Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year

Hello..... are you all ready for tonight? 
I've been trying to tidy up my craft room this morning and forgot the before I go back to tidying up the mess.... wishing you all a fabulous and safe night, and a really Happy and Healthy 2016. 

But before I go,  a little fun digital hybrid piece to link up with the lovely people at  Moo Mania and More challenges where the current theme is anything goes... If you're wondering what the funny splodges are on the left they are the dried on bits from the top of paint tubes which I saved. Used them on a matching painted background which I photographed and digitally blended into this.

Thanks as always for
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and for all your support and friendship...
Happy New Year
Gill xxx 

Monday, 28 December 2015

Advice for myself for 2016

Hello ...
as this year is coming to an end I'm thinking about the new year and new beginnings and the exciting possibilities that await me in 2016 and making plans.......
I am linking this to AJJ Collage with journaling challenge  (running till end of December)


My collage is digital but includes a  photo of one of my face artworks previously uploaded. I changed the colours on the face to compliment the other colours and blended onto a digital paper. The postage stamps and post marks I digitally created too.

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Have a great day.
Gill xx

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Merry Christmas .... and a music collage

Hello...I forgot to schedule for yesterday so Happy and belated Christmas to you if you are celebrating. Hope you are having a wonderful time and Santa was kind to you and brought you lots of nice things.

Linking up to moo-mania Christmas theme challenge  (thanks Valerie)  and I'm also linking up the digital collage for AJJ collage with journaling challenge. Added my guitar and keyboards - they have some small Christmas lights on too - had a nice session playing a medley of Christmas carols and Christmas songs yesterday and did it 'my way' helped along with a glass of something nice :)

Thanks so much
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Gill xxx

Friday, 27 November 2015

Inspired by Autumn colours

Hi, hope your day is going well...
I'm behind with everything at present - not helped by the fact we got a second Christmas tree this week and I am busy making Steampunk decorations for it...  mammoth job ha ha :(
I'm linking this today to Art Journal Journey where the theme this month is 'Inspired by Autumn colours' 

Check out the fabulous work on AJJ  for more on this theme.
As I was a bit short of time this is just a digital piece of art...
I used some digital elements and papers: 'Autumn Delight' by ML Designs,
'Tenacious' by Algera Designs and some clip art.

Algera Designs

thanks for stopping by today
Gill x

Thursday, 5 November 2015

The Colours of Autumn

Isn't it frustrating when all you want to do is make art or do something crafty but other things get in the way and stop you...
so a big phew! for at last I have had time to create something....  linking today to Art Journal Journey where the theme for this month is 'Inspired by Autumn colours'.

A digital piece .......
Blended together photo of trees, some photos of a Gelli print* and scrap paper which had paint on
from brayer but looked interesting to use.
Added digital elements and papers I had already made a couple of years ago.
(The Dragonfly has a cinnamon stick for its body and think the leaves are Bay leaves) 
(* my first attempt at gelli plate printing was bit of a disaster,
next time I hope to do better and not be so nervous of ruining plate and brayer)

Close up of words

The fun thing with digital art is you can have the original
and just keep altering it and getting more from it.
So I altered the first piece to make it a bit more grungy
and I used the Gelli print on top layer and duplicated
it a couple of times and also altered the blend mode on one of the papers
 which also made it slightly darker too..

Thanks so much for stopping by
Gill x

Sunday, 18 October 2015

ARCHITECTURE the Art of using space

Hi... hope your weekend is going well.
Linking today another piece to Art Journal Journey challenge where the theme this month is 'architecture' and there's loads of amazing inspiration to see.

This digitally created piece is incorporating my own Steampunk lady artwork (soft pastels) I've used before and a photo of helter skelter on a local pier. Tried to make it look like the helter skelter was emerging from her hat. The soft coloured patterned background is digital too which I made a couple of years ago. The remainder is clipart/tubes type of thing. All digitally blended together.

Thank you so much for visiting today
Have a great day
Gill x

Sunday, 11 October 2015

ARCHITECTURE create your future

Happy Sunday - I have one eye on my computer and the other one watching Formula 1 Grand Prix on TV - lots of racing action so I hope I blog this correctly.
This is another digital piece using my real artwork from the other day and linking to Art Journal Journey where the theme is architecture.

Using Craft Artist software I duplicated my original artwork, did some digital blending and also used some of Moon photos from recently. I love the photo that went wrong at top left, somehow I got a reflection that made it look like two planets.
Hope you are having a lovely Sunday
Thanks for stopping by
Gill x

Monday, 5 October 2015


Good afternoon, times flown today and I'm late blogging but here is my digital piece for  Art Journal Journey Architecture theme

I used a photo of brickwork from my conservatory and blended it over the background.
The postage stamps and everything else I made (other than the font) the clocks on the building are photos of my husbands watch.

thanks so much for stopping by
Gill x

Monday, 28 September 2015

SUPERMOON through my window

Did you see the moon last night?
This is what  I saw last night 'through my window' - and that's the theme over at Art Journal Journey where I'm linking to today. 
The challenge is still open for a couple more days.
Its a digital piece using a photo from last night and a poem I wrote a number of years ago.
This was Sunday night
this was about 4.40am this morning
Both photos taken through my window, I'd intended to go out in the garden but I was too lazy and it was too dark  ha ha.
Thank you so much for stopping by
have a lovely day
Gill xx

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Work In Progress

Hellooooo...... I've been playing with another drawing (although at time unfinished but needed a break from the pastel dust) so went and made a digital page with it.... (little voice inside is saying 'housework, housework' ....nahhh.. not now )
So I copied the image and using the usual software I use (Craft Artist) altered transparency on one layer and added some colour burn too.
Then added some more digital Steampunk elements which I designed some time back and then added some quotes/words art.

Ok so the sun is shining and I really am going to do some housework and gardening so will catch up with you later ..

Have a lovely day and thanks so much for stopping by

Gill x

Tuesday, 15 September 2015


aka Diary 5th to 12th September 2015

Hi... .. I was going to ask where last week went again, but I can see exactly where it went from my digital diary page.
I've probably been spending too much time drawing and too much time looking out my window and not doing those never ending household chore type of things that are always there ...arghhh....
Do you find it hard to make the choice - create? or clean the house? 

Digital kit used by G&T designs called 'The Artists Memories'

Kits used 'The rustic gardener' 'Projection' and 'ClicknSummer addon' all by Algera Designs..

This week so far I've sat playing with pastels again and looking on line at colour charts and different brands of soft pastels and paper pads but my order is now placed and now I can't wait
 for my arty parcel to arrive.

Used one of my other pastel drawings and altered it with my software to recolour and then added some digital elements and a quote.

All for now
Thank you for stopping by
Gill x

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Dream, Create and Inspire

Happy Sunday to you - as I post this it is just after 4pm in the UK and I've had a lovely Guinea fowl stew - better than it sounds - honestly! and one glass of wine which seems to have been much stronger than I thought, thus leaving me quite happy and relaxed.

I can't stop drawing faces this week - and to my finished artwork work (using mainly Pan Pastels) 
I have added digital embellishments using a lovely digital kit called 'Equinox' by G&T Designs   and to finish it off merged and slightly altered two quotes.
The font credit to Chris Hansen.

All this year I have been making a weekly digital diary page so I can look back on the year and see where it went. Last week I probably have done more drawing than ever before and also more wine was drunk too - note to self - must cut down a bit next week (on the wine that is!)

And if you read about this is earlier in year on my other blog,  this is the 'Gratitude jar' that I made and I'm still filling up. I use just a  small piece of paper  (1.5 x 2 inch) and write on front and back a few things to read at end of year, to remind me of nice things to be grateful for or that have made me smile, achievements, people that touch my life - that sort of thing. I started writing every day for the first two months but now just write new or memorable things. Will be an interesting read for the New Years eve maybe.

Thank you so much for stopping by today -
have a lovely week

 Gill xx

Friday, 4 September 2015

Art is my Life...

So I was good yesterday having only a glass of water with my lunch instead of wine before another afternoon playing with Pan pastels and Portfolio Pastels and coloured/water colour pencils.
Again I've added my artwork to a digital layout..Kit used 'Grunge en Rouge' the flowers were originally made from paper which I photographed a few years back when making the kit. Font thanks and credit to Chris Hansen.

Thank you for stopping by and your comments .... Gill x

Thursday, 3 September 2015


Another afternoon of fun drawing (learning) following a lovely meal and bottle of wine again -
I really must cut down - but the dear OH belongs to a wine club and will keep buying it
and of course I have to be polite and try it :)

I've been playing with different types of pastels over the last few days after having them for ages and not really doing much with them.  The Pan Pastels I've liked and used but never for drawing and now I think I'm really falling for them and want more.
The background pattern on the right hand part of drawing I made using one of those  battery operated erasers.

So after I finished, I took a photo again and using my lovely Craft Artist software added a matching strip of colour on right, added a few embellishments on neck and hair and the border thing on right using a free digikit for CA called 'Julies Wish'.
Finished with a quote (the arty font is thanks and credit to Chris Hansen)

Thanks so much for stopping by....Gill x

Monday, 31 August 2015

Just a thought...

 Had a bit of drawing/painting session after lunch with a nice bottle of wine, then I took a photo of my artwork along with another  photo of a blank piece of water colour paper and using my Serif Craft Artist software blended them together.
The poem I wrote over a couple of days this month, the forget-me-nots and bee are digitally cut out of a photo.
The font I made too - I've been trying to learn about fonts lately and how to create them - it's not that easy when well done - and mine was a quick one as you can see LOL.   
I think I got on a bit better today with the Porfolio water soluble oil pastels but I probably should have used some Gesso as a base first.

thanks for stopping by  x

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Surrealism Dream

Made using various digi kits by the fabulous Foxey Squirrel
lots of layers, cutting, blending and I had lots of fun too.
thanks for visiting today x

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Steampunk Clock

MDF clock (from Indigo Blu) designed using Steampunk digi kits
 from Daisy Trail printed on to tissue paper.
Tissue paper requires a little patience as its quite
 fragile but worth it I think.
Painted clock with acrylic paints.

thanks for stopping by x

Monday, 30 March 2015

A scrap of scrapping

It's official, I am a Steampunk addict and I just love this photo of one of my husbands ancestors and thought this fabulous steampunk kit called 'A scrap of Steampunk' by Lynne Anzelc Designs was perfect to use with it.

Another page using a Lynne Anzelc kit - this time using 
'A scrap of Art' - next to Steampunk I love Arty/Grungy things and this has some lovely arty pieces in.

thanks for stopping by x

Sunday, 1 February 2015

New Beginning's

I wasn’t able to be around last year but I am back now and eager to make up for last year with loads of things I want to try and things I already do  know more about.
Having said that, it looks like I first need to refresh my memory on how to blog too as will be lucky if this ever gets posted LOL 

I am now going to keep this blog mainly for digital stuff and everything else arty/crafty etc will be on another blog

My first digi-scrap layout is about my aims for 2015 is using a lovely kit called ‘You are my world’ by  Designs byAneczkaW


Thanks so much for stopping by x