Wednesday, 27 February 2013

WOYWW #195

Hello everyone Happy WOYWW and welcome… what’s WOYWW? It means ‘Whats on your workspace Wednesday’ and it’s the weekly Wednesday blog hopping fun kindly organised by Julia over at Stamping ground - pop over to Stamping Ground to check out the info on this and join in the fun.
Well I don't know where this week went again, if it keeps going this fast it'll be Christmas next Month.
I seem to have spent ages going through drawers and cupboards trying to work out how to re-organise my craft space - but no closer to answer yet LOL and only finished a few bits of crafty things.

So this is how my two little crafting spaces look this morning
edit - sorry I seemed to have messed up 3 or 4 of the top photos and lost the view where you can flick through them so have made the view larger instead.

It's a bit of mess.  Not done any more on the placemats I started stripping last week as still thinking what to do with them.

Got some old pieces out of stamped and inky bits to do something with and some left over bits acetate that I’d printed out a few week back. 

But talking of the acetate/transparency film that I printed out from my digital design.. below are the finished card and tag that I made using this.. and also last week I showed a digital card that I was going to print out and make into a proper card which is completed now too. 
My digital design acetate with alcohol inks behind. Micro beads and glitter on the ribbled black card on left side.
Made a flower and added some swirly die embellishments too.
Tag using the same acetate design... that's my grandfather top right probably about c 1899
Had a digital design of this last week made from my 'Grunge en rouge' kit
and this is the proper card printed out and  put together.
 Well that's my lot for now - I'm off to check out your desks and see what you have been up to.
Thank you for stopping by and looking and thanks also for any comments left ....Have a good day and Happy Crafting... Gill x


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

WOYWW #194

Good morning everyone...well I thought last week went quick but this week flew even faster… so it's time for the Wednesday blog hopping fun again ....known as WOYWW (Whats On Your Workspace Wednesday) all thanks to the very gracious Julia over at Stamping Ground… -thanks Julia x.
No idea what I’m talking about? Check out the Stamping ground blog for details.

So whats on my desk? 

So last week I had some acetate on my desk that I’d designed on my p.c using some old photos and printed out to have a play with… well I have started but not finished with them as I got side tracked playing with ‘loo paper’ I altered a Nesquick container (it's at back of desk with butterfly on) and covered container with loo roll and Klear and made butterfly in a mould with loo roll too (see previous posts this week). I also started stripping surface off of some old place mats too as they are sturdy and look like they have lots of potential for something or the other. Also have little book mark unfinished too which can just about be seen in photo.
Lastly been digitally designing a grungey card ready to print out in pieces.

Close up of butterfly on Nesquick container - love the texture
Acetates printed out, added some alcohol ink on back - half finished card using it too
which has some micro beads on the left hand side of it... what a pain they are when they go all over the place LOL

My other little space with placemats, managed to punch through a coaster
to make holes for a ribbon to hang it. On the left a chocolate mould and some
more butterfly 'loo roll' thingies in it.
digital design ready to print and make into a card
used my own kit called  'Grunge en Rouge'

Well that's my lot for today, so thanks for stopping by and I hope to visit you too today (or probably over next few days)... Happy Crafting - have a good week... Gill x

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Upcycling Nesquick container

So this is following on from yesterday,
and after sticking on the loo paper and butterfly (made in a mould with the paper too) all was given a coat of Gesso.
Then using alcohol inks I attempted to try and loose some of the yellow which was the original colour of the container.  I could still smell the yummy chocolate that had been in it originally, that was distracting LOL...mmm.. nice.... where was I? ahh alcohols inks - I thought they would work on plastic, it did, but scratch it  and it seems to come off.
I put some double sided tape at top too and used holographic foil with paint rubbed over top.
I painted the main body with a diluted purple acrylic wash which showed up the fabulous texture.
I didn't smooth the paper down when sticking it and think the texture that the cheap loo paper and the Klear floor polish gave was quite interesting. 
Rubbed some metallic wax over the surface.
The antennae were made from florist wire, so I used silver alcohol ink on them. Added a little bit of iridescent glitter glue and some jewels on butterfly.
Its not brilliant but I'm glad I did it just to get the fabulous texture and to see how the moulds would work - potential maybe for some other projects.

close up shows the great texture that the paper and Klear gave when stuck down.

New project?  - I found some old place mats that had faded in the sun and were tatty. Seems a shame to throw them out so I have been stripping them of the top surface. They are nice and sturdy so lots of potential I think.
I might have thought about doing something and then sealing with heat resistant varnish to still use as a place mat, but have no experience of using that type of varnish.
Would be interested to know if any one used that? wondering if its too expensive and too many fumes ...and does it work?  love to know  if you know anything... thanks

Also this wekend I have been cutting up the acetate sheets I printed out that were shown on my last WOYWW #193 on Wednesday. The one above not finished yet, is drying.. I used Klear (getting addicted to that) to stick it onto the watercolour paper. The paper had one layer of water colour then some H20s added and a little glitter. The acetate had some alcohol inks on back too. I shall try to finish all of those acetate things for the next WOYWW.
Thanks for stopping by - hope you are having a great weekend x

Friday, 15 February 2013

P.I.Ms or whatever its called!

Some colours I always have trouble with - and yellow is one of them - might be cause once we painted a double room with a sort of mustard paint - but found in good daylight it was more a bright custard - it had to go!

So there I am with a shelf of bright yellow Nesquick containers which keep glaring at me. The only good point is that they still have a lovely chocolate smell from the contents that were in them.
So what do with them?

I also found in a drawer a couple of  'paper thingies' I'd made a few years ago - not sure what you call them, so I am calling them P.I.Ms - 'paper in mould', as that was how they were made. Got some old chocolate moulds which were a nightmare to get chocolate out of, so I pressed layers of damp cheap loo roll in and when they dried they came out of mould really easily. 
So I've started to cover one of the containers with the cheap paper and stick it on using Klear floor polish. If you've seen previous posts you will see I'm enjoying trying to find things to do with it.
I intend to eventually cover  the container with Gesso but at the top and bottom where the curved awkward looking areas are, will see if alcohol ink works. Found a nice paper butterfly made previously and wondered if this would stick on too.

Next time I make some of these P.I.Ms I will think it through more and fill it better so its flatter at back. This butterfly I trimmed and coated inside with Klear and its made it quite stiff;  I thought soaking it with the Klear might have made it loose it definition, but it hasn't. It seems to have stuck  onto the main body too. Probably need to add some more paper to try and loose the hard edges of butterfly.
Hoping to finish it over the weekend.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

WOYWW #193

It can’t be Wednesday already can it? Yes it can…
Happy WOYWW to you - and welcome - but if you are wondering what’s WOYWW? It stands for WHATS ON YOUR WORKSPACE WEDNESDAY  - the Wednesday blog hopping fun, seeing what inspirational things are happening on other crafters workspaces.
This has been kindly hosted by Julia at Stamping Ground blog..  thanks Julia.
Take a look at Stamping Ground  for all the details and to join in the fun.
Well it's total mayhem on my desk after enjoying a good swivelling around on my chair and knocking stuff off a little side table. There I was crawling around floor picking up cocktail sticks and all sorts, thank goodness lids were on the glitter pots. Bunged it all on the desk to sort out.

The white plastic tray in middle is the bottom part of a bread bin. In the top left hand corner of it is a clear flower soft container with cotton wool and cornflour which is my thrifty ant-static pad when stamping.
The blue fleece is being cut up to make the little squares to replace the white ones to use with my ink applicator. 

Many thanks to those who mentioned last week, that they had successfully used the Pledge multi-surface wax in the same way of the Klear floor polish * which may no longer be available. 
The two pieces below are using the 'caught in crystal technique' which has been mentioned a few times recently and using * Klear.
The top one doesn't show the detail that clearly but I will be using this on a card shortly.

Caught in Crystal
Caught in Crystal
I'd forgotten how to do this so used instructions from Craft Stamper magazine Oct 2009 and also there's a really great tutorial on fellow WOYWWer Shaz's blog.

'I can see you' digital page made using Craft Artist software
The above is a digital scrap page I created using some of my own photos and stuff I designed. Using photo software I also altered this to 'threshold effect' to get the black and white look.
I then thought if I could print this onto acetate it might be great to cut up and use on projects and colour the back with alcohols inks etc and also use the 'caught in crystal' technique too.

Couldn't stand the mess, so had a quick tidy up ready to play with the two inkjet transparency films I printed out.

Not sure what colours this will be and where this is going as yet...
typical of me LOL
but popped a piece of shaded card underneath and also the pink piece
of caught in crystal to see what it looked like.

 That's my lots for this week.
Many thanks for stopping by and any comments left are very much appreciated... Have a good week.... Happy Crafting ...Gill x

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

WOYWW #192

Hello and welcome again all you WOYWWers, hope you have had a lovely crafty week...
Wednesday can't come fast enough... ooh does that sound rather sad saying that - it's cause I'm well and truly hooked at looking at your workspaces already and this only my 4th WOYWW – thanks Julia.

Not sure what I’m waffling on about? WOYWW = Whats On Your Workspace Wednesday, where a lot of blog hopping and fun takes place -  
so take a peek at Julia's stamping ground blog for all the details and to join in the fun.

On my workspace today is the completed New Home card that was barely started last week. And the stamps I had out turned into a fairly OK Steampunk card after all..
Also on desk a few bits I have been experimenting with…

There are 2 papers made with embossing folder, aquamarker pens water and loo roll.

There’s a strip of black oven liner, cut off main piece on desk, to stick double sided tape on to add foil and add colour with permanent markers or alcohol ink - see border on Steampunk card below.
And I was playing with the 'plastic leftover thingy' that housed some Tim Holtz cogs/time pieces in. Into one of the circle segments I added some glitter and bits of sequin waste, then filled it with 'Klear' floor polish and finally laid circle of paper on top to be the backing. Then had to be patient waiting for it to dry. 
Just wanted to see how the ‘Klear’ dried and if the ‘thingy’ could be cut up to use on a card.
I didn't try the 'caught in crystal' technique with it yet as need to sort out everything I need to do it first. 
I think 'Klear' floor polish hasn't existed for a while but has been re-branded as 'Pledge Multi-surface wax' would love to know if anyone tried this technique with that.

  Also somewhere there is a screwed up bit of sequin waste which curled up like shrink plastic when heated up – and Yes Shoshi you were so right..good ventilation was required – opened the window but the wind was in wrong direction and blew the fumes right at me… cough..cough…gasp… 


Card background was printed out using an Artylicious CD design by Glenda Waterworth.
Used a Martha Stewart border punch and some other various dies for leaves and swirls.
Coloured in stamping with promarkers.
Oasthouse stamp by Stampendous. Woman by Creative Stamps and message stamp by Kanban.


Used Inkadinkado and Andy Skinner stamps. Docraft cog dies on silver card and coloured with permanent markers as I was too lazy to get my inks etc out. The foil tape was using Kanban foil and markers.
Stamped the balloon onto some handmade paper I'd made some time ago.

Wanted to see what would happen if used aquamarkers on embossing folder, spritzed with water and laid folded loo roll on top, then spritzed again with some more water and then run through embossing machine.
Plenty of sequin waste left to choke on!
The jar on right is filled with plastic cake decorations, I cut off the nobbly bits that
go in the cake so they are then flat and easy to glue on a card.

More shelves - with old ice cream containers and the red stripy
long box was a cassette holder and now houses border dies etc

 Well I've waffled on long enough and you've places to go and things to do... so thanks for stopping by and for any comments left, which is much appreciated.
Happy crafting and have a good week.... Gill x