Monday, 22 August 2016

Natures special gifts

Hi everyone... Hope you had a nice weekend.

I can't believe this is my fourth week as guest host at  AJJ for the Nature's Wonders challenge  the time seems to be flying by.

Today I have two pieces; something from my journal and something hybrid. Sadly the images I used aren't that good because it was before I had a digital camera and most are stills taken from a camcorder but they are of special memories and I'm so grateful to have them.

You may have seen a couple of my previous pieces for this challenge which show birds feeding on my hands and todays post is about the first bird that it started with. Out of all my encounters, this is the one I treasure the most. This was an adventure and friendship which started with a Collared Dove called 'Harold' that was to last from 1999 to 2001. 
But not only was there Harold, there was also his mate that I called Madge who out lived Harold for at least another 9 months after that... and so much more that I can't fit in here.

This truly is one of Nature's Wonders.... I hope you like :)
In both pictures where there are two birds - Harold is on left and Madge on right.

My Hybrid spread started with an Aquamarker background (that cellophane method again!) The quote bottom left found on the internet and the additional digital elements came from a kit by G&T designs called 'That magic touch'.

my original aquamarker background
For my journal I used washi tapes, acrylic paint, coloured pencils and various stamps. I printed on photo paper but they haven't printed very well. These photos were probably from about 2000.

I see birds as little people who have their own characters and quirky ways, I try and observe them as often as I can to learn about them - and they in turn often seem to do the same.

If you would like to know the  story of how I met Harold  there's an old post on my third, mainly nature/garden blog. I still need to write the rest of the story including the day Harold died and what Madge did next and all the adventures we had in between. I feel so privileged to have gained their trust and got to know these lovely birds who truly were Nature's Wonders.  I really miss them.

Hope you enjoyed todays post, 
thanks for stopping by
and for any comments.
Have a great week.
Gill x


  1. Ah Gill, they seem to have been two very specials birds. I smiled at their names....did you ever watch Neighbours back then? It is a beautiful journal with l ovely photos and I loved all the quotes you added.
    Yvonne xx

    1. yep Yvonne I did :) the name came about because he sat in the 'neighbours' apple tree that over looked our garden. After them there was..wait for it...'George and Mildred' but that didn't last very long and I don't what happened to them.

  2. Such special moments captured in these pieces. Thank you for sharing them

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. Love the names you gave your doves, they sound like a Victorian pair! Love your journal pages, really beautiful, and you have done a super job as hostess at AJJ, we are proud of what you have done this month! Have a great evening, hugs, Valerie

  4. Your bird pages are so nice and well designed,bravo! So lovely to see the two birds beeing together and taking a bath. Wonderful photos. Mother nature is full of miracles.
    Dear Greetings and have a nice week full of nature miracles.

  5. Wow- no you have me totally amazed and in awe. I even had to read your link to the story of Harold. Wow- what an experience. OK, can you tell I am impressed as I wrote wow twice? Great post Gill. Love the story of Harold. You have such a special gift. Hugs-Erika

  6. Wonderful! Just amazing! It really seems you are a bird whisperer!Wonderful photos!
    Have a nice day Gill!
    oxo Susi

  7. Beautiful Gill you really do seem to have a natural affinity with our feathered friends :)
    Donna xx

  8. Aw you've really touched my he♥rt with your wonderful photos and sharing a bit about Harold and Madge. You are a real nature girl Gill! As much as I adore birds in the garden it gives me chills to think of them landing on me ;-)
    How special that you have photos of those two lovebirds.
    Your pages turned out beautifully too in every detail.

  9. what a really special post and time you have captured beautifully in your journal pages. I feel much the same as you about the birds and I am enjoying my visiting hummingbirds especially right now. Aah....nature's gifts indeed.

  10. What a touching post today, Gibby. The story of the doves really pulls at the old heartstrings. Love the cellophane treatment. I have no idea how to do it, but would love to learn. But my big question for the day is....Did you actually have Harold and Madge in the palm of your hand? It certainly looks like you did. That is amazing. Thanks again for inspiring with your comment. genie

  11. What a wonderful and enchanting post! It's an amazing story, your lovely birds are definately one of Nature's Wonders, thank you for sharing! J :-)

  12. Brilliant page, photos and post :)


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