesmerising page 😁. Thanks so much for your kind wishes just now on my blog! I'm lucky that I didn't break anything but apparently it takes 2-5 days for the bruising to show so I haven't avoided black eyes, never mind it could have been worse 😉. Big hugs, Jo x

  14. That's sort of eerie, Gill, but very effective. You do have quite an imagination. Eileen xx

  15. What a great idea to paint some eyes under a hill - yes, I also can see many things and faces in clouds etc. it's good we keep our fantasy alive! I believe in fairies too :)
    These eyes are gorgeous! And I like how you made the eye brows equal to the form of the hills!
    Liebe Grüße, Rike


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